Hooking up hanging out

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Hanging Out or Hooking Up is a safety card for teens. The card challenges all teens to consider how their partner treats them, identifying dynamics of healthy relationships and s that may indicate abuse. The card also explores how to confront excessive text messaging and identifies dynamics of consensual versus pressured sex including the ability to use birth control. Tips are provided to those wanting to support a friend who may be facing relationship abuse. The card is written in gender-neutral terms and may be used by females or males in either heterosexual or LGTBQ relationships.

The card lists national toll-free hotlines for support specific to dating abuse, suicide prevention, teen runaway, rape, incest and abuse.

This 8-panel card folds up to the size of a business card 3. Available in English and Spanish. Toggle. Us Stay Informed.

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They will highlight the importance of enhanced safety planning to make sure immigrant survivors know their rights and can access help. Supporting Survivors at the Intersection of Immigration and Child Welfare This webinar will discuss the current research about detention and the importance of trauma-informed approaches for survivors and their children. Presenters will also talk about how it intersects with those affected by domestic violence, particularly children. There will be a strong focus on concrete harm reduction strategies that providers can use with adult and child survivors of domestic violence.

Hooking up hanging out

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Are you dating, hanging out or hooking up?