Single independent but need help

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But as I was protecting myself from the sadness and pain of not having certain needs met, I was ignoring an entire category of people: friends. Skip ! Story from Relationships. Assembling a console table without even a hint of leg wobble makes me feel like an absolute champion, it really does. I love doing things myself. I love finding solutions for problems. I love being a generally well-prepared person.

But a strange thought came to me recently: Is it possible for all of this independence to backfire? My independence has opened my life up to wonderful experiences. Solo travel, education, hobbies, and I nest better than most avian species. But I've come to realize that it's okay to need people too. The thought came to me inside a MRI tube.

Single independent but need help

For reasons that are not your business, I had two MRIs this fall. The first MRI scared the shit out of me. And, naturally, I was also kinda worried if anything was actually wrong with me. I emerged from the test a bit shaky.

I was in and out of those unfortunate hospital gowns in an hour, and back at my desk by mid-morning.

Single independent but need help

When I travel, I bring my own coffee and French press with me because I like iced coffee first thing when I wake up, and I wake up at 5 a. I could ask that they have a bottle of cold brew in the house, but I never do.

Single independent but need help

For far too long, I attributed help, comfort, and support to a romantic partner. And then I tried for years to find a partner and never did. So in order to comfort myself and ease any fears of not having the help that I needed, I learned how to do everything that needed doing on my own. They were partnering. Everyone was ing forces with their person, the person who would give them that help, comfort, and support that I was looking for.

Even now as I write this, I worry how sad it seems. I worry that asking an audience to read it is asking for too much. I should have let Conor come with me to my MRI. I should have texted Swathi last night when my great aunt died.

I should start practicing asking for help, and not feeling guilty or needy when I do so. Because sometimes shit hits the fan, and the clean up process is easier in s. Related Stories. Are You Settling? Can you feel it coming in the air tonight? A full moon with big star energy, steadied by the fixed power of Aquarius, a mirror of big heart energy pouring. This Friday marks the Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, the first Olympic Games to have been rescheduled — and the first to happen amid a pandemic.

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Single independent but need help

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When being fiercely independent leaves you feeling alone and isolated