What does michelle obama like to do

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August 13, She posted a selfie of herself and dog Bo on Twitter and Instagram last weekend. Now Mrs. Obama is breaking the mold again — with a rap album. The videos will be distributed to schools in New York City before wider circulation. Fighting childhood obesity is one of Mrs. Obama said to laughter. Obama continued. The White House as gilded cage is a theme that goes back to the start of the republic.

The first first lady, Martha Washington, once wrote to her niece that she felt like a "Chief State Prisoner. Obama — disguised in a ball cap and sunglasses — once pulled off a trip to a suburban Target, and went largely unrecognized. But since the start of the second term, Mrs. Obama has ramped up the fun quotient. Maybe with reelection out of the way, she feels she can cut loose a little bit more. What her daughters — one a teen, the other almost — think of all this public fun is another matter. But Mrs. Obama actually can dance. Certainly better than her husband. Already a subscriber?

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What does michelle obama like to do

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