Toronto real men

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Dimitri the Lover Models the "Real Man". Like any major urban centre, Toronto has its landmarks and attractions; things the visitors are encouraged to see. From opera to architecture we're used to seeing these objects of civic pride measured against other cities knickknacks in the never-ending competition for tourist bucks. Then there are the activities you don't usually hear about, the ones you can't necessarily enjoy with the entire family. Some are praiseworthy gay couples from the States coming up here to get marriedothers leave a distinctly bad taste in my mouth swinger couples visiting Club Wicked ; is that the best we can do?

Toronto real men you don't already know, he is the latest iteration in a long line of pick-up artists PUA offering up the secrets of seduction to hapless guys all over the country. Now, I've read The Game, a book about "the seduction community" by Neil Strauss, a reporter, and I was left with the impression that the ring-leaders are a bunch of vaguely-gothic guys and wannabe-hypnotists, most of them lonely and consequently very controlling.

Their websites are, for the most part, slick and well-produced.

Toronto real men

They seem to be trying really hard and are all about "the sell', whether it comes to hitting on women or flogging their products. Jenny, a fellow writer at blogTO, had come across his website after finding a flyer he put up along College St.

After browsing Dimitri's websiteI found myself wondering if he could possibly be serious. Diabolical indeed While I wasn't quite expecting some kind of reboot of the Manson Family, I had no idea what to expect. Would they sniff us out immediately or would they be sneaky and expose our agenda through the careful repetition of information-gathering questions? Jenny: As Japhet and I plotted outside Massimo's about whether we should pretend we're total strangers or friends going into the seduction meeting, we both hushed up when we saw Mr. Lover himself appear Toronto real men the doorway of Rancho Relaxo.

Dressed in black jeans, campers and a black pinstripe sports jacket, he was unmistakable. It was sort of Toronto real men seeing a celebrity that you only hear about in urban legend horror stories on Don'tdatehimgirl. Japhet: The intimidating part was how he was checking us out the whole time.

I felt like I couldn't talk; he had the kind of gaze that zeros in you and makes you feel like he's hearing every single word you say. Eventually, we introduced ourselves and it was like a switch turned on as he suddenly became the warm, welcoming host. He asked both of us three or four questions but never quite let us finish, preferring to draw his own conclusions in a way that kept us off-balance. We'd agreed that we weren't going to lie unless absolutely necessary but I was definitely on my guard. Jenny: Dimitri led Japhet and I upstairs to the bar where he introduced us to several other guys on the prowl.

In total, there were 15 of them, ranging in age from their earlys to mids.

Toronto real men

I thought they could smell a rat a mile away and maybe some did - by the sheer sight of me - but Dimitri was very welcoming. I was Toronto real men the first bisexual girl there in the history of Toronto Real Men meetings. Japhet: While we were being processed by Dimitri's right-hand man and trusty sidekick, he casually talked about keeping "faggots" out of the meeting, an unusual response considering that no gay man would ever try to pick up in an environment like this. Their language throughout the meeting on the topic of homosexuality was Toronto real men stiff; I can't remember the last time I heard someone talk about "the gays".

Apparently, there were supposed to be feminist protesters but they didn't show up. Dimitri had been hoping for picketing and s and joked that he was disappointed. Like Jenny said, the 15 guys were mostly young, with two-thirds of them coming across as just socially-awkward with the others being total creeps. Besides his sidekick, there were four regulars who seemed to only show up to be yes-men for their fearless leader. Dimitri, for his part, managed to walk the line between getting the newcomers to open up and sharing jokes about them with his cronies. Jenny and I had little in common with these guys but we still passed, whether it was because Dimitri was all-too happy to have a bigger audience or he just didn't care.

Some of the shy ones came across as genuinely-nice guys who really had no idea how to talk to women and were looking for real help. Since I didn't talk with any of them personally, I can't say whether they actually took any of his advice to heart or not. A couple of them couldn't get past the seemingly-insurmountable block of actually approaching women they wanted to talk to; a problem that Dimitri admitted he couldn't help them with seeing as his modus operandi mostly pertained to what they could do after the initial approach.

He did seem to have trouble relating to East and West Indian fellows, frequently telling them that a particular bit of advice he'd just given the group "wouldn't work for them", implying that their accent or cultural differences somehow precluded them from being able to employ it without comedic effect. You go up to them and say you're one of the most elegant women I've ever seen.

Toronto real men

Even if they're punked up, their fucking minds are blown because they're not used to being called elegant. They'll do almost anything after that. This girl C. C'mon, man, that's a big turn-on for a guy! I saw her walking on Bloor Street, she was smoking a t, she was walking around. Little fucking slut. Great in bed. I'm glad I prepared myself for this by watching Magnolia. Dimitri is without a doubt the Frank T. Mackey of T. Japhet: Yeah, I've never met Ross Jeffries but he has some strong competition here.

At one point Dimitri showed us the address book on his phone that was full of women he was involved with in various stages. Jenny: Dimitri read off a list of "slut" conquests separated by s beside each name. If the name had a one, it meant he'd call them again for sex; two meant maybe and three ified a "dump list. Japhet: I love how he got that text message from one of them during the meeting! It took 45 minutes to get up there, a half hour to warm her up, an hour to service her and a half hour so she didn't feel like Toronto real men was used.

Japhet: It got even better when he was enumerating on the all of the great places to pick up women and he asked us what big event was happening in the city this week. Jenny: That guy in the audience made a joke about, "Two-for-one special at the abortion clinic? Japhet: He was definitely one of the heavy-duty creeps.

Toronto real men

Who says shit like that and thinks its funny? Worse yet, how come every guy in there laughed? Dmitri talked about being a gentleman but then why wouldn't he admonish the guy for going too far? Jenny: Some of Dimitri's advice seemed to make sense - chocolates, cockiness mixed with humor will catch a woman's attention, giving compliments, etc.

Japhet: That's funny considering how he said that women in the area code think men are all Paul Bernardo until proven otherwise. He did give off a bit of that vibe though Let's see, there was:. Lack of Empathy " A straight woman loves it when a straight guy treats her like a whore. And that's just off the top of my head! He was really good at interrogating people though.

Toronto real men

When I was recounting a story, he kept on interrupting me, asking specific questions that prevented me from the shaping the flow of my narrative and allowed him to give his own conclusions precedence over mine.

I've never been questioned like that before but I will admit that some of what he said was genuinely good advice. Yeah, he's probably right that you'll have a better chance picking up at a grocery store than a club.

Toronto real men

He's also right about white socks and black pants as well but do we really need to pay someone to hear this? My problem with a lot of what he said lies in the essentially contradictory nature of many of his asides and jokes when stacked up next to his "good intentions" and, of course, that website of his; the elephant in the room.

Dimitri can claim that it's merely to get attention but that's a seriously immature and offensive approach to a fundamental problem some men have in relating to women. I find it very difficult to reconcile this impulsive misogynist with his earnest performance of an open, fun-loving pervert. Jenny: A few days later, I E-mail him asking if he could provide his real name and he figured out with his IQ that I was writing an article.

Toronto real men

It is Toronto real men for me, but I would feel awful if one of your perv readers stalked any of them. It certainly has nothing to do with any of the women who are now on his "slut list" finding out in a public forum. After all, one piece of advice Dimitri the Lover gives to his male worshippers is to never lie for the sake of getting laid. Japhet: In the section amusingly titled Observations on LifeDimitri talks about how it's "acceptable for a man to cheat sexually on a woman if she is cheating emotionally on him". How is this honest? How does this even begin to fall in line with any kind of relational framework around polyamory?

In conversations with friends about Dimitri, I heard all sorts of stories. The posters he'd put up also went side-by-side with an online campaign conducted on Livejournal and Lavalife back in Using exactly the same wording on his posters, these posts had the added attraction of an immediate response from outraged viewers.

While I was unable to find much of any information still being archived, one can only imagine the gist of the exchange which probably involved a lot of name-calling. One of my favorite stories came from a friend of mine who was approached by Dimitri on Bloor St.

Toronto real men

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