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For those who have tried Whatsyourprice. That's about how much I earn at a day's work with minimum wage haha.

I live in NY if that makes a difference. Edit: Thank you for your responses. But I guess those girls are either very lucky and those are rare offers. It's just that commute is so long that I feel like it's not worth my time. Unfortunately, that's the going rate. Even if you're drop dead gorgeous there are a lot of unknowns for men and they have too many other options. Your best bet is to look at the first date as a "loss leader" and an opportunity to convince him you're worth more next time. I'd say you're on the winning end of that deal.

It has to lead to something more and that's when you can set an allowance at whatever amount makes sense for you and makes it worth your time.

I occasionally talk with a SB who claims to have a friend who gets paid thousands just to sit and eat dinner with a guy. These stories are complete bullshit.

Go to the mall or a big office building in your city. They are filled with beautiful women who have to get dressed up every day and spend 8 hours working. Most women would love to be in your shoes. So you're not liking that you're being offered a tax free day's pay to be wined and dined, while you determine if the guy is someone with whom you may start a sugar relationship with? Others in this thread pointed out you're getting a hundred bucks and the potential to make it more.

The high dollar guys you're after have plenty of options. I've never visited WYP, so I can't say for sure. My follow-up question to you is what are you Whatsyourprice com wiki trying to achieve? If you're just after occasional free dinners, then I'd take the Benjamin and chow down. If you're looking to meet a high roller to subsidize your lifestyle, I'd still take the Benji and chow down.

Not necessarily just for free dinners but the extra bucks does help a lot. I need to start saving extra money for books and other fees to help me get through college. I wanted to originally be a SB and had an on SA but I've had a few bad experiences and my Whatsyourprice com wiki last one kind of scared me off for a while. I made a post about what happened in the last arrangement which is why I've decided to try WYP now. Getting paid whatever you make from an entire day of work in just a couple hours sounds like a decent trade off. What does that take you? Another 2 hours?

So dinner is 2 hours tops Maybe you should just go have some food and see what happens from there. Better how? What are some ways you'd recommend me to improve on my profile? They don't. Unless they're putting stuff in their profile or in subsequent communications off the site most likely that they are totally down for backseat sex for dessert?

Probably not really happening. Why not put your hair in a ponytail under a cute hat, chill on the makeup, etc. Especially when, if you are using this as a road to an SR, most meet and greets aren't paid to begin with? I would probably focus on increasing my professional career skills and look at getting a better job. I'm not familiar with WYP. Do you know what type of date is being sought? Can you tell if it's dinner at a high end place or going to something where that's over kill? I don't understand why a woman would say "not worth my time" when they cannot be paid north of an hour for anything else they do As to makeup and hair.

Why not just go casual with minimal makeup blush and lipstick no eyes and see what happens? I mean you would only go out when you have nothing else going on so why not? Which forum said that? We're planning on seeing a movie tomorrow and possably coffee afterward. We'll see how this goes. Sort by: best. Best of luck. Sugar Daddy. Continue this thread. Sugar Mentor.

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Whatsyourprice com wiki

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