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I got peace of mind and elbow room I love to smell the sage in bloom Or catch a rainbow on my fishin' line We've got county fairs and rodeos There ain't a better place for my kids to grow Just turn 'em loose in the western summer time Chris LeDoux, Western Skies. They had begun renovating a house on a ranch just south of CV. Plans were to be able to move before school started in the fall. Due to the cattle market completely bottoming out in late spring, that venture and dream of moving back to Kansas did not become a reality, much to the entire family's disappointment.

It was also a year, that was tough due to the financial loss. It was a hard time for not only our family but many in the cattle business. As small children we weren't really aware of how hard and stressful it was for our parents.

Cedarvale ks phone directory swinging

Cedarvale ks phone directory swinging and Dad prepared us to the fact of how slim the budget was a few weeks before Christmas and that gifts were going to be scarce if almost non-existent. Christmas was always a special time, with all the holiday lights and festivities and we still took our annual drive to look at all the houses decorated around town and went to the annual Christmas parade. We also were well aware of the real reason for Cedarvale ks phone directory swinging season and participated in church plays depicting the story of the birth of Jesus.

So Santa was secondary in many ways and for many reasons for us. Much of our life was still going on as normal that we were still excited and don't think we really grasped how lean it was going to be. Mom helped us make our lists and letters to Santa, but didn't really ask for much as we knew that it was going to be impossible to get that favorite doll or toy we so desired.

The company Dad worked for always had a Christmas party for it's employees and their children. Santa made a big show at those events and we each got a toy along with the annual stocking filled with fruit and candy and the usual stocking stuffers. As Christmas approached, we just knew Santa would be bringing us gifts. We were gently reminded that Santa had so many children to take care of that we may not get all we wanted.

Even that could not dampen our spirits and anticipation for the holiday. Several days before Christmas, we woke up and had a surprise! Santa came early!! We thought, wow, we had been so good that year that he came to our house first and days early!! We were overjoyed and could not believe we were going to get to open our gifts and not wait until Christmas Day. As, we opened the one gift from Santa and went through our traditional stockings full of the usual stocking stuffers, crayons, candy, orange and apple, we were so grateful for the gift he had given us. We also were quite surprised to find so many other gifts under the tree from Dad and Mom as we had not expected more than one gift a piece.

We started started opening the annual clothing gifts that Mom always made for us. When I opened the first gift box and saw a small red metal airplane inside, being the tomboy I was at the time thought this was wonderful, although I immediately thought it was a mistake and meant to give it to my brother. That was not the case. As, each of my siblings opened their gifts, one by one, there was an array of metal toys of all types, cars, trucks, tractors, books, stuffed animals and even a train set for us all to enjoy.

We were so excited to even be getting anything at all, however it did seem rather odd for us girls to be getting metal toy planes, trains, cars, and more. Dad and Mom opened our handmade gifts we made for them and expressed their surprise and joy at each one. It was while we were thanking our parents for our gifts, I saw the tears in their eyes, I wasn't sure what that was about, being so young at the time. They asked if we truly were happy with the toys. Of course, we were thrilled, we had not expected much of anything and here we were surrounded with toys and we were still so ecstatic that Santa had come early!!

Later, that day, we left to go 'up home' as my parents called it, to Kansas where we would spend the rest of our Christmas vacation. We were completely overwhelmed that Christmas came early and so delighted to be going to our grandparents and seeing our aunts, uncles and playing with our cousins. Years later when discussing favorite memories, Dad and Mom told us the story behind that Christmas. They had gone through all the toys in Dad's grandmother's attic that Dad had played with as and picked out his favorites and brought them home.

Dad spent hours repairing, painting them and making them look as new as possible. The 'early Christmas' is one of my very favorite Christmas memories. It is clearly vivid in my mind, with the smells of cinnamon. I still have some of those toys.

Cedarvale ks phone directory swinging

The memories flood back and it seems like only yesterday that we opened those special gifts. They are a reminder of that 'early Christmas' many years ago and the love Dad and Mom had for their young children to make it a special time even during the hard times.

Cedarvale ks phone directory swinging

There's a magic in the air that isn't there any other time of the year. The twinkling lights, the festivities, the sights, sounds, smell of pine and cinnamon wafting throughout home and stores overwhelm one's senses. Most of all the real reason for the season gives one a renewed sense of what is important and good and hope. Holidays throughout the year have always been a special time, but especially so because it meant spending it with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Some of my most precious memories revolve around the holidays. For my siblings and I there was nothing like that 'over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go' feeling. It was well into adulthood when my last grandparent passed away. It broke my heart knowing that holidays without them would never be the same again. My family began new traditions and although our grandparents were dearly missed, we were making new memories. Asthe Christmas season usually began for us on Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. It was the perfect way to end what was a little sad for us children knowing we were headed back 'down home' after such a fun time spent with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins for several days.

After church and Sunday dinner, Grandpa would take us out to find a special Christmas tree in one of his pastures.

Cedarvale ks phone directory swinging

Once we found the best one Dad would cut it down and tie it to the trunk of our car. Then we would say Cedarvale ks phone directory swinging good-byes and although we were sad to be leaving we knew we would soon be back as we spent most weekends and all holidays 'up home. Invariably, once we got home it seemed the tree was always too tall and had to be shortened. By now our anticipation of decorating was growing our impatience as we knew it would still be a spell before we could begin hanging all the ornaments and tinsel.

Once it was trimmed up and the right height to fit into the living room, it was placed in a bucket filled with sand so we could keep it watered in order for it to not dry out too fast over the next few weeks. We would set up the manger scene with baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the Wise Men and the animals that would remind us of the real reason for season was celebrating the birth of Christ.

We placed a red and white fur trimmed tree skirt around the bucket. Only then could the decorating begin on the tree. First, Mom and Dad hung the bubble lights, and the other strands of lights. We would hold our breath hoping that all the bulbs would light and not have to be replaced as that would only delay our part putting all the ornaments on the tree. We always had our homemade items, from paper stars with glitter, angels, bows, to construction paper garlands, then the brightly colored balls and last but not least, the tinsel. We would step back to gaze at our handiwork as Dad plugged in the lights.

The colored lights and the bubble lights reflected off the shimmering tinsel seemingly making the whole tree glisten. The aroma of cedar filled the room. It held our fascination as visions of presents and stockings stuffed with candy and oranges danced through our minds. As we begin this holiday season, so grateful for the Christmas traditions that were made many years ago, beginning with going to the pasture to cut down that perfect Christmas tree as we began the season of celebrating the birth of Christ. Those memories are forever etched in my heart.

Cedarvale ks phone directory swinging

For Christmas is tradition time - Traditions that recall The precious memories down the years, The sameness of them all. Or do we have that inner child within us always and we are so unsure of ourselves that we lose that part of ourselves in our quest to be responsible and mature. Some of us stay curious, full of energy and joyfulness, accepting and seeing the world dawn with a newness each morning and looking forward to the small surprises the day will surely bestow upon us.

Others, somewhere along the way lose that inner. Perhaps due to the people they surround themselves with, others may for a multitude of reasons or excuses lose that quality. There seems to be no reason that our inner child as a responsible adult should not be brought forth and released, as it is what keeps life amazing and unforgettable. All this pondering and musing brought back several vivid memories of childhood and how as we see the world surrounding us.

It is incredible that so many can lose that same wonderment we have as when they reach adulthood. As my siblings and I spent many hours playing outside. When indoors would gaze through the big picture window or at times just would sit on the front porch as we watched and listened to the ever evolving world that was beyond the realm of our little corner of the life.

Much could be seen and heard. As growing and absorbing all that was around me seemed to be ever changing and ever growing. By observing all that went on around us, we were unconsciously learning about responsibilities of adult life as we enjoyed being children in a much simpler time. The neighbors coming and going about their daily business, going to and from their jobs, tending to the housework and their children, household chores, the grass being cut, snow being shoveled, cars being washed in the driveway.

As children, we noticed the changes, but in much simpler terms. Warmer weather brought out the bicycles, tricycles, baseballs, basketballs and footballs, hoola hoops, roller skates, and marbles. Colder weather brought snow, sleds and snowball fights and snowmen. My siblings and I spent much Cedarvale ks phone directory swinging outside, from playing baseball to hide and seek, tag, cowboys and cowgirls big fans of Roy Cedarvale ks phone directory swinging and Dale Evans, Pat Brady, Nellie Bell, Trigger and Bullet, Sky Kingred rover, red rover, playing jacks, hopscotch, hoola hooping, jumping rope or climbing trees, pulling blossoms from the honeysuckle bush to taste the nectar that awaited us inside, lying in the grass as we watched shapes of worldly things we envisioned in the clouds Cedarvale ks phone directory swinging they floated by and wondered if we could possibly sit on the puffy cushions above us without falling through.

Watching and waiting patiently on a bird's egg to hatch a new life, witnessing a cocoon metamorphosing into a butterfly, running barefoot through the grass, picking an apple from the tree, finding four leaf clovers, being stung by the occasional bee, catching fireflies in the twilight hours at the end of the day all bring life into perspective, but as it was the wonderment of those things that kept us inquisitive, filled with joy, and excited about the dawning of each day wondering what discoveries would be coming our way.

Listening to someone practicing the piano or learning to play the flute mingled with the daily sounds of life taking place. Waking to the smells sounds of coffee brewing, bacon frying, sunrises, hugs from Mom and Dad, siblings scrambling for turns in the bathroom were all part of the beginning of a new day. Some days spent playing outside all day, other days were spent just listening to the rain fall, or the sounds of thunder and lightening seemingly shaking the entire house, the wind blowing through the trees as we played inside during bad weather.

The many nights anticipating the morning light which would surely bring fun and adventure as the moon rose in the sky, hearing the quiet of the night, or the soft sounds of snow falling as the sandman drifted us off to sleep into the realms of childhood dreams. The sounds of whistles for this one and that one as it was time to come home or parents calling 's name to come in for supper. The sound of the blades of a push mower cutting grass, the whirring and click, click of a water sprinkler watering the lawn, crickets and locusts at night, the sound of a bee humming in the day as if trying to keep harmony with the chirping of the birds.

Smells of baking bread, cakes or pies, as the windows were left open during all but the coldest days of the year. Anticipating ice cream and hearing the whoosh whoosh of the ice as it as we cranked the handle on the ice cream maker. Sounds of church bells ringing on Sunday, the choir singing. Smells of roasts in the oven and fried chicken wafting through the air as families returned home from church and gathered around the table for dinner. The quiet as families napped after Sunday dinner and the occasional snore from at least one member of the family.

Bath water running for the nightly baths, bedtime stories, prayers being said, saying night to each other, the click of the light switch as the day was done. Looking forward for the tomorrows to come as dreams filled our sleepy he. Those sights and sounds from childhood remain as picturesque and alive as the scenes that frequently traverse my mind of those carefree days of youth. There is nothing more delightful than hearing the sounds of uncontrollable giggles coming from children at play. One must not forget how it is to giggle with abandonment at some childish antic or something we deemed to be quite hilarious for no reason at all.

Many times this occurred at the most inappropriate times which would cause us to giggle even more. Laughter and giggling without restraint is good for the soul. Laughter is contagious and healthy. We should do it more often and release that inner child within us.

Daily life, constant, but ever changing through the eyes of a growing. Life as it was then, simple childhood memories that filled our days with delight, that we as adults sometimes feel are just things of the past. If we set our inner child within us free, will one see we have lost nothing? All those things are still all around us.

Cedarvale ks phone directory swinging

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