Laws about dating someone under 18

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When can I… in relationships? When can I have sex? Is it a crime to have consensual homosexual sex? Is it a crime if I have sex with my boyfriend or girlfriend who is under 16 years old? Someone complained to the police about my partner and I having underage sex, will I get in trouble? I had sex with someone under 16, but I thought they were 16 or older — what could happen to me? This section explains the legal age limits in relationship issues. The other person can get into trouble with the law if the police finds out about it.

The law on sexual activity and the age of consent is the same for everyone. The only important factors are whether or not there was consentand the ages of the people involved.

How the police might deal with the situation depends on a of things. You can also report it to the police. Once a crime is reported, the police must investigate.

The police will look at how old the two of you areif there was consent or not by both people, and if anyone was or is being harmed. But any action the police take is up to them.

The police will more likely charge the older person in this situation than if you were both around the same age. Generally, the older you are, and the larger the age gap, the more serious the crime is. You could be charged, even if you thought they were over If you want more information, contact YouthLaw or your local community law centre.

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Laws about dating someone under 18

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Age of Consent to Sexual Activity