Justin bieber chat live now

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Ask a Question. Ebony Nash answered. A lot of websites claim you can chat live online with Justin Bieber right now, but most of these ask for a subscription fee. To be honest, it is highly unlikely that you can just log onto the Internet and find a website where Justin is just sitting, waiting around all day to speak to people online.

He is a pop star who needs to travel the world, after all! The best way of finding out when Justin is going to be doing a live online chat is to follow his activity on social networking sites such as Twitter, as this is one forum where Justin will be directly interacting with his fans. By doing a live web chat, this will help boost the Justin bieber chat live now of his albums or concert tickets, so he will certainly let fans know if something big is about to happen.

You can keep up to date with what Justin is doing by becoming a follower of his : twitter. Fans can also the many Facebook s set up in honor of Justin, and there are also a of blogs and websites dedicated to him.

If anything big is going to happen, such as the sensation appearing live on a web chat, these are sites that will surely know about it. Anonymous answered. You can him or get his and call him I have his sure its his me and you get his. Hi were can I talk to jb now I!!!! I need his help about something I promise!!!!

I wont be all over him like every girl in the world just as a friend level I need to talk to him!

Justin bieber chat live now

Justin please come here so I cane meat you I was crying I can't meet you I watched on tv a cody was crying and she got to meat you gess what I sall before every one just please give my family free tickets to see you or 1 millon dolors cause I really want to see you and I like your songs they are very good I like the one never say never ok hope I see you bye love you. Love you Justin bieber it's Alyssa Rodriguez. I'll ask him becoz I want him to see face to face becoz his my 1 and only favorite idol. I love you justin bieber I'm your biggest fan I love you with all my heart.

Hey guy am Justin bieber and I will give you my secret cell phone ok. Hey justin biber my name is meagan I'm the one that did the girlfriend thing my family doesnt know about this I don't want to get in trouble I just want to hang out with you let me give you my cellphone so I can text you ok I send you a text yesterday but I guess you didnt get it. Justin I really love your music I really want to star in one of your music videos I really want you to com 2 my birthday Justin bieber chat live now never had any body com 2 my birthday because I am not that popular pleace com to my party pleace!!

Hi justin I hve friends that want to meet you at school at longleaf I love you can we be boyfriends and girls friend my brittany real like to meet and my friends. I love you can you ask me to be your girlfriend. Zoe Schellhorn answered. Some where they are doing a chat right now. Hi justin I am you biggest fan and I want to meet you. Chips Ters answered.

Justin bieber chat live now

Sarah answered. You can't he just doesnt talk to strange and he way busy to talk also. Kashae Johnson answered. I don't know you would have to ask him. Haha lol. Am kashae johnson of jamaica. It won't let me on there do you know any other place that he chats on. Let the girls that love justin be free for what they do you guys are not there moms or d for your informat-ioun ok.

He communicates with his fans mostly on www. Don't give up hope. Answer Question. Connect Connect Connect.

Justin bieber chat live now

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Justin bieber chat live now

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