D.o and sojin dating

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It's a secret that Sojin asked me to write this. Idols need to always remember that it's the fans who bring them to the position they're at now. They're so full of themselves. It's like they can never be quiet about it Sojin and Taeyeon.

No one cares if you're dating but she seems to clearly be enjoying the attention. Got the group from 0 to fame through Hyeri's shocking age gap with Tony, eagerly agreed to Minah's dating scandal, and now Sojin So cheap. Even DO is under Sojin's spell I used to like sexier nunas when I was younger too. But once you get older, you switch to liking younger prettier girls. He's so short and his body looks like some elementary school kid's. Sojin's charming and tall, she's better than DO. Not that we should care if they're dating or not but people should stop attacking Sojin.

If they were both non-celebrities, Sojin would be really popular while DO would just have a few kiddie junior high school kids following him around calling him oppa. Fangirls, just leave them alone and let them date. They're some mobsters, I swear. I am so tired of this nonsense rumor. This is getting old. And its not funny. The guy in the picture is not D. AGAIN this. I am so lost to seeing how this goes to them dating??

Like is that all the 'evidence' they have. It's also a possibility that they aren't dating but Girls' Days' agency are taking advantage of the rumors for some attention. I mean, D.o and sojin dating used Tony for pretty much the same thing, so I wouldn't be surprised. Sojin and DO haven't said anything themselves, but rather other people around them her particularly have made some vague and not so vague comments hinting at such.

Some people may wonder if they're even aware of the rumors, but trust me they are. If Sunggyu and Bora were aware of their silly dating rumors that didn't even get that much attention, you can bet Sojin and DO are aware of theirs, or if not them then their agencies are. Summarised my thoughts on the issue Who knew dating could be such a horrible thing. If they are dating that's good for them, I fail to understand what business is that of anyone but themselves.

Even if they're dating Also, I find it weird that whenever good news comes out about EXO members, bad news follows. But they were praising D. O for his acting last time. And now suddenly he is so short and has short shoulders and suddenly Sojin is revealing too much. Like what. I know that not every EXO fan girls are like this but seriously they're getting a bad name with all this bullshit.

It's not just Exo fans though Why are you guys so thirsty for them? Because the majority of them are in highschool and love to stirrup some good ol' drama. You mean Exo actually has more older fans than most groups. I had a dream that i was driven before i knew i had an Accident and i found myself lying down with dead people and i woke up and i was very scared.

The next morning i look online and i saw a woman saying Testimony about what Dr Paul as done in their Families life by protecting them from the spirit of death. He told me someone as cast a terrible spell on me and he ask me not to go out until he cast the spell out of me and he told me I'm going to see a but no harm will come near me.

It was a Miracle and thanks to Dr Paul who safe me with is spell caster and bring back my ex lover within 24 hours. Seems like Girl's Day agency always gets excited when dating news like this breaks out. So quick to react and media play, like with Hyeri. Well this 4 girls is all they have, they need to D.o and sojin dating every one of them either with dating rumors, aegyo, pool's party,ass showing in "official mv" Actually fans need to stop being so possessive about their idols. It's not because you guys invested money on them that you own their lives and can dictate their lives.

Post the link. I'd love to see a legitimate chart that shows exo having more fans that aren't in the high school group. Since you're so thirsty for Exo fans' attention, you can search them yourself. Both sides are involved I don't know why some people want to make it one-sided.

Immature fans exist everywhere. But yeah, like we were saying. Aren't the majority of kpop fans in high school? I honestly think they are dating but yeah, these clues on social media are really annoying. That's why you have a public and a private one. I believe they are dating. Besides D.o and sojin dating instagram post is really obvious. If they are dating, congratulations, happy holidays, if not then whatever, either way, just leave their personal lives alone as long as they're not doing any harm to others.

Gossip rumors are fun until the butthurt fans ruin it for everyone. I feel so bad for some of the idols that get involved and have to deal with all the hate just because their fans don't want them dating.

It's ridiculous. Yes that's correct. But EXO has ten times more fans than anyone else. I think this is mostly about his proportions? These articles are hilarious. Am I the only one that enjoys seeing how gullible others are?

I know it's not just EXO fans like even my own fandom are like this and i'm not thristy for nothing thank very much. I didn't say that Exo doesn't have thirsty high school fans, but so does every kpop group. I said that they also have many older fans. But yes, why is this only an issue when it comes to Exo? Like, no one can answer that question. I think the guy in the pic just has a similar silhouette lol. If they're dating it's not an issue, but I'm just not buying it yet tbh.

I've thought the rumor is debunked already??? And the guy in the photo isn't even D. Stop this omg, fans are attacking each parties. Both Sojin and Kyungsoo are precious smh, love yourself more people instead of calling them names. I have no issues with them dating. I'm getting my popcorn ready for some of exo-L who are gong to start shit as usually. For anyone that cares, this was Sojin's latest instagram post. So what does that have to do with their age?

Exo also has way more fansites than most other groups, and most fansite owners are in their 20s and 30s. No one is talking about age in that comment. But you have to be kidding me if you think Exo has more older fans than teenage fans. FFS who doesn't know that? O's dating "Proofs" were already cleared up by the poster. Yep when I see this being brought up over and over it just seems so cheap. The agency is constantly riding on "dating rumours" to bring in more attention.

I wonder who Yura is "dating"? Where did I say that they did? Ikr I kept seeing people do it and I thought they wanted money too. It's more stupid to talk thinking all ppl have a same finance statu. Btw why u care a lot? The only best thing about this smtown land thing is victoria's flea market I heard she sold her stuffs from 10, krw. Really cheap and Victoria used to wear them! LSM is middle-aged and wears glasses. They wouldn't put the new CEO's face everywhere. SM is a business, and they have every right to think of new ways to make more money I think it's quite reasonable for the price considering the quality taste is pretty good from what I've heard from others.

Vancity dessert is even more expensive. Look at the freaking line to get in today I want to D.o and sojin dating there so bad. Recent Posts.

D.o and sojin dating

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Pictures of netizens suspected 'EXO's D.O and Girl's Day's Sojin dating?'