How often is too often to take plan b

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Morning-after pills like Plan B can be a godsend in one-off situations when your birth control method fails, or you forget to use one entirely. But what if you have to take it more than once? Will it still work — and will you have to deal with weird side effects? According to the FDAPlan B, aka levonorgestrel or the morning-after pill, is an over-the-counter emergency contraceptive meant to prevent pregnancy after sex without a barrier method.

When taken within 3 days, it can reduce your chances of getting pregnant by as much as 89 percent. The key is to take it quickly — like, ASAP, after you realize you need it. It might also help stop an egg from becoming fertilized by a sperm, or stop a fertilized egg from implanting onto your uterus. For that, the only pill option is the abortion pill mifepristone. A single pack of Plan B delivers the full dose of levonorgestrel. What if you have sex without a barrier method a second time shortly after, and need to retake the morning-after pill?

Plan B is an emergency form of contraception, which is not what you want to use regularly. So, relying on it could make you more likely to get pregnant than, say, using condoms or taking a daily birth control pill. The hormones can also make your periods irregular, making it harder to track when you have a higher chance of getting pregnant. People call it the morning-after pill for a reason: Plan B works best when you take it as soon as possible after having sex without a barrier method.

And while you can technically wait as long as 5 days, the quicker you move, the better. A single dose of Plan B consists of two pills that you take within a day. Take the first pill ASAP and the second one 12 hours later. The only exception? They might recommend that you take another dose. First, the good news. The downside?

You might not feel awesome after taking it. Around 1 in 4 women feel nauseous after taking the morning-after pill, though thankfully, the queasiness only sticks around for a few days. Other than that, you might feel tired, dizzy, have a headache, abdominal cramping, or breast tenderness. Your period might also be a little funky. It could come up to a week later than usual and be heavier than normal. You might also have some spotting before it shows up. These symptoms are pretty normal and nothing to worry about. But if you have any bleeding from your period, spotting that lasts longer than a week, or have serious abdominal cramps in the weeks after taking the morning-after pill, you should call your doc.

These could be s of an ectopic pregnancywhich needs to be dealt with ASAP. Plan B is your best chance to avoid pregnancy in an emergency when your regular birth control fails or you forget to take it. If you have trouble remembering to take your birth control pill, for instance, you might be better off with an IUD or implantable birth control.

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Different types of birth control have varying lists of potential side effects. Depending on the method you use, fatigue could be a common side effect…. How often can you take Plan B? Dosing Side effects It's not a birth control replacement Morning-after pills like Plan B can be a godsend in one-off situations when your birth control method fails, or you forget to use one entirely. How much is too much? When to take a dose. Side effects: How will it make me feel? Read this next. On Birth Control. No Period. Freaking Out.

How often is too often to take plan b

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There's no limit to how many times you can take Plan B, but doctors say you shouldn't use it like a regular birth control pill