Judge toler husband eric mumford

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For over thirteen years, Judge Lynn Toler helped couples get back on track with their messy marriages by offering both sage advice and the justest ruling she could come up with for each situation.

A post shared by Judge Lynn Toler realjudgelynn. As Toler explained, she learned a valuable lesson from the couples that went on the show but had no idea how their marriage had gone awry in the first place. In the short time that the couples had to share their story, each part would often be surprised to hear what the other had to say, which denoted a big failure in communication.

Seeing that scenario play out before her, helped the judge figure out what was going wrong in her own marriage.

When they met, Mumford was already a father of four and had gone through a failed marriage. He had made many sacrifices for the sake of his family, while Toler was brand new in the art of marriage and raising children. Despite having four children already, Mumford was willing to give Toler the kids she wanted, so they had two more sons. But after that, the judge said, everything else was off the table for Mumford. However, instead of engaging in a discussion, Toler decided to back off every time and let him have his way to avoid conflict. Over time, and without noticing, Toler taught her husband that with the mere furrow of his brow, he could make her stop pushing and back off her position.

As she reflected :. Then, she started an open discussion with her husband to try and fix their inconveniences, a discussion that went on for 18 months. We have made a conscious decision to be married.

Toler and Mumford recently celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary. We resolve it.

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Judge toler husband eric mumford

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