How to get him to propose faster

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In this article, I will show you exactly how you can get him to propose to you, using nothing but the authenticity that already resides within you as a feminine soul. He seems to be more focused on buying a home for us than a ring. I love him, and am very happy being with him. Your man will only propose marriage in order to pacify you if you try to force him in to marrying you. Or if you bring up marriage as if it will be a fight to get it on your behalf in the first place. The perfect way so that it really hit him that you, his precious woman, actually truly need marriage?

I, too, felt in my body like it was some kind of uncomfortable push to get to marriage. Until I figured out the truth about how men work when it comes to marriage. I actually had to learn this the long, hard way. I basically tried a few inefficient things to get my man to propose, and none of it worked. Is your man serious about committing to you? I actually did it authentically. The moment I was able to communicate authentically that I needed to marry him, he got it!

We got engaged that year, and married 3 months after that. And the same thing happened to one of my clients after reading this article and applying the advice. Her man proposed and they are getting married! Pretty cool hey? You start to feel like unless he proposes to you soon, you may have to end up fighting with him over the topic or marriage!

This is an example of how communication problems occur between men and women. The key is knowing HOW to make him understand that you want marriage, and know how to ask. You know, I have seen this same problem not only with myself. I am convinced that we women intuitively GET that men can be put off by proposing to a woman and asking for her hand in marriage. Even though the truth is that all men do secretly love to commit. Yes, all men.

This is mostly because of their association with the idea of marriage and largely, the way the majority of women tend to go about asking for it. Well, they PUSH.

No wonder we worry about pushing a man away when we want to ask him to propose. The problem is how we go about asking and expressing our need for more commitment. Reminds me of this lady who doubted whether her man would EVER propose. They become inspired to propose to you when they are already deeply connected to you, and they feel your genuine NEED for marriage.

Some women resort to saying something like…. In other words, they resort to delivering threats or ultimatums. And that is a of you showing up low value. Keyword: showing up. An ultimatum is not anywhere near the effectiveness of delivering the message to a man that you deeply need marriage. Why is this important? Due to the fact that you need a lot more than just a statement with words, to encourage a man to do what you need him to do.

Would that inspire you to have sex with him then and there? Not likely. Not out of inspiration. It would inspire you to have sex with him if he was irresistibly hot, sexy, and attractive, right? Of course!

As for an in depth, step by step guide on how to ask for marriage, I can show you exactly how I got a client of mine to get her man to marry her in 7 days. Instead of forever feeling like you cheated yourself and him out of a truly romantic union because you PUSHED for marriageyou need to appeal to his innate masculine need to take care of you. That way, he will never see marrying you as some kind of obligation. Your vulnerability, not your neediness. So, here is what I suggest you do: Dig in to the deepest part of you. Go beyond your surface emotions, and into the real, core emotions, or your primary emotions.

Talk to the pure part of you that you trust. And ask this part of you WHY you want marriage. Ask the part of you that is truly vulnerable, this question:. Secondary emotions are the emotions that we feel after the primary emotion, and often we feel secondary emotion in response to the primary, first emotion. The reason you want to feel primary emotion with a man to get him to propose, is because we are humans. Because we are humans, we respond best to, and understand in a visceral way, when someone is feeling primary emotion.

You will have much more success getting him to propose to you by actually feeling your primary emotion. He can then choose to give you more of himself, because he genuinely perceives your need for marriage. I mean, parents use pacifiers on babies in order to keep them quiet.

He seems to be showing that. As it often can in the feminine mind. When a man is emotionally bonded to you and is in love with you, he will automatically want to make you happy. He will invest copious amounts of energy and time satisfying your deepest desires. Good quality men want to do the right thing by their woman, but they are often stopped from giving her what she needs due to ineffective, useless communication from How to get him to propose faster. This is unfortunately the mode of communication that the client in the question Miaand so many of us use to try to get a man to understand our need for marriage.

And I LOVE this example right here because men usually most understand direct communication, not indirect communication. And yet she is confused. This is her accessing and feeling her primary emotion, and it is extremely effective with a man!

If she had told him directly that she NEED to be married, maybe things would be different depending of course, on the emotional quality of her communication. Ie: did she say it without feeling, in a matter-of-fact kind of way, which would never inspire a man to propose, because he cannot connect to that? Or did she perhaps say it from a place of genuine need…and perhaps he would actually understand that you genuinely need marriage in order to feel fully safe and trusting? After one session with her, and giving her one line to say to her man, she contacted me 7 days later to tell me that they had gotten married.

What I got my student to do first, was to figure out why she wanted marriage. And then I kindly asked her to express her need for marriage to her man in a certain way, using three exact words, which I will share with you in my commitment masterclass. After communicating these How to get him to propose faster wordsher man could hear and feel her need for marriage from these words.

And they got married almost immediately! This feminine nature or feminine bias of thinking and seeing the world can cloud your ability to do and say what your man needs you to say in order for him to propose marriage to you. You must always become increasingly aware that men think, see, feel, and hear things completely differently to most feminine women.

Your frustrations simply come from your biological differences and not putting the effort in to understand men so that you can get what you want in your relationship. I wish the same rewarding feeling of power and freedom upon you.

My clients are getting married due to this advice, so what have you got to lose? By the way, I want to teach you 5 secrets to having your man fall deeply in love with you and beg you to be his one and only. If you want to be supported by a warm community of high value feminine women, then our Facebook Group.

Together with her husband D. Hi Renee, thank you so much for this article. I approached my guy the wrong way, completely. He will be turning 30 next year. I am 24 and feeling that my life wish is to be married and have a family.

I feel my biological clock ticking. My guy genuinely cares about me and does everything for me — except getting … ».

It would make our job of understanding women alot easier. Renee is teaching women OUR language. I wish her success. My masculine nature wants to take care of women and children — especially my own. This is a … ». I just expressed myself to my boyfriend of a year and a half. I expressed my feelings of wanting a family and a home. I just said how I felt. He said he of course has thought of a future for us and that he loves me and wants to be with me.

My bf is He is typically masculine and I feminine in most ways. After 9 months my housing situation fell apart. I started to look … ». As you recieved no answer i will give you my oppinion as a man. Marriage is a big deal for a man, even with prenup and stuff it still puts a lot of power over him in the hands of the woman, she may for example start denying him sex, either as a bargining chip or because she no longer feels the need.

How to get him to propose faster

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How to get him to propose to you sooner!