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District Court in St. Paul, Minnesota. Thirty-one defendants ly pleaded guilty for their roles in the sex trafficking organization. The convictions were announced yesterday by U. Attorney Erica H. Cormier of U. Attorney MacDonald. While our work combatting human trafficking continues, this case stands as a powerful example of the Department of Justice's commitment to achieving justice for victims. I applaud our law enforcement partners for the remarkable dedication and collaboration they have demonstrated throughout this process.

The Department of Justice will bring the full force of the law against perpetrators of sex trafficking crimes. Our communities are safer as a result of this investigation. Paul Police Chief Axtell. Pooling the skills of each agency in this complex investigation made a tremendous team including IRS Criminal Investigation who provided the financial expertise to follow the money trail of these criminals.

As proven at trial, this criminal organization compelled hundreds of women from Bangkok, Thailand, to engage in commercial sex acts in various cities across the United States, including Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, Washington, D. The trafficking victims were often from impoverished backgrounds and spoke little or no English. They were coerced to participate in the criminal scheme through misleading promises of a better life in the United States and the ability to provide money to their families in Thailand.

Once in the United States, the victims were sent to houses of prostitution where they were forced to have sex with strangers — every day — for up to 12 hours a day, at times having sex with 10 men a day. The victims were isolated from the outside world.

They were not allowed to leave the houses of prostitution unless accompanied by a member of the criminal organization. The victims moved around the United States between houses of prostitution in multiple cities.

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They and their families in Thailand were threatened. The organization also engaged in widespread visa fraud to facilitate the international transportation of the victims.

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Traffickers assisted the victims in obtaining fraudulent visas and travel documents by funding false bank s, creating fictitious backgrounds and occupations, and instructing the victims to enter into fraudulent marriages to increase the likelihood that their visa applications would be approved. Traffickers also coached the victims as to what to say during their visa interviews.

This information was later used to threaten victims who sought to flee the organization in the United States. The organization dealt primarily in cash and engaged in rampant and sophisticated money laundering in order to promote and conceal illegal profits.

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During the extensive investigation, law enforcement traced tens of millions of dollars to the organization. ACTeams focus on developing high-impact human trafficking investigations and prosecutions involving forced labor, international sex trafficking and sex trafficking by force, fraud or coercion through interagency collaboration among federal prosecutors and federal investigative agencies. Attorney MacDonald also thanks the Thai Community Development Center for the support and advocacy they have done on behalf of the victims of this sex trafficking organization. Attorneys Melinda A.

This case is filed as United States v. Michael Morris, et al. Sumalee Intarathong, et al.

Hollywood mn girls who want to fuck

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. You are here U. Attorneys » District of Minnesota » News. Department of Justice. Thursday, December 13, Convicted: Conspiracy to enter the United States by means of misrepresentation and concealment of facts, 1 count Additional news available on our website. Topic s :. Component s :. USAO - Minnesota.

Hollywood mn girls who want to fuck

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