How can i fear god

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Consider following these strategies for your own growth in Christlikeness.

The argument you ought to press before God should be that Jesus Christ has died as the Mediator of the new covenant, and that one of the blessings promised in that covenant is that God would put His fear into your heart. Give me as much of Thy fear as the blood of the covenant warrants and has secured for me.

There is an inseparable relationship between the special revelation God has made in Scripture and the fear of God. And this relationship is such that, for all intents and purposes, the fear of God can be used as a synonym for the Word of God. The overall effect of every truth of Scripture is to feed the fear of God.

In one way or another, the individual who absorbs the most Scripture, spiritually assimilating it into his heart, life, and very being, is the one who will know most of the fear of God. When we discover that this great God, holy and just and omniscient as He is, actually forgives sins, and that all of His glorious attributes have been fully engaged to grant me a just pardon and full acceptance, how can we help but fear Him?

The measure to which the fact and wonder of forgiving grace sinks into your soul will be the measure of your fear of God. By that, I mean those aspects of His character and attributes such as His absolute sovereignty, holiness, power, omnipotence, and immensity. As we contemplate His majestic greatness, it is unthinkable that any rational creature would not fear such a God.

If a creature knows God as He is revealed, he cannot help but fear Him. You cannot fear a distant and a forgotten God. If God is How can i fear god, it is as a God who is near and who is remembered. God is there. But it is the recognition that He is there that becomes the transforming experience in our lives.

May God therefore help us to cultivate this awareness of His presence. One indispensable element of the fear of God is that in each situation the Christian realizes that his relationship to God is the most important relationship he has.

Where you have the opportunity and privilege to select your intimate friends, they ought to be God-fearing people. There is a power of imitation, absorption, and contagion between individuals such that you will become like your most intimate associates. Do you desire to grow in the fear of God? If you do, then associate yourself—intimately, not loosely—with those who walk together in His fear in covenantal church membership.

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How can i fear god

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What Does It Mean for the Christian to Fear God?