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Ferries to and from Koh Chang are now running daily from — Centrepoint Ferry runs every 2 or 3 hours and Ferry Koh Chang every hour or 90 minutes. At busy periods, such as long weekend holidays, additional services are provided to reduce waiting times.

There are two car ferry companies running regular services to Koh Chang from piers on the mainland. They operate from piers at small ports which are about 5Km apart, near the village of Laem Ngop, Trat. Also on the same stretch of coastline is Krom Luang pier which is used by the speedboats to Koh Mak.

The ferries dock on Koh Chang at two different ports. Ferry Koh Chang has the shortest crossing and he to Ao Sapporot pier on the northeast coast of the island. Whereas Centrepoint ferry moors at their pier in Dan Kao, a couple of kilometres to the south. Buses from Bangkok to Laem Ngop will drop passengers off at both the ferry piers. Koh Chang Ferries operate from early morning until the evening days a year. There are no days off. They run on Sundays on Christmas Day and even on Thai holidays. Centrepoint Ferries run to an hourly schedule which is printed and on display at their piers.

Ferry Koh Chang runs every 45 minutes or more frequently at busy periods. Presumably, that way, their boats can never be late. Even in the rainy season cancellations are extremely rare as the sea between Koh Chang and the mainland is sheltered from any tropical storms that may blow up. This slows down the crossing time from Koh Chang to the mainland and it can be a bit bumpy at times. Both ports also have restaurants, minimarts, public toilets and car parking.

If you are driving there is no need to leave your car on the mainland as the ro on Koh Chang are virtually all paved and in good condition.

However, they are steep and winding in places, so drivers need to take care on some stretches of road, especially in the north of the island and the southwest. Ticket prices are roughly the same and Centrepoint sells return tickets. However, for foot passengers, Ferry Koh Chang is more convenient for most tourists and there are Koh chang how to get there buses and minibuses using this pier for trips back to Bangkok.

In the old days, pre, there was a wooden boat service from Laem Ngop port, where travellers caught an over-crowded passenger boat a converted wooden trawler to Koh Chang. These have long since stopped running. Everyone now uses the larger, safer, vehicle ferries. These only take passengers. Tickets can be bought from your hotel or any tour agent on the island.

See the island hopping timetable and ticket prices for more details. Getting to Koh Chang is relatively easy and fast in comparison to many other islands. Thanks to its close proximity to Bangkok you can choose between several transit methods.

As there is no right answer of traveling to Koh Chang, the mode of transport depends mainly on your time and comfort. We have selected the three main hubs from where visitors arrive from — Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Cambodia. If you leave Bangkok before early afternoon, you can easily reach Koh Chang on the very same day.

Should your arrival delay, however, book a night in Bangkok and continue the next morning. The most convenient way to reach Koh Chang is by plane. There are cars and minivans outside the airport that offer door-to-door service from the airport to your hotel on Koh Chang. The combined minibus and ferry ticket is Baht per person one-way or Baht return. There are currently four daily flights from Bangkok to Trat, all operated by Bangkok Airways, the company that also owns and operates Trat Airport. The flight takes just about under one hour. Take a blue Songthaew shared taxi buses, basically converted pick-up trucks from the terminal to the pier.

This costs 60 Baht per person but the driver might charge more if no other passengers are traveling. Hop on bus no. The bus will travel straight to the pier. Costs are Baht, one-way. Alternatively, you can drive with Cherdchai Bus Tours or Thanakawee Tours hours as both companies offer more departing times. These buses stop at Trat Bus Terminal from where you have to catch a Songthaew to the pier. There are minivans and buses traveling from the airport to the pier and even to Koh Chang.

After picking up your luggage, go to door 8 on the first level and look for the service desk from the tour company Suvarnabhumi Burapa Co, Ltd. You can choose between the microbuses that offers drop-off right at your hotel on Koh Chang Baht, departure at am and pm or the seater bus at am for the same price. Full timetables and online booking for tickets for buses and minibuses from Bangkok to Koh Chang are below.

Click the links for more detailed timetables, ticket prices and online booking if required. The drive from Bangkok to Koh Chang takes approximately five hours, but add another minutes for the ferry ride and the way from the jetty to your hotel. The highway conditions are great while the land is widely flat, making the drive easy and comfortable.

You have to leave Bangkok on the Motorway Highway 7 and then follow Highway and then Highway 3 until you reach the well posted turning for the ferry piers. The majority of hotels and resorts are located on the west coast — after arriving at the pier you have to turn right on the main road and continue further on to White Sand beach, Kai Bae beach, Klong Prao beach, Lonely beach etc.

Private transfers from Bangkok to Koh Chang are becoming more popular these days and are especially recommended when travelling with families, elderly or in groups. Prices depend on the of passengers and start at 4, THB. This includes ferry tickets. More details and prices are here. You have to either fly or take bus or train to Bangkok and then follow the above steps.

If you opt for the bus you first have to go to Bangkok. As alternative you can also take the above-mentioned seater van or seater bus from the airport to Trat or direct to Koh Chang. We recommend starting the journey in the early morning, due to potential long waiting times at the border and departure of the last ferry to Koh Chang at pm.

First you have to get to Poipet where the border is. There are taxis and minivans waiting at Aranyaprathet, the Thai side of the border, ready to drive you to Trat from 2, Baht, depending on the of passengers. The cheaper but longer alternative would be taking a bus from Aranyaprathet Bus Station to Chanthaburi 4 hours and from there to Trat 1.

There is unfortunately no direct service from Aranyaprathet to Trat. The flight leaves at am and arrives at am in Bangkok, onward flight to Koh Chang is at am. Several private companies offer shared minivan services from both towns. The trip takes you across the border at Had Lek on the Thai side and then further on to the piers in Trat km. Costs are betweenBaht. Once in Had Lek, take the minibus service to Trat, departing every 45 minutes and then a Songthaew to the jetty.

Koh Chang is serviced by two main ferry piers, Ao Thammachat and Centerpoint ; both are located in the district of Laem Ngop and can be reached within only 30 minutes from Trat. Ferries depart every hour from am to pm, crossing time is 45 minutes. Once on Koh Chang you can see Songthaews waiting by the arrival jetty. Prices range between Baht per person depending on where you Koh chang how to get there staying on the island.

I plan to come to Koh Chang this weekend June 18 — are there any restrictions at the moment? Vaccine certificate showing you have had either one shot of AZ vaccine or two shots of Sinovac. OR a negative covid test issued within the 72 hours. However the only place this is checked is at hotels when guests check in. Hi- I am planning to go to Koh Chang on 9 July I will drive my own car from Bangkok and I would like to know if there are any restrictions or tests for traveling from Bangkok? For cars, should we reserve a ticket in advance, or is it just a case of turning up and paying on the spot.

I plan, after some days in koh chang, to spend some other days in koh kood. Is there a parking for cars in kkh chang pier, where i csn let my car during my staying in koh kood? Thank you! If you are going to Koh kood you have to take a boat from Laem Koh chang how to get there pier, Trat.

Friday will be very busy for sure. So ideally try to come here on Thursday. Or try to get to the pier mid-morning on Friday. If you arrive in the afternoon there will be a long wait for a boat. Likewise on Sunday when everyone he home. I suggest leaving early morning, beforeor late afternoon, after Then you will avoid long queues and a 2 or 3 hour delay waiting for a boat. Buy tickets at the ticket office before you get on the boat. The age for the ticket office is in Thai and English.

Once you have tickets, you hand them over to the staff about 20 metres past the ticket office. Then you drive into the parking area for the ferry. There is no need to get out your car. Drive up to the booth and pay then proceed to the waiting line and drive aboard when aled.

You can stay in the car or get up and go up to the second deck and take pictures and relax. Its all up to you. The trip takes about 30 minutes. Somehow I try to reply several times but wont show my reply. But is there any restrictions or regulations how big bus is allowed to drive in ferry and in Koh Chang?

We are a group travelling using 5 cars. What could be the best time to reach the pier so that the waiting time would be minimum? The ferries are always busier than usual at long weekend holidays. So it is best to get to the pier as early as you can to avoid long queues. The ferries wont be running to a fixed Koh chang how to get there.

When it is busy they will run continuously. Arrive, vehicles off, then fill up and depart. The long delays for visitors then were mainly caused by very low tides. Onyl two out of 5 boats could run. The lowest tides of the year occur between May — July The tides are much higher now, so all boats can operate normally. Hi, I am coming from Ban bueng, Chon buri province on 26th July.

Can you suggest how to get Laem Phong by Bus or by Mini bus. I guess you could go to Chonburi and take a bus from there to Chanthaburi or Trat. Then pick up truck taxi. But arranging a private transfer or taking a taxi from Ban Bueng would be the easiest way to get to the mainland pier.

Hi If we need to stay overnight in Trat before catching a ferry, where would you recommend? The nearest place to the ferry pier is Lom Talay Resort. But there are more recommendations in the town and Laem Ngop here.

Koh chang how to get there

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How To Reach Koh Chang