Dynamics in relationships

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Conversely, the tendency for unhappy couples is for one or both individuals to be low in assertiveness and self-confidence, and high in avoidance and partner dominance. How Are the Four Scales Interrelated?

There is a positive cycle linking assertiveness and self-confidence and a negative cycle linking avoidance and partner dominance. Individuals, for example, who are more assertive tend to like the personality of their partner Partner Styles and Habitsfeel good about their communication Communication and report satisfaction in their abilities to resolve conflict Conflict Resolution. Conversely, those who are high on avoidance tend to dislike the personality of their partner, dislike their communication, and report dissatisfaction in their abilities to resolve conflict.

The Relationship Dynamic scale is also strongly linked with background characteristics related to alcohol and drug use, as well as various types of abuse.

Individuals and couples with high scores in avoidance and partner dominance tend to be at a greater risk for drug and alcohol use as well as physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Can Relationship Dynamics change?

These four traits are learned and can, therefore, be unlearned. The positive and negative cycles demonstrate that patterns of relating are malleable and that increasing behaviors in the positive cycle e.

Any questions, please :. Strengthening Relationships Since Relationship Dynamics. In the positive cycle, as a person uses more assertiveness, their level of self-confidence tends to increase.

In the negative cycle, when one person perceives their partner as dominating, a common reaction is for that person to avoid dealing with issues. As a person uses more avoidance, they will often perceive more dominance in their partner.

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Dynamics in relationships

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Relationship dynamics (Definition and meaning)