Relationship problems stories

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I came to Micki because I wanted to break unhealthy relationship habits- which grew out of childhood. I was stuck finding the same type of toxic man over and over. A few months into working with Micki, I ended up meeting a nearly-perfect-for-me man and had periods of nearly throwing it away out of fear and worries that were not based in reality.

Micki helped me deal with my fears and kept me grounded and stable… Relationship problems stories story short, the wedding is in a few months. Am I worry free now? Do I think that relationships are easy? But I know that when I need some help after we get married, Micki will be my go-to.

Micki is one of the kindest therapists I have ever connected with. I felt she was fully invested in hearing and unpacking my story, as she held space and compassion for my journey. I found her easy to talk to, open minded and curious. I feel so grateful to have found someone who helped me to heal from my many traumas, physical, sexual and emotional.

I feel well on my Relationship problems stories to creating a healthy relationship with someone who will really be able to see me for all that I am. Thank you so much, Micki for giving me wongs to fly! When I came to work with Micki I was feeling depressed that I would never get married.

I was very confused about my wants and my needs, and Micki helped me to get more clear about this. A year after I finished working with Micki I met and married my husband. Having sessions along the way was helpful as it helped me to really focus myself better. We both came to work with Micki individually. We wound up meeting one another at a mutual friends Shabbat table. One of us had been ly unhappily married. The other had a fear of relationships. We were both terrified of marriage and commitment for completely different reasons.

Micki worked with us individually using Somatic experience therapy to overcome our fears of commitment. We then worked with her tly to co-create a loving relationship. We are so grateful to have been able to create a clear path towards love and emotional connection. My boyfriend and I came to see Micki because we were struggling to communicate clearly. Micki gave us a language we never would have found on our own. As we discuss our future and life together, knowing that honesty and openness are valued in our relationship is tremendously meaningful.

Our relationship has grown into one that is courageous and bold, while being conscious of one another. We credit seeing Micki with that maturity and depth. Our real problems were exacerbated by our inability to communicate. Slowly, we became less and less connected, each retreating into our own corner, only emerging to scream or yell. After researching different types of therapy, we decided to pursue a counselor who specialized in EFT, as we felt that this framework best addressed our dynamic of pain, withdrawal, and disconnection.

While our relationship is still a work in progress, Micki helped us understand how the other emotionally processed and reacted to our disagreements. We have since been able to communicate better and heal our bond. Micki is a talented, patient, and kind therapist, with a real talent for helping couples in distress. We really appreciate everything that Micki did for us.

We struggled to communicate our needs and be vulnerable with one another before therapy with Micki. She helped us understand our needs and express ourselves to each other more clearly. We learned to really learned how to hold onto our anxiety and be able to hear and understand the other person. She played an invaluable part in helping us work through our issues and bringing us to a new place. Facebook Twitter. True Stories. Pre-relationship Stories. I chose to work with Micki because I had read many of her articles about love and relationships and a lot of it resonated with me.

I never really had a relationship with a woman, I mostly Relationship problems stories had hook-ups. I wanted to start a family already and not continue with this pattern of going from woman to woman. By working with Micki I discovered that I had a problem with becoming bored easily and an underlying fear of intimacy which kept me from really getting to know the women I was with. By resolving these issues I was able to establish a long term relationship with a woman I really love and respect.

I was going through a very difficult time in my life when I started going to Micki — depressed and anxious… an emotional mess — Micki immediately recommended that we try Somatic Experience Therapy to help me heal and move on from a very unhealthy and toxic relationship that I was struggling not only to get out of but to accept the reality that it was not meant to be — that I deserved better. After just a few sessions, I became much stronger and gained the clarity to see my situation for what is really was, rather than from a fantasy view point.

Relationship problems stories

I came to Micki after I broked up with my long term partner, 5 years ago. I was stuck in a rut. Micki Relationship problems stories me clear out my connection to him and helped me regain my self confidence. She helped me reclaim my individuality and remember that I have so much to offer a relationship. A month after our work together I met someone new.

We have now been together for 5 months. I am amazed at how different I felt after only 6 intensive sessions. I am so thrilled to be in what feels like a relationship with mutual respect and points of connection based upon our true ideals and values. Dating Stories. I had been severely abused by my father as and was struggling to believe that I was worthy of love. I kept choosing partners who were bad for me.

When I came to see Micki I had started dating a man who treated me really well. I continued to test him and treat him badly to see if he would stay. By working with Micki I got to see Relationship problems stories I had to handle my own anxiety and not throw it onto my partner. By staying the course I was able to work on my ability to trust both myself and my partner and to be able to develop a loving and healthy relationship. I have always had a difficult time committing to important things. This fear of commitment has hampered my life.

After several sessions of Somatic Experience therapy with Micki I was able to let go of some old wounds that had been holding me back and was able to find a new way of moving forward. I have since been able to feel complete about my decision to marry my girlfriend. I dated women I really liked who dumped me after a few dates. Micki helped me to see that I may have been turning women off by presenting with overconfidence.

Since this realization, I now have toned things down to the extent that women get to see the real me…which is ideal. Engagement Stories. I came to see Micki because I just started dating a woman that I thought was the most beautiful woman in the world. We have now been married for a year and have a baby together.

Relationship problems stories

We did some pre-marriage couples work with her so we could learn some tools and skills for how to work together. So grateful we did. There is nothing worse than realizing you have made a huge mistake in marrying the wrong one. We had fun together when we were dating, but only realized after we had made a huge mistake.

We felt like such failures as we tried so hard to keep pushing each other to keep going. We are so grateful that we managed to get out of this relationship before complicating things by having children together. We now feel free to live our lives in a way that suits each of us individually.

We have also learned what our true needs are so that we will choose partners who are better for us going forward. We than did some couples work with Micki as we had some different ideas Relationship problems stories our relationship expectations. Micki was very good at seeing both of our perspectives and not making us feel that she was taking sides. She enabled each of us to see what we needed to do differently to get the relationship in the best place possible.

My boyfriend and I came to see Micki because we had both come from challenging relationships.

Relationship problems stories

His parents had a messy divorce when he was young. My parents remained in an unhappy marriage til this day. Neither of us wanted to repeat any of these relationship patterns. We were able to see and handle potential roadblocks before they got in our way.

We learned so many important tools and skills to deal better with conflicts as they arise so that they are dealt with, rather than remain things that get in our way. We feel so grateful for our work with Micki and everything she has taught us.

We still pop by for occasional hiccups that need an outside perspective. Marriage Stories. After the happy first years of our marriage, we began to experience a breakdown in communication. I had been sexually abused by a relative when I was a teenager and this held Relationship problems stories back from being truly present, emotionally and physically, with my husband.

Rather than sharing my feelings with my husband, I withdrew and blamed him for our problems. Our work with Micki enabled me to recognize my difficult feelings and learned how to express myself so that my husband could better understand me. We came to Micki because we were not connecting well with one another after only a few years of marriage. I Man felt like I was making all of the decisions in our relationship and felt my wife was just coming along for the ride.

Having turned this dynamic around we are now in such a healthy place. Take control of your relationship and make an appointment now!. Open toolbar.

Relationship problems stories

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