How to deal with emotionally immature people

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Express yourself calmlyand release any need for the other person to hear you or change. What matters is that you expressed your true thoughts and feelings in a calm and clear way. This goal is achievable and within your control. Focus on the outcome you can control and achieve. If your goal involves empathy or a heart change on the part of the other, stop right there and change your goal. As soon as you focus on the relationship and try to improve it or change it at an emotional level, an interaction with an emotionally immature person will deteriorate.

The person will regress emotionally and attempt to control you so that you'll stop upsetting him or her. If you keep the focus on a specific question or outcome, you're more likely to contact the person's adult side. Managing, not engaging means setting a goal of managing the interaction, including duration and topics.

Redirect the conversation where you want it to go. Gently ease past attempts to change the topic or bait you emotionally.

Be polite and persistent. Manage your own emotions by observing and narrating your feelings to yourself and Godrather than becoming reactive. This is not a cold, uncompassionate technique. Remember, Proverbs teachers "Answer a fool according to his folly. To be an emotionally mature adult, you must be free to observe and assess others in the privacy of your own mind.

It is not disloyal to have your own opinion. When someone else's emotions are so strong you begin to feel overwhelmed, remember to:. Doing these techniques moves you from your brain's emotional centers to its more objective, logical areas. Because relationships are not about winning or losing, you will become free from reacting to the emotional contagion of the other person who often triggers you!

This ability to step back and observe the other and yourself is where emotional freedom and maturity begins. Because we can never make "a healing fantasy" come true, we can begin to walk a different path than the same old hurt-filled one we've been walking for decades!

Keeping a grip on our own mind and feelings is possible. In summary, you need to stay observational, noticing how you're feeling and how the other person is acting. From this perspective, you can retain your own individual point of view and be more immune to the other person's emotional contagion. This relating to the immature person in a neutral way will be more productive than trying to have an actual relationship.

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How to deal with emotionally immature people

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What Is Emotional Immaturity