Yellow cab orlando rates

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Orlando's taxi service is complicated. So when you need a ride from the Orlando International Airport to your hotel, you really don't want to count on a taxi.

Here's why:. There are only two taxi queues in the entire Orlando airport. That's really not enough for an airport that services 95, passengers daily and more than 35 million passengers per year.

It's not uncommon to see long lines of tired travelers, waiting to catch a cab. Also, limited space in cabs is a problem — even small families or groups may have to pay for two cabs! Taxi options are limited, because the airport allows only the following companies to provide service on its grounds:. By law, flat-rate taxi fares are illegal in Orlando, and drivers must calculate and charge fares based on the taximeter. So don't trust any driver who offers to charge a flat rate. There have been instances of customers being ripped off by unauthorized airport taxi drivers.

Any rates or estimates listed on Orlando travel websites are only estimates. Your final price could end up being more than the estimated rates based on the route your driver choses to take.

You'll also have to pay any tolls you encounter, such as those along State Ro and A private town car or sedan will transport only you and your party. The driver will meet you in the airport baggage claim area, so you can quickly gather your bags and be on your way. A shared-ride shuttle is another option, though not as convenient as private car service.

With a shared-ride shuttle, you will have to wait for all passengers to arrive from their respective flights. The shuttle typically won't leave until everyone is on board. If your hotel is not the first destination and let's be honest, it rarely ever isyou will need to wait as other passengers de-board and get their luggage. That's a good question! If you really want to know the taxi rate, your best bet is to call a taxi company and ask, because it can be a hard figure to pin down through other means.

If you're driving into the city, there are other major highways that include tolls, such as Florida's Turnpike State Road 91the Spessard L. After a long flight, the last thing you'll want to do upon arriving in Orlando is wait around for a taxi. Orlando Shuttle Service offers shared-ride and private shuttles, private car service and limo service to get you where you're going. Use our simple website form to destination and the of people in your party.

You'll get a list of instant quotes that include taxes and tolls, so you know exactly how much your trip will be. Add Children.

Yellow cab orlando rates

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