Should women chase men

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I want to start off by saying that I consider myself a very evolved, independent, strong woman.

Or He Up. Now that game is just good times. All that said, I am also very much a traditionalist when it comes to dating. I prefer that the man be the initiator of at least the first date. Because I view dating as dance, I prefer the guy take the lead; not all the time, but the majority of the time, especially in the early stages of dating.

Modern dating can be extremely tricky. My point is this: A lot of men seem to have forgotten how to make a genuine effort when it comes to dating, because us ladies are making all the effort for them. But when I sit back and relax and stay open and receptive to the relationship without doggedly pursuing it, it has always, always, always worked out better.

And btw: I consider myself a feminist. But part of being an empowered woman is knowing your heart, your time, and your company is worth being wooed and pursued. I mean…I want to be wooed and pursued!

I absolutely believe that making your interest known and clear is a beautiful, and even necessary, thing. Chasing is when you are making ALL of the effort, and he is making none. And your dignity and self-esteem are never worth surrendering, for anyone or anything.

You are missing out on the things and people and relationships that are meant for you by wasting all your time and energy and emotions on the things that are not. Something better is coming! You are worth being wooed and pursued. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Should women chase men

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