Do jamaican men like white women

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While we were in Jamaica we experienced no overt racial. When I returned to Canada one of my carpenters asked how I enjoyed Jamaica. I told him it was the best. I asked him if had ever been to JA and said he and his wife had been a couple years back and would never go back. I asked why and he said he was constantly harrased and threatened because his wife is black Haitian origin. They were in the Mobay and Ochios Rio areas mostly. Apparantly the local guys can't stand seeing a sistah with a white guy. Much to be be said about on this subject, I'll leave it to the mixed race couples to present there experience.

In general and especially in the tourist area's people will be treated well by Jamaicans, still it's possible that other tourist may stare etc. I'm a white man married to a black Jamaican. We experience less problems there than we do in the states Do jamaican men like white women overall I feel the world is getting much better about it. You Do jamaican men like white women there are racists everywhere but in regards to race relations I feel it is a much better world now than ever before. There have only been a couple of occasions where Jamaican males have said something to my wife but I have no problem setting them straight.

That isn't necessarily a racial thing as many Jamaican men have big time confidence and would say the same thing to a white, latino, Indian, Arabic, or asian woman. What we have had problems with is certain Jamaican women whom my wife thought were friends being a little over friendly with myself. She doesn't have any problem setting them straight either:.

Perhaps the issue was that she was Haitian. Some Jamaicans and Haitians don't get along so well. Shadism is still alive in Jamaica though. It is a little different than racism. For some reason many Jamaicans tend to think that fair complected people have it easier. We have several family members and friends who still don't believe me when I tell them there are poor homeless white people in the US.

Perhaps one of our Jamaican posters will chime in about this. I am white male with a Black Jamaican wife and many friends in Jamaica. Jamaica does not appear to have much racism from my experience. I have spent ificant amounts of time there, in all parishes and Kingstonbut not so much in the tourist areas. I have never been confronted with an extremely bad situation, or felt threatened. Many times, I walk around with a black female companion, often holding hands, but rarely hear any adverse remarks, in fact there have been more positive comments made than adverse ones.

Mnay guys treat me just the same as a black guy when I'm with a 'sistah', and that includes when I'm in Kingston ghettos. An old black Jamaican lady in Maggotty, said to my wife and I that she thanked God she had lived to see a married mixed race couple.

The whole family, parents, grandparents and other relatives made me most welcome, showed interest in me and took time to chat. She had spoken to them about me many times, and it was clear they already knew quite a bit about me. The fact that I was white was irrelevant. So much so that they were not aware of that until they saw me. That reply may have been a bit harsh due to some anger at being asked such a question, particularly by a woman that had had two failed relationships with men of her own race.

Do jamaican men like white women

Again, while unwelcome, this was certainly not a confrontational incident. Very soon she said everyone was looking at us, but I was oblivious to that. If someone is self-conscious they may find instances of discomfort in Jamaica, but if anyone hangs out with a partner of another race, they need to be far less sensitive.

I would recommend Jamaica to any mixed race couple, it is no worse than anywhere else is and better than most places. As a black American women that has been to the Island 5 times before with freinds. I can say it really was not bad. I went into downtown Ochie husband in toe to the local grocery store to all 3 stores that i found with a mile and we both where just fine.

I had heard things but you have to live your life. Go for it you only live once! Yes I've experienced it white woman with black jamaican man and not in the tourist areas either. In the yaad. I totally agree about shades as well. Just like poverty there I have been to Jamaica many times as part of an interaccial couple I have actually experienced more problems here on TA ,with one or two members who believe 'black with black ' or 'white with white' is the better option Our staff may also remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.

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Do jamaican men like white women

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Do jamaican men like white women

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Do jamaican men like white women

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