Life skills for men

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Check out these 20 awesome skills every man should know at some point in his life! Having mastered at least a few skills by a certain age is something which most men should aspire to. But there are many general skills which men should really know and try to master, at some point in their lives.

By mastering these skills, you not only are improving your overall ability to live life better, but you are also increasing your level of attractiveness for all the women to see! Not only will it save you a bit of time and money, it will also give you some much deserved man points! Being able to be a proper host to your friends, and of course your special other half, is a key skill to master. Now not all women will simply just want a glass of red or white wine.

Life skills for men

So if you have the ability to whip up some fancy cocktails, then you are already ahead of the rest! This list of 20 easy summer cocktails is a good place to start. Be confident, assertive and make eye contact. And you should be well on your way to ordering another round! Arguably the greatest let down of schools, univerisities and colleges is the lack of financial education we get taught. Most guys go through life having no clue as to how to actually treat money, make good financial decisions and set themselves up for financial freedom.

If you can start shifting your financial mindset, then you can start making changes for the better. Cooking is a skill which can bring a lot of happiness into your life, and that of the ones who eat your food hopefully!

Life skills for men

Especially now in where men and women are expected to be able to do pretty much the same things. Knowing how to quickly fix a button that has fallen off, or repair a cut in your favorite jeans is a skill which can take you places! Get that needle and thread working for you, and be the man who can fix his own clothing problems. Yes, it was quite a cool thing to be a messy dude back in the day in your late teens or early 20s.

But as you grow into an adult man, you need to begin to take care of yourself and your surroundings. So if you want to impress someone special in the morning, or you have a few mates over that need feeding, then make them pancakes. We can all easily come up with a million excuses as to why we cannot stay fit. But at the end of the day they are all just that. Here at Bald Brothers we pride ourselves on keeping fit, whilst living crazy busy lives. So you Life skills for men can the party! If left untreated, stress can cause major physical and mental health issues for us down the line.

Everyone has different methods which work for them. Some may do a lot of physical exercise or even take up yoga. Check out this really good article on how to deal with stress the best way possible. A continuation from the point, knowing how to make a fire when you are out camping is a stock standard must for all men.

The most important thing is making sure you have collected enough firewood to keep you going all night long! And this usually has something to do with a dead battery! Check out these instructions on how to jump start a car. Every man should have mastered grilling on either an open fire, or on a charcoal or gas grill at some point in his life.

Life skills for men

Preferrably before the age of 30! This skill can come in handy when you are camping with friends, or throwing a dinner party at home. Check out these 40 healthy grilling recipes! Knowing basic things such as performing CPR, dealing with bleeding or burns and more, can really be a good skill to have.

Life skills for men

Check out these instructions containing the 10 most important first aid procedures, and how to perform each one! And on top of that, gardening is a very relaxing hobby to have. And can definitely help with a bit of stress relief. Be it in the military or in sports teams, people seem to always love to discipline each other by demanding more push ups. Nothing has the potential to turn you into mr attractive than being able to give her a really good massage. These basic instructions are a good place to start! You can easily tell whether a steak is rare, medium, medium rare or well done by following a simple trick.

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Life skills for men

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