Meaning of in love with you

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Being in love with someone and loving someone are two entirely different things, and it is important that you know the difference between the two. This is the main difference between loving someone and being in love.

Being in love is wanting to own the other person. It is believing that this person is incredibly wonderful and you need them in your life. When you fall in love, you feel an intense need to consume this person in any way possible. In simple terms, being in love is believing that you need someone to stay happy.

You need this person to live happily and not because you own this person but because you want to give them a part of you.

This kind of love sometimes requires you to let them go and set them free. It makes you feel like you are floating on top of a cloud, and you never want to let go. However, this is where the problem lies; after some time, you come down.

When you love someone, there is not much emotion there. It is more about thoughts. You think about your ificant other and wish the best for them. You care about them, and the emotions that come with this are just a simple perk. Once you have crossed the stage of being in love with some to loving them, you will have to let go of the feeling of high and be prepared to ride the less emotional waves. This is what makes falling in love with someone so exhilarating- you are constantly yearning for more. You want to spend time with your ificant other and get to know them better. You are always striving for more and want to build a more serious relationship.

When in love, no goal exists. The reason behind this is that you have already reached the finish line. This often scares couples because they are constantly looking forward to making progress. However, you must understand that you cannot make progress and build something forever. The only thing you can do is to keep on working and refreshing what you already have. When you are in love, the chemicals inside your brain make you feel as if you are the greatest person in the world. You will believe this person to be the perfect specimen, and sadly this feeling will wear off once the happy chemicals die down.

Being in love is easily recognizable, Meaning of in love with you loving, on the other hand, gives no such reminders. When you truly love someonemoments of separation and loss can fill you with overwhelming emotions. You care about them more than you think, and imagining a life without them will be difficult for you. When you love someone, you put all your chips on the table, you show them all your cards, and you hope for the very best. You show your person your most vulnerable sideand now there is no taking it back.

When in love with someone, you can easily fall out of love. This kind of love allows you to romanticize your partner and the relationship. But when you love someone, you cannot see a future without them.

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Meaning of in love with you

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