Carpenters gold 35th anniversary edition

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WebDe by the Webutante. Karen and I turned out to be the one American born hit-makers of the s and to date, with successes in every decade following our debut, our worldwide sales have topped million units.

Carpenters gold 35th anniversary edition

Not too shabby for a pair of siblings from middle-class suburbia, who at first were more interested in listening to music than performing it. For the most part, we were pretty close, sharing the same tastes in music, and listening to the eclectic collection of records my dad owned, and to newer releases which I would pester my folks to purchase. Inthe family moved to Southern California where, a little over a year later, Karen became interested in playing the drums, which she could do quite well almost immediately.

To a much lesser extent, and with some urging from me, Karen also tried her hand at singing. Our performances were strictly instrumental, with both selections being on the light jazz side. Karen, by now, was becoming more interested in singing. Osborn had recently had his garage transformed into a recording studio, outfitting it with state-of-the-art gear, including a Scully 4-track recorder, 4-track console, Neumann U87 microphones and Altec studio monitors. He and a partner were also the founders of a fledgling record label, Magic Lamp.

Carpenters gold 35th anniversary edition

Already on the roster were Johnny Burnette and Vince Edwards, amongst others, but Osborn was still looking for new acts to. As Joe routinely worked in the studios until midnight, Karen and I did not meet him until the wee small hours of an April morning. It was of little concern to us.

Carpenters gold 35th anniversary edition

Karen sang, I provided the accompaniment and on May 9, Karen ed with Magic Lamp as an artist, and I ed two days later as a writer with the publishing arm, Light Up Music. During this time my choir director at CSULB, Frank Pooler, whose knowledge in, and approach to choral singing had awakened a latent talent I turned out to possess for vocal arranging, introduced me to a Poli-Sci major with an innate ability for writing lyrics, John Bettis.

Joe had not lost faith in us and in the early morning hours or on weekends, he would get behind the console and let us record; even playing bass, gratis, on a of tracks. As mentioned ly, our success was not long in coming and was massive in scope. Everything career-wise that Karen and I had dreamt of came true: worldwide concert tours, gold records 10 gold singles, 11 gold albums in the United States aloneaward nominations and awards, guest-shots on the most popular variety shows, stints in Vegas, Tahoe and much, much more. As I look back on it now, I feel this may have all been too much, too soon.

This may, or may not, explain why Karen, who was always sensitive about her weight, developed the eating disorder, anorexia nervosa.

Carpenters gold 35th anniversary edition

Symptoms started appearing in and she struggled with it for the next nine years. Karen passed away from complications due to the disorder on February 4,at the age of Since her passing, interest in our music has not diminished. I have overseen the production of four albums of ly unreleased recordings, as well as numerous compilations for various countries.

This is bittersweet work, but I feel I owe it to Karen and her legacy, as well as ours as a duo. Thirty-five years. One can only imagine the music that could have been made had Karen lived; I really feel that we were just coming into our own as artists. At least we have these recordings, as well as many others, as a legacy for the duo, and, all in all, I am proud of that.

Carpenters gold 35th anniversary edition Carpenters gold 35th anniversary edition

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Gold: 35Th Anniversary Edition