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The impact social distancing will have on business, personal care, finance, and community is unprecedented. Your residents will lean on you more than ever before. So how do you provide essential services to the community while reducing social contact and reallocating resources for this crisis? Many local governments are building the case for online services, like govService.

Disclaimer: Government guidelines are changing constantly. As a result, some forms may be appropriate to meet guidelines at the time of writing but are now out of date. For many years, local government has been encouraging channel choice, making it easier for the public to self-serve online and freeing up traditional channels for those who need it. In times of crisis, people will reach for the method that gives them the quickest result — that means your call centres may be experiencing high call volumes already.

Using social media, Nottinghamshire County Council and Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council asked the public to make use of the online services available before calling their customer service teams. Nottinghamshire County Council provides a flowchart for residents to determine if they should call.

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council refers residents to their website. Pro tip: Remove telephone s for nonessential services from webs.

Check with other members of your organisation first to determine if this is the right thing to do in your community, especially if you have not done this ly. The social responsibility to calm, care, and cater to the needs of your residents has never been more important. Using govService, two councils — Cheshire East and Gravesham Borough — have been able to create forms and capture information to encourage citizens to volunteer as well as identify residents who need help.

Cheshire East Council created two forms, one for those who need assistance, and one for those who can offer their help. Cheshire East offers two form options for residents. Gravesham Borough Council is working with a local volunteer centre and other community partners to make it easier for people to volunteer. They have been requesting help through govService to capture information of willing parties.

Gravesham uses govService to capture information of volunteers and identify those that need help. Pro Tip: Using forms makes it easy to capture pertinent information. You may already be receiving requests to access the fund from businesses in your community. Tower Hamlets has developed a Business Continuity Survey to obtain feedback on what businesses in their area are doing and how the virus has impacted them. Now, more than ever, the public will need to access support for their personal finances.

Some local authorities have gone above and beyond to provide this access online. North Warwickshire Borough Council has allowed residents to access help for debt and personal finance issues with their referral form covering discretionary housing payments, food bank referrals, income and expenditure assessment, and help and support. Schools remain open for the children of key staff only and childcare is at the forefront of requests.

Kirklees Council added a banner on their website with important links. They have added a helpful link to an education and childcare enquiry form for parents who are key workers and whose children will still attend school. Kirklees has also created a form for school staff to report absences due to coronavirus, available through their internal Dash portal.

Dundee City Council and Highland Council are developing online access forms for key staff to request childcare services, while Kent County Council has developed an internal form for schools to provide feedback about their intentions to remain open during the outbreak. See the screenshot below for the kinds of questions they have asked. Kent County encourages responses by offering one-click answers.

Just like all other businesses, local authorities must adapt to a new way of working. Working from home may be foreign for most local authority workers, but many councils have provided workers with the ability to work remotely with govService. Nottinghamshire County Council have gone the extra mile to develop a Communication Hub on the Staff Portal, using a form to develop a whole intranet community for their staff.

Angus Council, Bolsover Borough Council, Coventry City Council, and many more local authorities have made it simple for their staff to report coronavirus sickness via the govService through their internal Staff Portal. Lincoln City Council developed a survey to identify staff with pre-existing health conditions to help lower the workforces risk to the virus and maintain well-being at the council.

Lincoln City Council uses a survey to help lower workforce risk. Your residents are looking to you for guidance. Encourage online services to streamline operations and capture valuable information. Granicus is committed to helping government agencies during this public health crisis.

Encouraging community well-being by offering volunteer opportunities. Providing access to financial assistance such as grants. Adapting internal business processes and keeping staff healthy. Shifting to online channels For many years, local government has been encouraging channel choice, making it easier for the public to self-serve online and freeing up traditional channels for those who need it.

In times of crisis, people will reach for the method that gives them the quickest result.

Waltham forest self service

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