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But regardless, beauty is really in the eye of the beholder -- at least that's what my friends tell me whenever I bring home another super ugly dude. In my opinion, I just have unique taste. It's a taste I like to describe as the "ugly hot" phenomenon. Sure, I'm aware sometimes the dudes I like are a little unconventionalbut that's why I like them.

I'm more interested in a guy who's super nice and can have fun anywhere -- even if he is wearing a turtleneck under a basketball jersey. Here are a few other celebs we often can't explain our attraction for, but there's no denying these dudes are hot. There's a lot of things I'll Ugly sexy guy understand about the full-on appeal of " Girls ," but Adam Driver as a leading man isn't one of them.

Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez were onto something when they snatched up this year-old Canadian rapper. Pete Davidson is younger than me and more successful than me, therefore, he is hotter than me. That's how it works, right?

Shoutout to year-old Pete Davidson for being one of the youngest cast members ever to appear on "SNL. Just like the show he appears on, "New Girl," Jake Johnson definitely got better with age. His witty one-liners alongside Zoe Deschanel definitely make him stand out as a totally lovable hottie, despite looking like Amber Rose and I have so much in common: one of the many things is our love for tall skinny rappers.

Rose has a type. Ugh, this guy literally would fall for Hannah and date her despite there being no real chemistry or attraction. Jimmy Kimmel is a true American gem who never fails to remind us how dumb the rest of America is, when he asks them things like, "What do you think of Rob Kardashian as the new member of the Supreme Court? It's even more hot that he's a one-woman type of guy, dating Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino for years. The couple has provided enough love to make enough sun-kissed Cali surf rock jams to last a lifetime. Shia Lebouf was literally the nerdiest, weirdest child actor Ugly sexy guy " Even Stevens " shoutout to the true hottie, Twittybut I have one word that makes this guy ugly hot: activism.

I mean, there's gotta be something about this guy that makes him worthy of Beyonce's affection. I'm going to guess his multi-million dollar empire has something to do with it. But how ugly hot is any man who solves fake crimes for our entertainment?

If he wasn't such a skilled detective, I'd say Chris Meloni looks like the type of guy who'd make the house call to install your cable after hours of being annoyed that he didn't make it during the pre-decided "window" of time. You know, in a hot way. Is it just me, or is it really impossible to get through an episode of "Roseanne" without thinking Dan is the hottest dad ever?

Anyone who's freakishly obsessed with Taylor Swift is probably the definition Ugly sexy guy ugly hot. In this case, Tom Hiddleston did not disappoint. Remember all the badass chicks who knew who Nathan Williams was? King Krule is along those lines. Um I literally don't watch movies or get the appeal of this man at all but when I hear the words "ugly hot," and look at Benedict Cumberbatch's face, I think to myself, "yeah, OK.

Be still my beating year-old heart. This was a time when I was convinced both my husband and I would be wearing eyeliner on our wedding day. Billie Joe is proof that you can be under 5' 7" and still be hot. So let's end short guy shaming.

I think Drake is just hot because I base all my opinions off of Rihanna's opinions, but hey, she dodged his kiss at the VMA's, so maybe he was just too "ugly hot" for her. It's only natural his son would carry on the legacy. I mean, I could totally see the plausibility of Buscemi getting laid in "Ghost World. Now it's all about Landry and Kirsten Dunst because the "Fargo" stars are engaged. We can't have this list without Joaquin Phoenix. He is so ugly hot, he was almost just hot in "Walk the Line.

By Brittany Leitner. Being ugly hot is a "gift" only men seemingly possess. Why would I want some grade A model hottie every other girl has her eye on? Adam Driver. Search Close.

Ugly sexy guy

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