Lady looking sex Boundary

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Like many of my contemporaries, I never really gave much thought to the sexual desires of women. Much of my life, when I really sit and think of it, I was totally oblivious to the needs and desires of my sexual partners. This was due in part to being raised in the puritanical south. Talk of sex was reserved to very limited situations. The only time I even heard adults talk about sex was at church when married couples would have a special night with the pastor and first lady to discuss the marital bed interaction.

Some of the younger and more open minded couples would share the information from these discussions with me. One thing that was vehemently preached by the church was that sex in any position other than missionary was sinful. Therefore, my introduction to sex was through the lens of R rated movies on Cinemax, music videos from Uncle Luke, and XXX porn given to me by an older cousin. Sadly, I must admit, the epiphanies about learning to listen to the sexual desires of the women I slept with did not come until my mid to late twenties. WowI Lady looking sex Boundary. So, this is how women think about sex and fantasize about physical interaction?

From that point, I made it my mission to ask my partners questions, to be more open to communicating, and not be so caught up in myself. I once read an article about women who directed lesbian porn. Intrigued, I sought it out and studied their work.

Lady looking sex Boundary

As I watched these women engage with one another, it dawned on me just how piss poorly I had interacted with my partners. Sure, I was aware of the clitoris, but I had zero clue as to how lacking I was and how neglectful I had been.

Lady looking sex Boundary

I wish I had a better story to tell, but the truth is that watching lesbian porn, created for and by cis women, is how I learned how to better approach clitoral pleasure. The myth that women would be sufficiently pleased by simple sexual interaction with men, on the most basic level, had been ingrained for over a decade.

Movies and media taught us this is what we are supposed to do. In TV shows, women who clearly are not interested are somehow, by the end of the episode or season, ready to be yours if you just keep pushing. At this point in my life, I find myself calling out other men on their trash behavior, to help them see that Lady looking sex Boundary is a problem, because now I realize just how bad it is.

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Lady looking sex Boundary

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Lady looking sex Boundary

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