Yoni massage miami

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Yoni massage miami the moment of contacting him by text, he set me at ease. This being only my second time ever getting a massage, I was very nervous. Jason I was great at reading body language and getting a feel for what my comfort zone was. By the end of the session, I felt like jello! He is a very good conversationalist and has put so much thought into every detail about the massage from the beginning to end.

So kind afterwards as well! The sweetest man with most amazing skills arrived at my door. I want to start by saying I didn't book my massage personally with jay MY husband did. My husband knows how much I love massages and he wanted to give me that as a Christmas present.

He spoke to jay several times and jay assured him that he was going to give me a professional massage and relax me. And when Jay came over he was pleasant and I specifically asked him if he does deep tissue massage because thats what I wanted I was very tense. I hate to say it but I did not enjoy the massage at all. It was awkward and felt too hard on my body. Unfortunately this Christmas present did not turn out so good :.

Yoni massage miami

Ladies, I had to tell you about my experience. I was recently in Miami on a business trip and had some personal time to enjoy myself. If I had not been as nervous as I was I would definitely have requested Jay longer.

He is an experience all his own. He made me feel desired again. I have always been a very confident person, and had never approached this sort of experience before. I was looking for something unique and I found it. He Yoni massage miami a force of nature. Extremely sexy, great with his hands and everything else about him is, the best way I can describe, exhilarating. Massage therapy will never hold the same meaning for me again. He has raised the bar. Masajista muy profesional, respetuoso y caballeroso, que hace la experiencia sea relajante y amena creando el ambiente perfecto para un masaje espectacular.

OMG, my head is exploding right now This guy gets a million stars! At first I was nervous but he was very caring, polite and made me feel very calm and secure. He is extremely HOT and he is always focused on you and your pleasure. Jay was super sweet and very Yoni massage miami, as I was super nervous.

His place had free parking and was private : he even offered to drive to me, but I was in southbeach already. Ladies if you want to feel special this is the guy for you. He has amazing hands and he definitely makes you feel special. You're in total control from the time you get there till the end. It's nerve wracking to do something like this but once you experience what Jay has to offer you will definitely be going back for more. I have never been more satisfied with a man in my life, and that's saying a lot. I've gotta say, Jay made this entire experience as relaxing as the massage.

I must admit, I was nervous about having a man massage me as well as come into my home. Jay has proved to be just as trustworthy and descreet as his session is satisfying that means ALOT in my situation. He started off with the most amazing massage: he did something I've never felt before: it was as if it was a dance. Very professional. He knows what he's doing he had great hands.

Yoni massage miami

Ladies don't be nervous everything is up to you. But I highly recommend! I highly, highly recommend this experience: he knows what he is doing, it is Yoni massage miami safe, and I felt very comfortable. You don't only feel good on the table, but for a looong time after.

I haven't had another massage leaving me feel this relaxed. And, well, ready for more. Being a professional who travels internationally for work, I pay attention to my safety. I went to Jay because he was recommended by other women who feel the same way.

I also just really wanted to feel good without having to give instructions, reciprocate, or worse, feel disappointed after a putting a lot of time into something that does not satisfy. I was surprised to experience completely new sensations, too, something I didn't expect. I will be going back. I wish he offered an educational certificate program for guys! I absolutely recommend Jay if you are in need of intimate touch all about you, stress relief and a wonderful release!

My two friends and I were visiting Miami for work and fun and we decided to book 3 back-to-back sessions with Jay. He had never done 3 appts like that but was so accommodating and was determined to make sure we all had an amazing and unique experience.

Jay is very professional and has a way of putting you at ease. His demeanor is calm and confident and at no time did myself or my friends feel unsafe or uncomfortable. We were all nervous but as he will tell you once the massage starts you relax and we all did. He transitions from the regular massage to your more intimate areas very smoothly - it feels like a very natural progression. And ladies - he does know what he is doing and it is Yoni massage miami all about you!

I was extremely satisfied and will definitely be back to see Jay the next time I am in Miami!

Yoni massage miami

I was actually looking for a regular massage place online when I stumbled upon his website. I have to confess I was really intrigued when I started reading about Jay's services! I like to try new things so I thought: Why the hell not? I scheduled my appointment and he met me outside his building and walked me up.

He is extremely polite and also very charming I'd say! He took time to answer my questions and made me feel very comfortable. Some very relaxing music was playing and the lights were dimmed which made the ambiance even more inviting He starts to ease your tension with a full body massage, slowly transitioning to your more intimate areas It was the most exhilarating experience I have ever had! He has magic fingers!

It was all about me and I absolutely loved that! I cannot wait to go back for my next appointment. If you have not tried this, you have no idea what you are missing! He is fantastic! Please read both Yoni massage miami these documents by clicking on the preceding links. If you do not agree with abide by all sections of the documents, please do not proceed. Toggle. to: Massage By Jay. I have a well trained gift for empathy and engaging concentration. Combine that with an extensive knowledge of both human anatomy and personal energy through synchronicity that will become precisely why you book me often; after our introductory session has ended.

I'm never rushed, educated, punctual, and take great care of myself inside and out. I plan to focus on making your experience with me enjoyable from the moment of booking through the session's end. No need to worry about asking me; I'm okay with any type of massage experience and will remain professional in my descreetness afterwards. I've done legimate massage work for years and customize those sessions with a healthy blend of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Swedish that is just deep Yoni massage miami to be beneficial yet never too much to leave you hurting afterwards. You're in very safe and educated hands.

Yoni massage miami

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