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Dating is a tricky place. Whether it's online, blind, or a witty pick up line at the bar, the ways to start that dance are nearly endless.

Unfortunately, some people still don't manage to navigate its nuances, and end up a lesson what not to do. TGIF, y'all. We're back with your weekly dose of our favorite memes from the darkest corners of Reddit.

This week was a tough one, as much of the popular memes this week centered around some seriously revealing photoshops of Big Hero Six's Aunt Cass. We were able to include a couple of 'em, but between Cass and the Lola Bunny redeit seems like a lot of people need to go to horny jail ASAP. Not that we're judging or anything. It's always challenging to come up with a good opening line for someone you matched with on a dating app. Do you go with something totally extra or just start with the ol' hello? Everyone's got their style and a foolproof trick that works for everyone doesn't exist because, well, everyone's different.

We've got a bunch of amusing conversations and one-liners people tried from the world of online dating. Maybe you'll want to use some of these or maybe you'll learn a thing or two about what not to do. You know what they say: if one relationship Memebase dating page 3 work out then don't fret because there's plenty of fish in the sea!

Either way, dating apps are always really frustrating, but at least they can offer us some comedic relief! At this exact moment, we're willing to bet that thousands, if not millions, of people are happily looking at memes on the internet. We send memes to our friends more often than we ask how we're doing. But these days, we're all doing pretty badly - so sharing a laugh seems preferable to sharing the same old tired canned niceties. While there are tons of memes to choose from, we find that relatable memes have the most "oomph" were connecting with friends are concerned.

Want to roast how often you text your ex? There's memes for that. Want to highlight how swiftly your life is falling apart? There are tons of memes that echo that downward spiral. We touch on both of those themes and more in this gallery, and if you scroll on through we're sure you'll have at least one moment of feeling personally attacked.

TGIF, friends, followers, and meme-lovers. We're back with another installment of The Dank Drop - your weekly roundup of the best fresh memes that Reddit has had to offer. Despite a pretty momentous week We're rooting for you, Texas it seems that memers have avoided using current events in their creations, and instead focus on what we really love: dumb, spicy and relatable humor. Which is great because we are inundated with the crappiness of real life enough as it is.

Valentine's Day can be great if you're in a relationship, but for the singles out there, it's less than satisfying. These memes are not for the happy couples; if you want that then. If you're single, however, grab a glass of wine, start getting drunk, and check out these amusing memes! Oh, February. The month when classrooms transform into a pink, red, white, and heart-covered nightmare. While it started out as a minor Christian holiday, Valentine's Day has gradually morphed into a celebration of love and affection over the last 1,ish years. The festivities became more akin to current day in 18th century England, where people began exchanging trinkets, sweets, flowers and, of course, greeting cards with their ificant others.

This iteration spread rather quickly, and by the 19th century people began to abandon handwritten notes and cards for the mass-produced variety. Memebase dating page 3, as much as people enjoy blaming Hallmark for commercializing February 14th, they were just going along with the times. These days it seems like people are either for Valentine's Day or against the holiday.

Some people relish the opportunity to dote on their beloved - showering them with lavish bright red bouquets, boxes of fine chocolates, and maybe breaking out the bubbly. Some couples have even come to expect expensive gifts on the 14th. But there are also a lot of couples who reject the date for its commercial connotations.

They find it hokey and unnecessary. Why should there be one specific day to celebrate a connection? They kind of have a point. Strong and healthy couples should be celebrating each other every damn day. This year, though, many people will have to forgo the expensive dinner prix-fixe or weekend mini-vacation. This marks the first Valentine's Day where much of the United States is still grappling with the Covid pandemic.

What once meant a night on the town has become more of the same: cooking dinner or getting takeout, sitting in front of the TV, and maybe getting lucky. While that may not seem very exciting, it does give couples a chance to reflect on what makes their relationship great - or what makes relationships in general work. Twitter's way ahead of everyone in that department.

On the site, a meme about "perfect couples" has gone viral over the last week, allowing people to share mostly-wholesome stick figure memes, labeled with traits that seem to fit well together. You know, one person who hates cookingand another who loves to fatten their partner up. The trend started on February 3rd, when user obiwanfroggi tweeted the happy stick figures with the labels "can't do math" and "can do math. Sorry, obiwanfroggi.

While some of the memes stick with the straightforward theme of compatibility, some of them are pretty absurd, or make references to recent pop culture events, such as Phoebe Bridgers trying and failing to successfully smash her guitar on SNL. We're fans of both iterations and we've rounded up the best right here Memebase dating page 3 you.

Unfortunately, we do too. Listening to sad songs on repeat. Thinking we our first school relationships were "forever. While the depression was often very real, there's a painfully cringey - and amusing - aspect to people who wear their hearts on their sleeve on the internet.

Don't believe us? Scroll down and brace yourself for some serious discomfort. Game shows are a pretty universal form of entertainment. They've been around for years, and some of 'em ahem, Jeopardy have amassed some pretty serious followings. Here in the United States, dating game shows are pretty much a thing of the past - something parodied on sketch comedy shows like Saturday Night Live. In China, however, they're still going strong. And judging by these amusing stills, they're pretty damn entertaining. We know that men aren't the only ones who throw common sense out the window, or seem to approach life and relationships with a But damn, these 22 dudes really went above and beyond to make us face palm, laugh and smile.

If you're craving more masculine humor, these 26 manly memes are here to satisfy you where these guys may have fallen short.

If you're feeling like absolute shit about yourself, you're definitely not alone. All that self-loathing we perfected over the years went into overdrive after a few week of the pandemic. To help snap you out of that mindset we've put together this impressive collection of depressing and cringey moments from people who probably have it worse than you. Dating has come a long way since the 's. We've been blessed by what sometimes feels like too much technology, and being able to scroll through hundreds of prospective suitors in just a few minutes.

Singles back in the day really didn't have these luxuries. Meeting "the one" involved a lot more time, energy and though. The classic women's magazine, which folded incovered topics such as news, fashion - and some seriously funny relationship advice.

This piece, which is geared at helping women find a husband, shows a starkly different dating game than we're used to. And it's terrifically funny to boot. While it hasn't been the most boring week in history insurrection, Donald Trump banned from TwitterCovidwe're willing to bet that some of you are still feeling the undeniable weight of monotony on your shoulders.

To help temper the tedium we've put together this smorgasbord of memes and tweets that are worthy of a light chuckle. Some of them are relatable. Some of the memes are stupid.

Memebase dating page 3

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