In love so much

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Too much — a description that, when used to quantify love, becomes debatable. Can love be measured? Can a person really love someone too much? In a romantic relationship, love can be too much when it is already damaging to the couple.

When you engage in improper acts and wallow in blindness, then, you might be loving someone too In love so much. Though it might sound selfless, loving someone too much actually does more harm than good. Here are some of the reasons why it is bad to In love so much someone too much:. If you love someone too much, your reasoning might be clouded. For example, you might come to a point in your relationship where you will find emotional and physical abuse okay just because you love your partner.

You might even find it acceptable if your partner gets a third party as long as he or she keeps a relationship with you. Being blind because of excessive love can warp your reasoning. If you do, you might be left empty. Remember that a relationship is composed of two complete individuals. It will be difficult to love someone because of that. Making someone your world will make you lose your identity, and in the end, you will not know yourself anymore.

Have you given up on the things you want like traveling because your partner is a home buddy? Have you given up on your social life because you want to spend all your time with your partner? Saying yes to the questions may sound sweet, but you should actually be alarmed if you do. Have you stopped looking for self-growth because your only focus is your partner? You might lose the opportunities along the way if you get too busy focusing on the one you love. Neglecting yourself because of too much love for your partner might backfire and make you feel you have not made much of your life.

It might also make you feel too tired. Who knows? That might also be you if you just have abandoned your friends because of too much love for your partner. Remember that your friends have been with you through thick and thin before you got to know your partner.

Is it really right to just abandon them? Have you been missing out on important family gatherings? Has it been ages since you last ate dinner with your family? Loving someone too much might take even the time you spend with your family. Because you love someone too much, you might have let some important standards and deal breakers go. For example, you two have different religious beliefs. You might also be in a constant fight with each other because of irreconcilable differences.

Can you still drive yourself home the way you do before? Can you still buy the groceries on your own? Those are simple things that you can do on your own before but might not do now because you have depended too much on your partner.

We do not want to think of the worst, but if you lose your partner, can you still live independently or will you be left paralyzed? Loving someone too much may lead you to be excessively clingy. You might not want your partner to be with anyone else but you. You might get jealous of his friends, officemates, or even his parents if he spends time with them. You might have the tendency to force your partner to cut all his ties with other people just so you can be sure he or she is yours and yours alone. The possible result?

Your partner being smothered and wanting to run away from you.

Or worse, your partner might take you for granted. He or she might be aware that you give too much love and might take advantage of it. He might not exert effort in making your relationship work and leave everything on your shoulders.

Because you give too much love, you might expect that your partner will do the same. As a result, you will feel uncontented. So you see, anything in In love so much is detrimental. Loving someone too much is dangerous for you, your partner, and your relationship. Keep things regulated, so you can keep things right. If you are living together wake up early in the morning pray,cook if you have given birth dress up for the kid use body spray and good perfume then wear nice dress and sleep no cap!!

All facts…. You know. Leave something for yourself coz it will be difficult for you to control your feelings for him if you already gave all of you to him. It feels so hard if you want to lessen your love for the sake of yourself. Its had to regret losing your self to someone whom you loved too much. I am feeling like I cannot date or be in a relationship again.

I was so broken and drowned. I beleive that if you live someone you keep loving no matter what. That beleive came firm when I got my friend back. Now there is a person in my life whom I love too too much. I have never loved anyone so much. I have done things for this person that I never did for no-one.

Not even for myself even though these things were good for me. I wanna keep taking care of them and keep loving them cause I have given myself for them and I just want to see them happy…. This tips are very correct. But how can a man withdraw him self from loving a girl more than so much? Here is my situation, I have not been in a relationship for a long time. Due to my social life, I developed interest in someone. That someone showed me visual s of interest in me. To clear the air, I asked, straight up, are you interesting in me? On a different occasionthat person auctioned me In love so much to another person.

I never knew what is rejection and what it felt like. I had no idea what to do but cry. I had no idea what to do than to mot take the person serious, let go, and live life. I have 3 years relationship with my bf. Worst of all she takes long to reply when ever I text her. Though she is always online… Help me lord. Please honestly learn to remove your mind from her. I know I started to fall in love with him.

I realize I m going to lost my self and will lost him as well. I read what he want me to do more. I love someone too much, but these did not happen, instead she broke up with me because of that. I still love her, but she is not sure about the same. Still I appreciate the advices. These are smart things, and many people are not even aware of them. She might broke up with youmay Because she was never in love with In love so much in the first place,… And you loving her too much.

Most of time… I talk about the passion trap…. So, my golden rule. If noticed it happening to you. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Photo by Heather Mount Too much — a description that, when used to quantify love, becomes debatable.

Here are some of the reasons why it is bad to love someone too much: Contents show. If you love someone too much, you might be pouring too much of yourself, too. You might make that person you love your world. You might neglect your own self. You might lose time with your friends. You might have no time to spare for your family. You might lose track of reality. You might develop an unhealthy dependency. Your partner might find you smothering.

Your too much love can make your partner complacent. You might feel discontented with your partner. Online courses recommended for you:. Books recommended for you:. Gift ideas to pamper yourself:. Share on Social Media. Follow us on Social Media. Marielle Sunico. Wherever there is art, there is her heart.

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In love so much

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