How can we love someone

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She aspires to motivate, to inspire, and to awaken your best self! Read full profile. He thought that by throwing me a surprise party he was showing how much he loved me. We speak very different love languages, my husband and I. A party of 30 people was not my idea of being loved in the way I would have liked being loved.

He knows better than to try something like that today. I really appreciated how hard he tried to please me, to make me happy, and to celebrate a milestone birthday. He attempted to show his love in the best way he knew how, and for that, I was grateful. I mean, how do you describe a word that carries with it so many possible manifestations? There is no easy way. The word love is both a noun and a verb. In relationships, be that as it may, it is mostly demonstrated with some type of action, subtle or grand, but an action, nonetheless, making it very much a verb.

Love and its multiple meanings leave its expression ample room for creativity. Because it can be expressed How can we love someone so many ways, it can often leave lovers disappointed in its wake if not received in the anticipated way. Based on disparate backgrounds and world views, people feel love and show love in a myriad of contrasting ways. If you and your partner speak love in the same manner, no problem. You will both be quite happy, satisfied, and in tune with each other. If you want to have your intimate emotional needs [1] met, letting your partner know the ways in which you feel loved is important.

One way is not better than the other. It just has to do with personal preference and feelings of familiarity.

Talking about your expectations eliminates the guess work of how to communicate your love to each other. People are different, and so respond differently to displays of affection, however they may manifest. According to Dr. Gary Chapman [2]author of The Five Love Languageshe states that there are five basic ways to communicate your love to your partner.

Let me break those down for you. This will give you a glimpse into the many ways you can show your partner you love them, in the way they need that to be shown, and vice versa. This love speak has to do with the spoken or written word. Loving, sweet texts will work, too. You will have one happy camper on your hands. You are my soul mate, my one and all. These flowers pale in comparison to your divine beauty! If your partner speaks this language, they need to know you appreciate them with open and honest communication. Make sure you praise, encourage, tell, write—whatever you can—to express your love.

That will have a beautiful impact on your relationship. Remember, however, that negative words [3] can have a very strong impact in the other direction, so be very mindful of what you say and how you say it. This is definitely my primary love language. Try to pay attention to the small things in your relationship, and remember them! Bring these up at the correct time to surprise them and make them feel special. Can you help out by making the bed or doing the dishes? Maybe filling up a flat tire on their bike?

Your honey How can we love someone be extremely grateful, trust me. Every time my son would FaceTime with his girlfriend, he noticed her struggle to unravel her tangled earbuds. It would always take her several minutes to get situated. So, when he showed up at her house with a pair of wireless earbuds, she was blown away. He was paying attention to her needs. By giving her that gift, he was speaking her language of love. She knew that it came from the How can we love someone and his desire to not see her struggle. Without really realizing its importance, my son did a great thing for her.

She felt happy, secure, and like someone was really looking out for her. More than the visual sight of the gift, her overwhelming warm and fuzzy feelings came from his motivation. If your partner feels loved by receiving gifts, know that the gifts do not have to be expensive. Even though this is not my primary language, I appreciate useful items. For example, a friend of mine once gave me three sticks of lip balm. Little trinkets here and there serve their purpose. One-on-one time, undivided attention, and shared activities…if this sounds good to you, then this is your primary love speak.

Quality time probably needs a little more attention than the other four ways to show love because it requires, well, time. So, if your partner feels loved by having cozy dinners, just the two of you, cuddling up and watching movies, going for bike rides, or taking long walks, then make the time. This will make your relationship prosper. Your investment of time will pay amazing dividends. Your partner will feel loved and cared for. This will aid in creating a strong and solid relationship. You can do both. When Dr. The physical touch to which he is referring is hand holding, a shoulder squeeze, a hand on the back, little touches here and there.

Mine is not. Even the smallest acts of touch can go a long way. Even though physical touch is not my preferred love speak, I want my husband to feel loved in the way that he needs, hence I make the effort to make those gestures. His whole demeanor changes. I can feel his happiness through my touch. I want to add here that while a person has a desired love language, they can speak a little bit of the other love languages as well.

For instance, your love language might be physical touch, but you still really enjoy receiving gifts, or spending quality time with your partner. In this way you can show them you love them in the way that it will be the most meaningful to them.

You are not sacrificing anything in the process.

You will, however, make a big impact on your partner, create feelings of love, security, and happiness. In contrast…. Negating their methods will just make them feel bad, create an argument, or just make you look ungrateful. D, writes:. But if we are complaining about what we are not getting without appreciating what we do receive, we are rejecting a very intimate part of them.

We love them. We love that they love us. We just want them to express their love differently—the way we want it. All the love languages are important. You can play around with one or all. There are many ways to express love.

How can we love someone

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How to Love Someone in the Way They Need