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Twists are some of the most beloved African-American hairstyles. Even more so, besides being pretty, twists are also one of the best protective hairstyles. They help protect natural hair as it grows out — and they also let you experiment without damaging your tresses. Kinky twists are a traditional African style that dates back to many centuries ago. While their history goes way back, they started trending again in the s. Kinky twists use hair extensions that are installed only after you braid your hair for about an inch from the root.

Then, the style continues in a two-strands twist that traditionally ends in curled tips. Kinky twists differ from Marley twists and their related Havana twists in two major ways: the installation process and the thickness of the strands. Then, kinky twists tend to be much thinner or at least not be as thick as Marley and Havana Pictures of kinki twist.

Senegalese twists and kinky twists are similarly made and styled. The difference between them is in the hair used for making them. Kinky twists use coarser hair that is closer to the natural texture. To keep things short and sweet, use the photo above for inspiration. The twists are short, bouncy, and layered for more volume than ever. Kinky twists are generally shoulder-length, but you can keep them shorter too.

After showcasing small twists, we want to expand and show some over the shoulder, medium-sized option. This is the ideal approach for women who want a balanced look that is neither too bold or too bland. Moreover, the longer the twists, the better to show off this intricate technique.

To accentuate the idea that twisted braids can be textured, here is an example with curls. While most longer twists are worn in updos, the example above shows how good they can look with the hair left down and free. Kinky twists are on the smaller side, especially when compared to other types of twists or even braidsthey can still be worn jumbo-sized.

These are just as classy and stylish and will look just as good. In other words, kinky twists can take a wavy shape, among others. This side-swept hairstyle has beautifully curled locks besides the curled tips. This helps create an overall wavy aspect. To make the twists even more textured, surpass wavy and strive for a curly look. See how the kinky braids curl from the lower half of the hairstyle down. In addition, we recommend the chic half-up styling. One of the outed benefits of afro-textured curls is that they can easily take an afro form.

To put it otherwise, this hair texture can naturally turn into an afro — without much effort.

Provided the braids are trimmed in layersthey will be even easier to style. Crochet braiding is actually a technique that rests at the foundation of numerous African hairstyles. With this approach, braids obtain a tight, spring-like shape, hence the name of the hairstyle.

If preferred, consider combining different types of twists and even braids. Just one example is mixing kinky twists with flat twists. Start with tightly braided flat twists and end in kinky braids. The outcome is a cute and protective hairstyle for natural hair. A cool thing about twisted hairstyles is that the braids can be made to have various widths.

Just an example is this version of small twists. Generally, the narrower the twists, the more they will resemble individual strands. In addition to flat twists, cornrows are also a common choice for kinky twist style combos. With a hairstyle like this one, you can recreate the idea of a shaved side and add some spunk to twisted braids. Yet another way to sport cornrows with twisted braids is to have them done just on the side.

As opposed Pictures of kinki twist our first example, this hairstyle makes use of just a few thin cornrows that spice up the look in a more subtle fashion. To put it simply, coils are tightly curled strands or braids that have almost a doll-like aspect to them. These corkscrew beauties are definitely a detail to consider. We have covered small kinky twists, but what about the world of micro braids?

Just like the name describes, this category of braids and twists is as small as they can get. As a result, they come close to separate strands. If your twists are set and ready to rock, then also start looking into the different styling ideas to emphasize them. For instance, this loose twisted high bun is ideal for complementing those twists. We warmly encourage the long bangs swept to the side too. What about hair accessories? You might be surprised to find out how much of a difference even such a small detail can make.

Take this hairstyle, for example. The twists are indeed eye-catching, but the cherry on top is the gold leaf headband. In the photo above, admire an example of such a gorgeous hairstyle — one that also accentuates the hair color. Speaking of half up hairstyles, here is another example to inspire you. This one has a more casual touch to it and can be worn in more day to day situations.

The half-up style uses a ponytail that can be easily be turned into a top knot or bun too. Jill Scott is an inspiration to us all — from her talent to her personal style. She is an avid supporter of the African hair community and usually sports enchanting hairstyles that embrace her roots. For this look, she opted for kinky twists with a steep undercut and looked stunning with them. As far as styling is in discussion, updos are a must for all gals. In this delightful example, you can observe curly twists wrapped in a loose top bun with a few strands left in the front and styled as bangs.

It doubles as a classy and casual hairstyle. On a similar note, this refined hairstyle will certainly work really well for formal events. If you already have your twists in place, pin a few strands to the side to reveal those cheekbones and jawline. This photo goes to show that playing with different lengths can go a long way for the volume of a braided and twisted hairstyle.

However, the main element we want to point out here is the use of metallic be as hair accessories. The use of be might be inspired by Fulani braids. First up is the pixie haircut with long bangsthe various blonde highlights in brown hairand the creative undercut. In some cases, styling braids can be as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Just like in this Pictures of kinki twist, rake your fingers through the twists and toss them carelessly to the side. Remember what we said about half up half down braided hairstyles? This example confirms their versatility as it shows an elegant, swept-back approach to the look. We also recommend angling the braids to the side when sweeping them back. Instead of tossing the braids to the side for a casual look, give them a boost of elegance by sweeping them over one shoulder.

It is a classy approach that also emphasizes the tresses. This is the perfect way to showcase twists, sport a bob haircutand still keep all that natural volume. Inverted or angled bobs are well-trimmed to accentuate the dynamic part of a hairstyle and create volume all around. Braided and twisted hairstyles know no age. A style like this one can bring out anyone youthful side, all while remaining perfectly age-appropriate no matter if you are over 40well past 50or even the golden 60s.

This is not the first time we mention layering, but this method deserves all the praise and spotlight. Stacked or layered cutting can make a tremendous difference for twists or almost any hairstyle in general as it helps create and add volume. Few updos have the impact of pompadours. This timeless hairstyle has always been a symbol of refinement among women and men alike. It can also be obtained or recreated with all types of hair and even braids and twists.

Pictures of kinki twist may not associate bangs with braids all the time, but we guarantee that the combo will be impressive. Particularly if your braids are shorter and layered, the outcome will be fresh, funky, and make for a creative way to rock a twisted hairstyle. When thinking about twisted braids, it is best to keep haircuts in mind too.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the length, shape, and texture of the curls. Specific cuts, like the bob, will prove particularly useful. One of the main reasons why half up styles work great with twists is that they are easy to obtain, simple to maintain, and accessible.

Pin up a handful of strands for this outgoing look. We frequently pair African hairstyles with the idea of volume, dynamism, and shape. Nonetheless, there are quite a few braided styles that look exceptionally well when left down. While the example above goes for a straight and graceful approach, this one goes wild with volume and ample side bangs. Another aspect of kinky Pictures of kinki twist that we love is that they are -appropriate hairstyle. They will now damage the hair but instead protect it. How about women who want to bring a splash of color to their hairstyle? This copper hair colorfor instance, is a widespread favorite.

In contrast, ladies looking to add bold colors to their twists can take the image above as. Platinum blonde is a popular and stunning shade all on its own but when paired with braids, the are breathtaking! Nevertheless, a bit of red can be the spicy touch to your entire hairstyle. A deep tone of magentafor instance, is yet another terrific choice for ladies with bright personalities. We also recommend the balayage technique too for even more stunning. This wine red is phenomenal not only on the twist but also against darker skin tones.

The stacked cutting is also essential for that radiant final shape! This idea works wonderfully for women that go with the classy kinky twists with curled tips looks as it will accentuate the ends of the locks. Ombre hair is yet another sweet way of mixing up colors in your style. For a natural approach to the color blend, think about combining two earth tones, like the black and brown above. An intense chocolate brown was used for the ombre, shades further enhanced by the updo itself. Here, we can appreciate a skillful job of top highlights on a black base.

Pictures of kinki twist

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