Best speed dating nyc reviews

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I probably met some interesting people. Its a pretty decent way to meet new people who may be potential friends or dates you never know. I went there with an open mind and it was alright. I did not feel like it was a waste of my time at the It didn't feel very well organized.

Those running the event lacked enthusiasm and we all just sat around staring at each other for way too long before things finally got started. The best parts of the evening were venue Katra is very relaxed It started late and was a little disorganized, which was pretty frustrating. And it was very long - about 3 hours.

It should be run in a way that would speed it up, and if it's going to be so long, should definitely start earlier, like The daters were nice, but the organizers were a bit flakey and didn't keep things moving later in the evening so it eventually got a bit bogged down - 5 minutes turned into 8 minutes and then they stopped coming by altogether so you were left with This was my first time attending a speed dating event and I was impressed.

Everyone walks in with a little skepticism in their mind The location was very New York City, NY. Find Tickets. Michael N Rothstein. Eve Orenstein.

Best speed dating nyc reviews

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