Housewife iso cool friends to hang with

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But she set aside last Sunday specifically for us, so a few of us decided to go for a hike to Bass Lake in Marin. We were worried the parking lot would fill up so arrived a bit after 9am — I think we would have been fine arriving later, but the timing ended up working out well. The hike to Bass Lake was the same as Alamere Falls but we only had to go half the distance 5. On the way there were lots of nice little animals lizards, beetles, dragonflies, butterflies and even a couple of bunnies plus tons of blackberry bushes.

I read that the lake was swimmable so we packed some snacks, plus bathers and towels to go for a swim. I had imagined the lake as having a flattish shore where we could easily picnic and hang out, but the trees went right up to the water so it was actually quite tricky to find a comfortable spot to sit. But you know what? The water was lovely. I was surprised by how deep the lake was. My initial plan was to carefully lower myself down via that giant branch to the left, but I have horrible balance and ended up just falling in. Whatever works, right? No danger of foot smashing! It was sunny and warm for our walk back, and the fog had cleared so we enjoyed beautiful ocean views while Dan frantically tried to find out the Europe Cup score.

I just realised the edge of the table makes that photo look like two landscape-oriented photos jammed together. But yeah, even though it was pretty classic Bay Area early summer weather, it was a great day spent with great friends. Earlier this year for my birthday we decided to hike Mount Diablo. We got there in the morning as soon as the park opened. There was a weird little system where we had to fill out a form with some cash for parking, and drop it in a box they also accepted cheques lol.

Housewife iso cool friends to hang with

Since we started at 8am it was still quite chilly — I was freezing in the carpark while I waited for James to go to the bathroom. Well it warmed me up — you can see James on Mitchell Rock, still in his hoodie and gloves. I think this was the Twin Peaks summit. We got lucky with the weather and it was beautiful day, with gorgeous views across the East Bay. Hoodie back on for James because it was a little windy. We found a nice little spot for Housewife iso cool friends to hang with lunch break, and for James to take his turn in an online game he plays with our friends.

It was a super clear day and if you looked hard you could see all the way to the Sierras though unfortunately they were too faint to see in the photos I took. Also James had put his backpack down, and while we were eating it started rolling down the mountain.

Luckily a bush stopped its fall because as you can see, it could have been a lot worse! But anyway, disaster averted, we started the return half of the hike. We did find this huge pine cone though. We actually started to get pretty warm during the descent, and I finally shed my base layer.

There was pretty much no shade on the entire hike so it was a good thing we went in the morning. This was a photo I took of Eagle Peak about an hour from the end of the hike — we went down a fair way! I have worries of slipping, breaking my tailbone and forcing poor James to carry me all the way back. So anyway, that was my birthday hike. Last Thursday James took the day off and we went to the ostrich farm in Gilroy.

If he takes five days off this quarter Google gives him a bonus day — I guess because people have been hoarding vacation days? It was also two weeks after our second vaccination, making us Housewife iso cool friends to hang with vaccinated! Near the ostrich farm there were tons of farm stands with fresh fruit. The star attractions were the ridiculously cheap albeit ridiculously tiny avocados. They had ostriches, llamas, sheep, horses, cows, goats, chickens, rabbits, emus and pigs, plus a ton of squirrels running around.

We got a bucket of feed included with our ticket. The ostriches were … quite terrifying. We had to use special dustpans to feed them versus most of the other animals, which nibbled gently from our hands because they were such aggressive peckers. I found that out firsthand when an ostrich pecked my phone from my hand. Every photo we have of the ostriches they look full of barely suppressed rage.

We were initially excited that the farm had emus. They kept pecking at empty parts of the pan and missing all the food, then getting angrier and angrier, pecking furiously at the empty part of the pan. Eventually we left, embarrassed at the incompetence of our fellow Australians. This group of animals were quite nice — they let us pat them while they ate and were excited about the food without being overly pushy. Unlike these desperate goats. The goats were quite sweet though, and I liked their bleaty goat sounds. There was a little piglet who escaped his enclosure.

He clearly wanted to get back in because he kept running around the pen looking for a way in, talking with his pig friends, then running around again looking worried. He was suuuuper scared of us. We were just about to go inside to let the employees know when he finally made it on his own!

Different pig, I just thought it was funny. I always forget how pretty it is! I like the picturesque tunnel these trees made. It was a nice, sunny day and we were feeling quite spry so we continued the walk through Seacliff to admire the clifftop mansions and hang out at the beach. Tags: HikeHikingSan Francisco. On Saturday afternoon a fin whale washed up on the beach in Fort Funston. Someone posted about it online and I decided to jog there in the afternoon while James was playing disc golf. It was maybe 10km away, which is a long jog for me, but much of it was on the beach so it was pretty nice.

The tide was starting to come back in so at a couple of points I had to run strategically to avoid the water. Also there were a ton of dead crabs on the beach. I came here for whale, damnit! I smelled the whale before I saw it. It actually smelled like fish sauce, but way more intense.

I was glad I had my face mask! The whale was autopsied in the afternoon by marine biologists, hence the whale bits everywhere it was intact when it arrived on the beach. The birds were definitely having a good time — I saw a crow flying away with a giant chunk of whale in its beak. Guts everywhere. There were also smaller clusters of whale guts down the beach that some birds were pecking at.

The whale was pretty big — maybe 8 or 9 meters long. I thought the teeth were pretty interesting as well.

Housewife iso cool friends to hang with

I saw a picture of it the next morning and it was pretty much gone except for the tail. I guess either the tide or birds disposed of it during the night. Tags: BeachSan FranciscoWhale. At last we reached the final destination of our second big Europe trip — Munich!

Housewife iso cool friends to hang with

The next morning we did a self-guided walking tour of Munich. The tour took us through a market where we stopped for some breakfast — sauerkraut, sausage, a pretzel and … a breakfast beer. Well, a breakfast radler. James wondered if he could eventually get me used to beer by gradually decreasing the proportion of lemonade. Properly fortified, we continued on our walking tour, which looped us through the town Housewife iso cool friends to hang with and through a bunch of churches, including the super gaudy Asam church:.

At the end of our walk we were ready for more food, and luckily the Christmas markets had started opening up. Some of the stalls were quite elaborate — we got a hot dog at this fancy stall. Afterwards we stopped off for some gluhwein. They came in adorable mugs and when you bought the gluhwein you paid a mug deposit — if you returned the mug you got your deposit back, but otherwise you could keep it as a little souvenir. We spent several days in Munich and during that time we went to a lot of Christmas markets and a lot of beer halls.

Hofbrauhaus is probably the most famous beer hall in Munich, so we went there first:. FYI prepare to see many photos of us cheerily holding oversized beers — or in my case, radlers. Pork knuckles! Add a comically oversized beer? Yes please! In the evening we went to another Christmas market where we picked up this adorable boot-shaped mug. The office was a lot bigger than I had been expecting. This was the main dining area on the ground floor:. We also found a relaxation room that had a super fancy massage chair. This was one of the many microkitchens.

I zoomed in on the photo thinking that maybe they were ping pong balls, but no they are eggs. We really should have been smarter and split one meal between us because they were all so huge and heavy. And our beer selfie:. After lunch we headed to a Christmas market in the English Garden which, as Google taught us, is larger than Central Park. Note the super lame gluhwein mug which we did not purchase.

On the bus back to our hotel we saw a modern art museum and impulsively went in for a visit.

Housewife iso cool friends to hang with

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