How to end limerence

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Limerence is an emotional and mental experience of deep, obsessive attachment to another person. Limerence symptoms usually feel involuntary and are characterized by an intense craving for reciprocity. But how could limerence symptoms become so problematic that a limerence cure is required? A person in the throes of limerence often described in the literature as a LE, or Limerence Experiencer is continuously feeling trapped by an obsessive romantic attachment to a Limerent Object LO. Neuroscience is helping us to better understand the disorienting nature of involuntary limerence, and our increased understanding may one day lead to a limerence cure.

For example, we now know that serotonin, which is a How to end limerence in the brain that controls mood, is at unusually low levels for the LE, just as it is for people suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Typically, a person suffering from limerence the LE is unfamiliar with the word. Many people who suffer from limerence view their state negatively. They may feel impaired or even temporarily insane. Often the LE may feel a profound romantic attachment to an utterly inappropriate limerent object LO. The LE often suffers greatly and feels increasingly isolated.

Limerence for an inappropriate attractive other has attracted little interest in the field of mental health.

How to end limerence

There is, for example, no diagnostic criteria, or best-practices treatment plan. This is because not every LE sees their limerence in a negative light. In fact, I often work with couples who sheepishly describe their early dating as a decidedly pragmatic undertaking. We never had any intense cravings or romantic passion. Was that supposed to happen? They feel illegitimate as a couple because they did not experience limerence.

How to end limerence

Psychologist Dorothy Tennov was the first clinician to explore the limerent state. Her book, Love and Limerence: the Experience of Being in Love, remains the classic book on limerence.

How to end limerence

But new research is more keenly focusing on the neuroscience that drives limerence symptoms. The difference between love and limerence is a matter of degree. According to Tennov, early feelings of romantic love and limerence may appear congruent; however, it is the very intensity of limerent feeling which can make both the LE and the LO profoundly uncomfortable. The key aspect of limerence which distinguishes it from healthy attachment is the issue of attaining reciprocity. Limerence subordinates the well-being of the LO. Shared enjoyment and mutuality take a back seat to attain reciprocal intensity.

How to end limerence

In other words, true love gives and receives freely…but limerence craves reciprocity to satisfy what feels like a bottomless hunger. The most defining characteristic of limerence is that it defies control Tennov, It is chaotic in how it upends and disrupts other responsibilities, relationships, interests, and practical considerations.

Limerence is unevenly distributed across the human condition. From a perspective of neuroscience, any limerence cure must carefully unpack the way limerence symptoms gradually disorder the mind. Crystallization is an intense awareness of attractive traits, while less desirable traits are mostly ignored. In other words, the image of the attractive other, the perfect partner in their head is shaped to conform to a pre-determined, externally derived romantic conception Tennov, When you are starting to notice intrusive thoughts about an attractive other, this would be an enjoyable time to get a therapist and start a protocol for your limerence cure.

The interplay of the LE and the LO are the main factors that may lead to the highly problematic second crystallization.

How to end limerence

At this point, limerence throbs and undulates with each interaction you have with your Limerent object. Powerful neurochemicals are involved with the onset of limerence symptoms. Inappropriate or non-reciprocated limerence typically expands until it slams against a hard boundary.

Consequently, real-world stalking and cyber-stalking often create legal problems for those suffering from limerence symptoms.

How to end limerence

The person on the receiving end of a limerent obsession sometimes becomes increasingly confused and uncomfortable. Long overdue appropriate boundaries coming from their LO often leave the LE stunned and forlorn. But more often, the source of a boundary on runaway limerence comes from a spouse or family.

If, and when, your limerent affair is discoveredlife changes… because new boundaries are established, and decisions must be made. This is where science-based couples therapy can help keep you recover from inappropriate limerence and keep your family intact. While some LE protests their unfair treatment, research tells us that most people suffering from limerence begin to come to their senses when the object of their obsession or ificant others establish firm boundaries.

So, if you suffer from inappropriate limerence, and a boundary is forced upon you…we know a few things from the research that can help you. Here the essential elements for any self-directed limerence cure:. Whether you define your limerence symptoms as suffering from unrequited love, love-addiction, obsessive love, romantic infatuation, or affair recovery, the limerence.

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Required fields are marked. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I have used limmerence since I was a pre teen. I suffered abuse and looked for an escape until I found alchol at fourteen, then that became my escape, however limmerence has crept in at times. My husband is a homosexual who used me How to end limerence a green card.

Still my addiction to get him to reciprocate my feelings was all that mattered. My fantasy and his rejection were the perfect combo for me. This makes for a double dose of hell when I engage in these limmerent chemicals. I gave in one damn time to the temptation of fantasy and being swept away by this person. I renamed my LO Liam instead of using his real name and sat down and separated who Liam is and who LO How to end limerence in his real life. This worked for me. Brain chemicals are dangerous!! This is an excellent article that explained everything I am experiencing in detail.

My comment however, is that prior to reading recommendations for LE recovery I had already executed changing jobs to avoid my LO, deleting, blocking, and staying away from my LO online, and avoiding LO at all costs. It has been a year and I still feel as heartbroken as Day 1.

How to end limerence

Hoping this will end as this pain is unbearable on some days. As you may have read, limerence tends to have a shelf life of 18 to 24 months, but this is very much a YMMV experience.

How to end limerence

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How To Get Over Limerence After Ending An Affair