Concho coffee co swinging

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It is a Concho pearlsymbol of the west Texas city of San Angelo. Here are some of the reasons I enjoyed a recent visit there…. A SanAngeLove For The Arts San Angelo is often called an oasis, and that includes its welcoming environment for artists and creative endeavors of all kinds. Thanks to many years of foresight and thoughtful urban planning, the River Walk here was named a Great American Place by the American Planning Association. There are intriguing public art installations all along the northern Concho River; many of them putting a smile on your face thanks to the efforts of the local Art in Uncommon Places nonprofit.

To see them, park your car at the attractive Visitor Center, walk down to the river, and turn either left or right to get started. Yes, it used to be an actual chicken farm. In addition to about 15 working artist studios in every medium, there is a wonderful restaurant housed in a former silo see below under places to eat and drink. Great Places to Eat and Drink in San Angelo I was not in town for as long as I would have liked, but what Concho coffee co swinging me about eating out in San Angelo is that even the simplest foods and meals were done really well.

For example, the Knosh Restaurant in downtown San Angelo was right next to where I was staying as a guest of the Flamingo Flatts boutique hotel. No matter; their chicken salad sandwich was perfect. My lunch of delicious ranch-style beans, cornbread, and a fresh salad was excellent. They make all their own ice cream and waffle cones right there in the store.

Concho coffee co swinging

Few have died. Their locally-roasted blends include Concho, Pecos, SnakeBite, and one with a touch of cayenne pepper, called Texas Heat.

Concho coffee co swinging

There are trails to explore, camping Concho coffee co swinging including camping with your horse, but you have to bring the horse, fishing opportunities on the Fisher Reservoir, and possible sightings of some of the Longhorn cattle in the official state Longhorn herd that wanders around the park.

You might get lucky in a bird and wildlife observation blind. Now a National Historic Landmark, it was home to, among others, the famed Buffalo Soldiers — the all-black regiments of the U. Between and18 of these African-American soldiers were awarded Medals of Honor for heroism during battles with American Indians on the western frontier. The Fort is big, with 23 structures both original and restored, plus a giant parade ground in the middle that will take longer than you expect to tromp across. It looks like the men will be in to eat any minute now….

Stewed dried apples or prunes were considered a special treat. Danner Museum of Telephony. How the telephone collection ended up in a Fort structure is just part of the sprawling history of how the various buildings were used, both publicly and privately, once Concho deactivated in and was no longer an active military base.

Kellogg switchboard in the E. A small, dedicated group of San Angelo locals keep the Buffalo Soldiers story alive by wearing period uniforms, caring for equipment, and answering visitor questions. Look for the placards on each stall that give a little history of the Texas ranching families who each donated funds to build the stables, like the Sugg ranches that by encompassedacres near San Angelo. It is the passion project of Ken Landon, who worked with the city to develop a site in Civic League Park that displays water lilies year-round, despite the challenging high desert climate conditions.

People travel to San Angelo from around the world to admire and study the lilies, especially during the annual LilyFest in September. It is well past time to give some attention to a place like San Angelo that is also authentic, artsy, and has a lot to offer visitors.

Concho coffee co swinging

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments! If you like this post, please consider subscribing to the blog via RSS feed or by — the up box is toward the top of the right sidebar. I'm a writer, speaker, and trainer specializing in tourism and social media. Co-founder of Tourism Currents. Navy veteran. I grew up in Lubbock, and for Concho coffee co swinging, San Angelo was merely a stop off place to have a picnic by the Concho River on family road trips to San Antonio or further south to Padre Ialand.

This past November my husband and I had the pleasure of visiting friends in San Angelo for three days, and were delighted getting to know the town better. First of all, we entered from the south, and were intrigued with the little town of San Cristobal. One of the things I enjoyed most was not mentioned in your article. That was a visit to the phenomenally impressive both outside and in San Angelo Art Museum. Saving your article though, as reference for future visits. San Angelo is definitely worth it! I did try to make time for the art museum, but it will have to wait until the next visit.

Appreciate your feedback! Reply Bruce R. Partain December 30, Wow! Fantastic job, Sheila. Thanks for sharing San Angelo with the travelers of Texas and beyond. You will not be disappointed. Related posts:. They see the future in our past: thank you, preservationists. George Washington slept, surveyed, fought and lived here.

Concho coffee co swinging

About The Author Sheila Scarborough I'm a writer, speaker, and trainer specializing in tourism and social media. Great article! Sheila Scarborough December 27, Thanks for stopping by, Susan. Bruce R. Partain December 30, Sheila Scarborough January 1, Bonnie Beesley January 7, I too really enjoyed and appreciated your article on your visit to San Angelo. Sheila Scarborough January 8, Thanks for the tips, Bonnie!

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Concho coffee co swinging

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