Southern pleasure parties

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This was my second trip without hubby in the parks with me, and first ever without him at least at the hotel with me he stayed home this trip. Something that I learned from the first trip was to not let distractions distract me while out and about with my kiddos. Disney can be a very busy place and it would be super easy to get separated and have quite the fright. It always tickles me a bit when I see people so deep into their technology at Disney World they fail to really be in Disney World.

After dropping my kiddos off to school this morning, I was driving to the gas station and heard an interesting story on NPR that I very much related to, and thought immediately that some of you might as well. It made me think of women in general today — while not everyone is an avid reader, how many of us are able to focus on one thing — reading, writing, crafting, running, etc.

The interview went on to explain a study on how people are distracted and what it does to their brains, distractions included Facebook social media in generaltext messaging, and phone applications. It made me think of how often we are multitasking everyday — from several tabs or windows open in our internet browsers, to texting while watching a movie or show, to listening to an audiobook while driving and maybe doing something else like drinking or eating.

Which made me think of sex. The big problem with that, is that an orgasm Southern pleasure parties a Southern pleasure parties comes largely from mental and physical of course stimulation. As women, to increase the pleasure and frequency of orgasms, we need to focus on the task at hand and exclude all other distractions — turn of all your screens, silence ringers, and make sure you have some time for just you.

Southern pleasure parties

Thompson, H. Leave a comment. Tagged,Aiken SCbecome a sex toy consultantBetter Sexcell phonescouple's toy partiesDisneylandDisneyworldextra cashfamilyfamily vacationsfriendsGeorgiagreat sex tipshost a passion partyipadpassion partiespleasure partiesreallyrelationshipsromance partiessex tipssexySouthern pleasure parties Carolinasouthern pleasure partiesteam bed rocktechnologywhere can i buy products from the 50 shades of gray books. She is feeling overwhelmed, and during a course of s communicates her feelings to the ever emotionally elusive Mr.

And what does Christian do? The reason this scene stood out to me was not the BDSM discussion they had in regards to spanking, although that is a good and healthy discussion for the two of them to have. This is another manner in which men and women, generally speaking, vary.

Southern pleasure parties

For men, intimacy is achieved prior to sex, which is why foreplay and lovemaking can be effected by events within the 24 hours. For some men, this means paying attention to them i. This is simular to women, however women feel intimacy a little more after sex, than an average man does.

Women crave intimacy before, during, and especially after sex. Well good on you, just remember everyone is different. So how can we achieve intimacy within sexual relationships? Surprisingly, when you read the book, several methods are demonstrated. A few examples:. This is an easy method of foreplay that is both intimate, and arousing for both parties. Throw in some of our Bath Salts to add some pheromones to the mix to increase the sexual stimulation.

Of course, this is also a huge trust act, I mean really trusting someone else to shave your naughty bits? Try our Soft and Silky Duo for the closest and smoothest shave possible, without all the red irritated bumps that typically follow. Try our Amazing Heart Massager adds heat like a hot stone massageSuper Deluxe Smitten for the ultimate relaxationand any of our toning body butters for a to die for sensual experience.

This is a very intimate position since you are facing one another during the act. If you have trouble with stimulation during this particular position, try our Southern pleasure parties or Jester vibrating c-ring makes him vibrate, while also turning him into a human vibrator against your clitouris and our Love Wedge which will elevate your hips and help him hit that hot G-Spot. No clue what to talk about? Want more ideas on building intimacy, before, during, or after sex? Make sure to head over to my 50 Shades of Pleasure Facebook and the discussion. Tagged 50 shades50 shades50 shades aiken sc50 shades columbia sc50 shades ga50 shades lexington50 shades of augusta ga50 Shades of Gray50 shades of gray parties50 Shades of Grey50 shades of grey parties50 shades of grey toy parties50 shades of passion parties50 shades of pleasure parties50 shades of romance parties50 shades sc50 shades vegasfeeling closeintimacymarriage intimacypillow talkpleasure partiesrelationship intimacySouthern pleasure parties partiessouthern pleasure partieswhere can i buy products from the 50 shades of gray books.

I have to say that I was so excited to read her reaction! Christian then goes onto explain that he will take it slowly and introduce her to things like butt plugs, be, anchors, and more before moving onto actual anal sex. Grey is all about the research and perhaps those anal scenes really got you a little interested. Then do the research. Pick up our Tickle my Tush book, the definitive book on all things tush related — from massage, to stimulation, to Southern pleasure parties. Sadie makes a great point, as does Mr. Grey, that this is something you need to prepare for and work up to.

Start small with our plugs for penetration or toys like OMG for stimulation, then move up to anchors or some awesome glass toys like Inked. Any Clipped Wings and Inked Armor fans out there? Finally, be safe. Here are a few guidelines, both mentioned in Dr. Message me or leave a comment. Pick up some ready to go spray cleaners like Clean and Simpleor a mix it yourself concentrate Toy Cleanser makes 64 quarts. Use it for vaginal penetration, feel free to use flavored lube during oral sex, and for sure always use lube for anal sex.

Any of our lubes will get the job done, but for supercheck out our Silicone Lube. Check out my website: www. Tagged 50 Shades of Gray50 Shades of Grey50 Shades of Passionanal foreplayAnal sexBDSMbella swanchristian grayChristian Greyclipped wings and inked armoredward cullenmaster of the universepassion partiessouthern pleasure partieswhere can i buy products from the 50 shades of gray books. To which her roomie replies:. What are pheromones? They are natural hormones emitted through sweat glands — such as under your arms, that attract others to you.

Southern Pleasure Parties sells these bottled, that mix with your own pheromones. This is one of my best selling products that be used so many different ways. Each of the guests at my parties has an opportunity to rub some Pure Instinct on, and then smell one another to experience how different it is on each person. Pure Instinct is light enough to be mixed with any other perfume, or worn alone for a unique perfume all your own.

It can also be used as a painkiller, something I share with each of my customers, especially those into more homeopathic remedies. Tagged 50 Shades of Gray50 shades of grey partiesAnnaFriday nightGreyJoseKatepheromone perfumepure instinctsex attractantssouthern pleasure parties.

Southern pleasure parties

Spoiler Alert: If you have not yet reached the first night Anna spends with Grey, you may want to wait on this post. What irked me is how real this ignorance is in real life and not just fiction. Did you know the national average age of sexual activity there is a difference between activity and intercourse is 9 years old? Being introduced to sex at the age of 15, is not shocking. Consider this a PSA and make sure to talk to your Southern pleasure parties kids about sex. You might be wondering why I would bother posting something like this?

Posted in Southern Pleasure Parties. Robinsonnaughtyseduction. Initially, I was hesitant to spend any time reading these books, not entirely thrilled with the controversy surrounding these books. However, after much encouragement from my customers, I broke down and downloaded these books to my iPhone to listen to throughout my day. In contrast, Anna comes across as a selfish, immature, and angsty person. James did not try very hard to create her own characters.

Yes, I understand it was originally Twilight fan fiction, but really, these characters are easily identifiable as Edward and Bella, Alice and Jasper at this stage of the book. This book is inspiring people to talk about sex in a more relaxed, comfortable, and open fashion. I adore seeing so many people discussing their thoughts so openly regarding such a heavily sexual book. Or complaints that this book is domestic violence dressed up as an erotica novel. It is important to remember that this story began as a fantasy within the fan fiction realm.

Within a consenting relationship, none of this wrong nor should a woman made to feel shame for desiring these things within a consenting relationship. Do you know why fantasy is important? While men are more visually stimulated — think of lingerie, or a strip tease, etc. Fantasy and real life are very different, and I would hope women readers can tell the difference between real life and fantasy and make sound decisions based upon the differences.

My 2 year Passion Parties anniversary! I actually took the picture to the left the very night Southern pleasure parties hosted my own Passion Party. Wow what changes! Let me take the time to share my own story with you.

I had never once taken it out of the container, and never looked for her card — until the beginning or mid June. The starter kits — what a new consultant will purchase to become a consultant, were very reasonably priced, and included a lot of products. I decided I would buy the kit — with no intention of ever becoming a consultant.

Since Passion Parties is located in Vegas, my kit would arrive the very next business day. So I did. But my husband had a request — could I please not tell anyone that knew us, that he worked with, that I worked with, or that knew of him at church what I was doing? Yes — this included friends and family.

Southern pleasure parties

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