Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl

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The stoner is generally a comical character who smokes, gets beat up, makes bad jokes, and suffers other sorts of Butt-Monkey type things, only with more drugs. Almost always denoted by their Dreary Half-Lidded Eyes in animation, if his eyes aren't noticeably bloodshot to begin with.

The most likely character to get a Mushroom Samba bit. He is basically a cross between Butt-Monkey and the wacky guy. Usually somewhere between a technical and an Actual Pacifistand almost always entirely non-threatening, in physical appearance. May very occasionally be prone to getting dangerousbut only rarely and under truly exceptional circumstances. The stoner is very similar to the 19th Century "funny drunk. The modern stereotype is that drunks are likely to beat you up, while stoners aren't, so stoners make better comedy. When played for drama, they are likely to be burnout losers living dead-end lives with no ambition or meaningful aspirations beyond getting high.

Not to be confused with The Atoner. One key away means a whole different thing May evolve into an Erudite Stoner. Compare Granola Girl. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Let me spark this; take a breather; breathe that reefer in my lungs, I got grapes what you watching son? Black Lagoon : Leigharch has this huge pile of used cocaine pot in the anime stubs.

This causes him to hallucinate weird things, say weirder things, and get kicked by Revy for being high on the job. Despite this, he's an awesome getaway driver. Deconstructed when it's eventually revealed that he overdosed and got put in an insane asylum.

Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl

In fairness, Finland did say that the Netherlands was into some "shady drugs". As of the Christmas event, partially confirmed in Canada's case We know he smokes pot, but not how often. Sabba in Dreamlandto the point he sells one arm to buy a super strong weed sure he didn't know what that "life essence" he was asked to pay was, but he didn't really stop to think twice either. This trope is implied to be the reason he could become a Traveller without overcoming any phobia and thus has no power of his own.

Comic Books. The Fabulous Furry Freak Brotherswho between the three of them have at one time or another ate, drank, snorted, smoked or injected just about everything conceivable that wouldn't be instantly poisonous. Pike from ElfQuest. A positive example: his love for the mellow world of a dreamberry haze makes him excellent at telling colorful stories, and he became the tribe's historian "Keeper of the Howl" because of it. Flax Seed from the Rarity issue of My Little Pony Micro Series is obviously never seen actually smoking pot it's My Little Pony after allbut his personality fits this stereotype to a tee.

Word of God on the matter is essentially "I can't say he's stoned, but he pretty much is. Absolutely everyone in Marijuana Simpson. Marge at one point gets so high she forgets Homer is her husband, not her father. The Warblers constantly call him a stoner, but it's more of an in-joke since he only smokes a couple of times a week.

He's prone to strange logic even without getting stoned. In Maim de MaimSatsuki is literally this throughout most of the fiction until her Kamui partner told her that the very last batch she acquired and ingested was salvia, which is not terribly fun for the unprepared. Now upholding her promise to Junketsu, she has now decided to quit weed for a while; which will only, in turn, improve her already astonishing performance with Junketsu.

Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl

Subverted in Highly Questionable Decisions. While she didn't consume any drugs, Satsuki acts like one when she "turns off her brain" at Ryuuko's advice. Naturally, those around her assumed she was on drugs. Dragon Ball Z Abridged : Mr. It's how Kami keeps him even slightly under control. Popo spends part of it tripping on a gallon of LSD. A literal gallon. Out of a milk jug. Kami doesn't even know where he got it, as he never leaves the lookout. Kami as well, since "that shit's great for his glaucoma". Master Roshi as well. And he does not hold back when he's toasted. Count Dende in as well.

Popo : Worry not; all you really need is a little green. Dende : I explicitly asked you not to call me that! Popo : holds up a blunt I'm not! Dende : narrows eyes and smirks Films — Animation. Ernie and Bernie from Shark Tale are lampshaded to be this. Not only that they look like they smoked to much but they're very stupid as well. Reggie from Free Birds became this after having an overdose of T.

Big Hero 6 has Fred, the quintessential college stoner dude. It's all stoner stereotypes and while Disney hasn't specified what it is he's quitting, the matter is settled in his line just before they meet Yokai Films — Live-Action. Jay of The View Askewniverse is a particularly energetic variation, whereas his partner Silent Bob better fits the relaxed stoner stereotype. Both also explicitly deal pot. Freeburg in Freddy vs.

Jasonwho is an Expy of Jay, constantly getting blazed even when there are serial killers roaming around. In fact, his drug use allows Freddy to possess him without any problems. As You Are : Jack and Mark spend a lot of time smoking weed and cutting school. Sarah sometimes s them.

Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl

Although they talk about getting high all the time and mention having marijuana-themed aliases in one scene, neither of them are actually seen smoking in the film. In fact, the only character who does toke onscreen is a dog. Cheech and Chong are likely the originators of this trope, seldom appearing in a film without their trademark ts, smoking it up throughout.

Fred of Galaxy Quest isn't seen actually toking up on-screen, but his extremely calm, slightly drowsy demeanor while everyone else is freaking out and his penchant for snacking are a huge tipoff to anyone paying the slightest attention. In the original cut, this was supposed to be explicit but was cut to keep the film's PG rating, but it's still pretty obvious.

Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl

The main trio from Game Over, Manbut especially Darren, who is seen smoking salvia more than once. The Dude fits this trope quite well and spectacularlythough the movie makes it clear that he is actually not as crazy and silly as basically everyone else. The Coen Brothers mention in one of the behind-the-scenes documentaries that his "liberal drug use" allowed them to insert several fantasy sequences and a Busby Berkeley without breaking the tone of the movie. Jeff Bridges also asked the Coens to tell him if The Dude had burned one on the way over so he could rub his eyes to achieve the appropriate level of redness.

Friday gives us Smokey, who is often seen smoking and constantly acting the fool throughout most of the film. There is a song in the first High School Musical film that introduces the school's various cliques - nerds, jocks, etc - including one that appears to be a Disneyfied version of a group of stoners, complete with proclamations of "duuuude So named because he is one to all living things.

Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl

Purveyor of multiple kinds of weed that mess with your head. Lives in a nudist commune. Records bird sounds. Palmer from The Thing And to a lesser extent his roommate Childs they were growing marijuana in the storage room Floyd from True Romance.

It was Brad Pitt 's idea to make the character a stoner. He based this character insight on the fact that the guy is always sitting around at home in the living room. Although we tropers generally aren't in the business of citations, you can hear Brad Pitt explain it in this time-stamped youtube link. This is the first notable instance of mainstream stoners, who are explicitly not slackers, but rather, productive members of society. Harold is an investment banker before the current crisis and Kumar has untapped potential to be a doctor.

Harold from The Boys in the Band. However, he's a witty Deadpan Snarker and least Butt-Monkey -ish character in the cast. Matthew, Harvey, and Dr. Bamford in Saving Grace to varying degrees. Matthew likes to think of himself as easygoing although he can be high strungHarvey tries to be an Erudite Stoner but ends up more of a Conspiracy Theorist. Bamford is a slacker prone to crashing on couches but seems to be a surprisingly competent doctor. It's implied there isn't much for anyone under 50 in the town to do except get stoned and hang out at the pub.

The Cabin in the Woods has an initially straight example in Marty - with the variation that his drug use actually helped immunize him against some of the chemicals released in the cabin, and his paranoia was thoroughly accurate.

Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl

He actually proves to be fairly smart. Barnabas Collins: They tried stoning me, my dear. It did not work. Sayaman: I'm sorry, dude.

Slacker pothead guy lookin for cool girl

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