How to store urine for a drug test

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Many of them fail for their drug tests because the urine samples are not at the expected temperature. If you want to pass the urine drug testit is crucial to give the urine samples at the right temperature. A change in the temperature of your urine against your body temperature might attract suspicion and you will be expected to provide another sample. While storing your urine samples, you should be aware of some practices. You cannot keep a urine sample warm for long, without proper techniques.

Urine decomposes over time and becomes smellier. That means if you can't give the urine sample one hour before the test, you should know how to preserve the urine samples without losing their components in it. You don't need to worry if you are taking the drug test at the testing or donor collection site.

How to store urine for a drug test

The urine samples collected will be tested within an hour. Once excreted, the urine sample temperature drops ificantly after 4 mins below the minimum threshold rendering your drug test invalid. Be sure to store the urine samples in an airtight container and freeze them. Without refrigeration, the stored urine samples can fluctuate with the room temperature. Again without refrigeration, you may end up losing the essential components too invalidating your drug test. As discussed earlier, the temperature is the first factor the sample tester checks.

Samples below or above this temperature range is deemed invalid for a How to store urine for a drug test test. You are more likely to fail the urine test and may get called for a second sample. Failing your drug test can be embarrassing and you may risk losing a job opportunity. Even when you are using synthetic urine samples, you have to be cautious about temperature regulation. They fluctuate in temperature with the environment. That may cause discoloration of urine samples that are unfit for urinalysis.

Sample tampering is an offense under the law, and it is severely punishable. It is best recommended to avoid tampering samples during the test. According to some sources, the easiest way to maintain the temperature is to keep the urine samples between thighs and armpits. There are several methods to keep your urine warm but do you know how long it can stay in that particular temperature? If you can't hand your urine sample within one hour of excretion, you need to store the urine sample and refrigerate it. If not, the bacteria can multiply. The urine sample will start losing the components.

The test could be affected because of How to store urine for a drug test. Storing refrigerated urine samples for more than a day is also not advisable. For maximum effect, collect your mid-stream urine. A mid-stream urine sample is what you collect in between the excretion. It helps you avoid the bacterial contamination of your hands and the skin around the urethra the tube that carries urine out of the body.

If you are a marijuana user, you may store clean urine samples for future use. You can keep the collected urine samples in your house if you have air-sealed containers and a freezer. But it needs thorough management as the slightest carelessness may lead to the imbalance in urine components making the sample invalid. You might use the properly stored urine samples in the freezer for about six months. Once collecting the clean midstream urine samples, close them tightly.

For long-term storage, double-checking is necessary. It is safe to store more than the need. There are possibilities of losing your urine samples by spilling. Stored urine samples can be defrosted the day before the drug test. Let us take a look at, How to keep the collected urine samples warm for the drug test? The first and foremost way is to keep the pee in the bladder before excreting one hour before the drug test. It is also a safe and risk-free way to pass the drug test. If you haven't taken any drugs in a while, More likely, you'll get passed in the drug test.

If you are worried or not sure about giving a clean urine sample, you can make yourself confident and ready using the best home urine drug testing kits. Speaking of which, the T-cup panel drug test is the best choice for your home-based urine drug testing. You may also consider this step if you can't give a urine sample in person. Collect the urine sample in an airtight container and seal it properly. While traveling to the Hospital or test center, keep it above the air vent of your vehicle.

It helps the collected sample to hold the temperature for a while. Although, keeping the urine specimen near to the body can maintain the temperature more promisingly. Make sure to refrigerate the urine sample within the hour of excretion. It must not exceed 24 hours to get positive. This time duration is essential to keep the test favoring your side. One of the most preferred ways to heat the urine sample to the expected temperature range is to use a microwave.

Be sure to defrost the Frozen urine samples before the day of testing. Keep the urine sample at room temperature overnight. After defrosting the urine sample, place it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Check the temperature of the urine sample with a temperature strip. Make sure to check to keep the minute interval. Do not overheat the urine specimen. It may end up losing the components. And one more thing, by using a microwave, you can only heat the urine sample to the desired temperature. You have to cover the urine sample using hand warmers to maintain the temperature until the test.

Use rubber bands to cover the container with hand warmers. Then keep the specimen close to the body. Places like armpits, between the thigh with tight underwear can maintain the specimen temperature. The same way goes for synthetic urine samples. Give utmost care while heating the synthetic urine samples.

How to store urine for a drug test

To many, this is one of the reliable methods to keep the urine sample warm. Heating p usually come in packets. You can use the heat p once and throw them away. Get it from any department stores nearby. Don't buy cheap ones and instantly usable ones. Make sure to invest in the right brand. Heating p can constantly generate heat for 10 hours.

How to store urine for a drug test

It uses some chemical reaction to emit heat until the effects wear off. Open the pack and shake, squeeze the heating pad. The chemical components inside the heating pad have to mix well. Then it starts emitting heat along the sides. Using an elastic band or stick tape to cover the urine sample container with heating p. Ensure that the container is tightly closed. Because if the specimen spills, it'll spoil the heating pad. Heating p should be kept dry, or They'll stop producing heat.

Then carry How to store urine for a drug test urine specimen in between the thighs or under the armpits. For many people, this method would find it effortless. Yes, it is. But again, you need to check the temperature. If you carry out this method properly, you are more likely to pass the test. Usually, Hand warmers are used by people in cold regions to keep their hands warm.

You can use hand warmers to keep the urine sample warm before the test. You can also adjust the hand warmer to body temperature. Also, It can maintain the specimen's temperature for a more extended period. But, it'll take nearly 45 minutes to heat up to the desired temperature.

You know what; this method is similar to using heating p. Once you've defrosted the urine sample, seal the container properly. Using tape, cover the container with the hand warmers. They will maintain the temperature of the urine samples until you hand over the urine sample to the tester. Make sure to check the specimen's temperature whether it is in the accepted range. The same goes for the fake urine samples. Overheating the urine samples will break down the characteristics of urine. If you don't want to fail the test in the first place, ensure the temperature with temperature strips and handover.

If you are about to use a urine sample from a donor, you need to hand it over to the tester within one hour from collecting. A fresh, clean urine sample won't fail the drug test. All you need to worry about is to maintain the temperature after collecting. Your body is often at the Ideal temperature that is accepted in the drug test. You can keep the urine sample nearer to the body to regulate it to the ideal temperature. Use a small plastic fluid bag to collect the urine sample. Stick the plastic fluid bag close to the thighs or armpits.

For women, you can place the bag under the breast. That also maintains the temperature promising. This method is one of the safe and easiest ways to keep the pee warm. Stash undies are underwear that has a secret pocket where you can keep stuff. The capacity varies with brands.

How to store urine for a drug test

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