Fuck credit card companies

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So they should accept online payments from all banks in the world? Never gonna happen. Shouldn't debit cards always work as well as Credit cards? I think mine does. In America. Using a credit card and paying of all of your debt before interest is the most sane way to spend money though. For online stuff. Not my preferred method of payment. But that's the way it is. BigBoo Exactly.

I always viewed a credit card as the best way to pay for big purchases I just don't have the ability to pay in full at the moment. I use my debit card instead of cash a lot of the time, because when I do get cash out of the bank, it's coming from the same. Not that much, but some is better than none.

Stuxnet Well, to my knowledge. It's more important to build your credit score in America than in Europe. We don't really have to do that. We still can get some benefits of paying with credit though.

Like points and cashback. BigBoo Credit is very important. But it's fine. I'll start soon I guess. We have cash back and stuff as well. Some people are financially retarded hate to use the word, but I'm not sure how else to word it to get the same message lol. Max out your card? No worries! Another card will help. Maxed that card? Another one!

That's how they end up with the kinda stereotypical debt. I was raised to be very concious of my spendings, but I have relaxed a little bit.

Handling your money really needs to be a class for high school seniors and college freshmen to take. I can't imagine taking money from bank all the time and walking around with cash and constantly wondering if I have enough. What century is it??? German amazon supports ideal a dutch payment system all dutch banks usean england tee store supports a payment provider so we can pay with ideal there as well. Its not that difficult and gives people a lot more options.

It's called financially illiterate. It's very common everywhere. Atleast I'm not. Codex What payment provider is for European banks? In the netherlands we primarily use Fuck credit card companies cards, cash is still a big thing and it will never go away would be a big issue if payments go down like a few days ago with mastercard.

Codex well they would have to support multiple payment providers, and I think it would cost them a lot of money. I researched it a little and found out that debit mastercard securecode should theoretically work in credit card fields. Jesus christ, the possibilities are endless now. And you only pay a few cents per transactipn, this can be paid by the customer so no it doesnt cost more money.

If china can do it why not the US? A creditcard only pays off if you do enough payments with it. The monthly fee is not worth it for most people. Checks bounce, take longer to process, and are a bigger source of fraud than credit cards. Stuxnet Exactly. I know some people who could not go to school, struggle to find a job, cannot own a car, and still live with their parents due to apartment complexes turning them down, all because of their credit score.

Someone moved in down the road from me that's from Charlotte. They hated it. Not judging them, but based on what I've seen from them, they seem like it could be a similar situation for them as well. It's expensive and easy to get financially trapped if you're not careful. I wanna try and work somewhere in my small town as a remote worker to pay my student loans off, sense the cost of living here is a looot cheaper.

I'd love to live in Uptown but it's expensive as hell and I'm not convinced it's worth it. I'm from NC in case you couldn't tell lol. Stuxnet Woohoo! Another DevRanter from NC! I am in Charlotte currently :. Stuxnet and yeah. I just enjoyed the ablity to walk everywhere when I was in uptown the last two years for a Panthers game lol.

The convenience is pretty sweet. And yea there's a few others from NC that I've noticed on here.

Fuck credit card companies

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