Where to meet rich men in dallas

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For the past five years-ever since a couple of publications referred to Dallas bachelors as some of the most eligible men in America-it has been utter hell. Bachelorhood has become such a depressing enterprise that most single men- instead of assembling good wall art or purchasing dark-hued, masculine couches for their condos-go out and buy books on abnormal psychology. In the end, they find themselves with a of intriguing theories about sex, but with very little furniture upon which their houseguests may sit. Are bachelors unable to love? Is it latent Freudian tendencies? The Peter Pan Complex?

Do they live with a Calvinist lump of guilt under their worn mattresses? All these questions for a poor bunch of guys who are really sort of bumbling along, starting out in one place and ending up in another, never quite knowing how they got there, perpetually expecting the unexpected. The truth is that bachelors are rather simple creatures. They are distinct because they are usually the ones filled with the greatest dreams. Like Huckleberry Finn, bachelors are ceaselessly planning to light out and map unchartered territory, discovering fame and fortune and money along the way.

Deep down, bachelors are aware of the odds that they, too, just might end up to be ordinary people. But the always-endearing quality about them Where to meet rich men in dallas that they believe that Eden lies in wait just over the next cluster of hills. A bachelor will go through any amount of absurdity just to prove that all is not lost.

Here, where everyone either gets together and practices being single or writes books about being single, these 20 men have persevered. In fact, many of them say they are willing to end their bachelor lives. Dismiss me with applause. In his blue jeans and Nikes, Crane, 32, seems so boyish and non-threatening that it sometimes has an almost trancelike effect on the models he photographs.

You have to keep things upbeat. The next day, everybody who came to the studio knew where I had been and with whom. Griffith was a stockbroker until he decided that he hated his job. Then he started giving speeches.

Where to meet rich men in dallas

You put together some jokes, try them out, take them home and polish them, reshape them and try to fit them into a running speech. Everson, 42, may be the top independent television commercial producer in the city. Everson spends about four months a year in New York and Los Angeles, but he refuses to move to either city because he says that almost 20 percent of all network commercials are now produced in Dallas.

They all come from prominent families who have left their mark on Dallas-such as the Murchisons, Coxes, Bettises, Becks and DeClevas- and just about all of the young men have gone into oil and real estate. All of them except one. When she came back, she told Northway that she had decided to marry the guy. Now there has been a huge change here. The whole order of life is different. It makes it kind of exciting because you know you have to make it on your own.

The journey never ends, but I have found it a magnificent experience. After a highly successful career as a Louisiana real estate developer, McLain came roaring into Dallas with a 6. It is, oddly enough, the spectacle of Kevin Miller, 28, lugging in a keg of beer. The women of Tango-the women who allegedly are the definition of the trendy Dallas lifestyle-will suddenly turn and stare open-mouthed at the blond, muscular Budweiser delivery-man with his sleeves rolled up.

Miller is your basic blue-collar stud. He delivers cases of beer a day to the bars around the Lower Greenville area. At night, he drives to the bars of Upper Greenville in his Formula Firebird. He is the strong, silent type who can stand alone all night and stare right through you with piercing blue eyes. Some women fall madly for that look. All Where to meet rich men in dallas men and women chasing each other. After many years of marriage, Franklin has embraced his new single life with unbridled enthusiasm. He has constructed a lavish acre ranch north of Dallas, bought a home in Los Angeles and an apartment in New York and has made several trips to Europe.

He has learned how to play polo, is a member of the Beverly Hills Tennis Club and keeps race horses in California.

Where to meet rich men in dallas

With a partner, he brought the cast and crew of an off-Broadway show, Key Exchange, to Dallas. There areof those kinds of women in this city. I just appreciate anyone who never feels they have to look at themselves for a long time in the mirror before they can be seen in public. Then, one day he watched a friend during a music recording session and decided that he wanted to produce record albums.

Where to meet rich men in dallas

Robinson traveled around the country, got a lot of people to tell him how to run a record company, hired a well-known entertainment lawyer on the West Coast and within a few months had stunned the country-music industry by ing singer Lynn Anderson to a long-term contract.

He plans to stay that way. Besides, Dallas is where the finest people are. After that huge success, Dawkins was soon making the rounds, talking to politicians, glad-handing Bill Clements, calling up everyone with any big name at all and generally putting on the smoothest act imaginable. Dawkins comes across as the biggest country gentleman since Sam Ervin, regaling people for hours about his William Faulkneresque family, including a mythical Uncle Tony, who runs a liquor store.

Where to meet rich men in dallas

The business is too intense to take it home with you. He is still an art director for some nationwide theatrical productions, but now he spends most of his time deing parties. Often spotted at social functions with public-relations executive Julia Sweeney, Morton is gracious to everyone, yet he refuses to handle any asment that involves such things as painted scenery. He lives in a stunning farmhouse in south Dallas County.

But now, the company is more prosperous than ever, and Vaughn, 30, is the young symbol of Old Money Dallas. He is committed to the tradition of the family company. He takes a conservative approach to oil exploration. He gradually plans to involve himself in local politics and has developed, from his travels to some remote corners of the earth, a remarkable interest in foreign affairs. Some of my friends are from the same background as myself, but the reason this city is so fascinating now is because of the variety of residents. Dallas is still the best place in the world to make your fortune.

During his days, he supervised the construction of custom-built houses; during his nights, he deed new ones; and on weekends, he sold the ones that were already built. All that from a Pleasant Grove native who plays the harmonica in his car when he gets stuck in traffic jams and who has aspirations of one day running for the U.

Sitting with him in his office is like sitting in on a motivation seminar: He bounces around, his mind shifting from long philosophical looks at the real estate business to enthusiastic discourses on the best places to travel in the Caribbean. He refuses to stand still. But Davidson, 39, plays as hard as he works. He eats out every night, goes to a lot of parties and regularly hits such spots as St.

Tropez every year. There is no thrill like being on the chase of the deal. His father never earned above minimum wage.

Where to meet rich men in dallas

He has a clientele of both men and women, almost all of whom are business executives who have followed him around for more than a decade. He has developed a successful business centered on the art of restoring 15th- to 17th-century furniture, from the intricate method of gold leafing to the surgeonlike patience required during the stripping of finish that was applied to a piece of wood years ago.

Bowman, who has restored furniture used by Napoleon, has taken a year off to de and build two and-one-half-byfoot doors that will be the entranceway to an exclusive residential development near Lake Travis. The doors will be covered with meticulous carvings that Bowman will create. He is also developing his own line of furniture, much of which is patterned after a 4,year-old chair, which is considered to be the oldest in existence. His Porsche sales earn him an annual six-figure salary.

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Where to meet rich men in dallas

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