Bangladeshi sexy girls picture

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Now, Ata mia is the only friend I managed to make from flickr! How pathetic is that? Now, am I about to reveal everything? Everyone starts with the name. So shall I. My name is Ashif MD. There is a huge issue about my name. But after watching Pokemon, I was desperate to change my name to Ashif- so that in short I can be Ash! After 9 years, I got this name! From what I can remember, I was addicted to comics and books from an early age.

Bangladeshi sexy girls picture

Yes, I am guilty of stealing some comics, but only from those who had also stolen from me! Do they remember it? Or are they forgiven for being older than me? I dunno. Not something one wants to be. Maybe I will quit photography soon. In my English class, I was always few steps ahead of one of my fav teacher, Niharanjan Sir. Even though I had never heard of or read those before. Apparently, they never gave me the credit I still have the manuscript.

I am into music and painting. I have my ipod classic always with me loaded with 68 GBs of music.

Bangladeshi sexy girls picture

Linkin Park is my all time fav. And I listen to everything with a catchy tune too. I almost forgot to mention it, but I started photography cause I wanted to impress girls.

Bangladeshi sexy girls picture

Never succeeded. I had beaten up two persons, thrice during my school years, because they had called my parents some names. Those two boys, are the best two faced person, who can charm any person with their talks and thus no one believed me that they called my parents names and there were rallies against me commanded by my classmates. I am very sensitive about family. Surprising thing is that those two once were my best friends. I never am good at choosing friends or identifying person to mix with.

I am very short tempered. But now I have somewhat learnt to control myself from doing wild things when I am at rage. I have several personalities. Not that I acquired them willingly.

Bangladeshi sexy girls picture

One is a moody dark character, who makes decisions from emotions. One that is always funny and cracks jokes and one that likes to be silent and watching type. I like to eat sweet things. I always liked to be in the thick of things. Now with age, comes refraining from doing things I loved to do once.

I was inspired to do photography by three persons. First it was NiH, I aint lying dude. Then it was Fahim hossain and Mahran vai. A battered young maid with black swollen eyes, and habitually beaten up, is quite common in Bangladesh. The torture of domestic help - specifically minor girls- is too frequent an occurrence in this country for any such incident to warrant surprise. According to baseline survey Bangladeshi sexy girls picture the ILO, there were aboutchild domestic workers in Bangladesh whose 'employment' usually borders on indentured servitude.

Given that the survey was conducted over a decade ago, today's s may well be much higher. The vast majority of domestic workers are minor girls, who are directly sent from their villages to urban areas—completely alien to them—by poverty-stricken parents who perhaps leap at the opportunity of turning an economic burden to a source of income. Their vulnerability only emboldens employers who engage in sadistic acts. In the period between tothere were 2, reported incidents involving violence against domestic workers, of which led to the death of the domestic workers.

The severity of torture ranges from inhuman working hours with no rest to constant beatings - such as hitting the head against the wall, scorching raw sking with lit cigarettes and hot metal objects, while some are even raped, as a result of which many commit suicide.

Bangladeshi sexy girls picture

Some abuses are also of mental nature - from non-payment of wages to incessant verbal abuse and infliction of trauma. The torture of domestic help is an extreme manifestation of this society's wider class problem, which is rooted in the landowning class's false yet deeply entrenched sense of superiority over the working class people.

Domestic workers are dehumanized on the basis of their socioeconomic standing. Everyday classist macroaggressions that are rooted in the same strand of dehumanization pave the way for such extreme barbarities. None of the contents, text or photographs on this site may be reproduced in any form, by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from Mizan Rahman Shumon.

Facebook Like : www. The night when I reached Agra, it rained briefly.

Bangladeshi sexy girls picture

I washed my clothes in the hotel and let those dry, but it got soaked again with the rain. I was sort of panicking for a foul weather following day. The morning broke out with a grey sky, very dry and very humid. My hotel was very close to the Taj, but for the little walk in that day I lost my interest venturing out much. Entry fee to the Taj is a Bangladeshi sexy girls picture joke. For Indians, its only 20 Rupees including all sorts of tax. We heard from our country that its now same as Indians. They gave me a free bottle of water with that ticket! I been to the Taj before, I remember the 1st time I saw Taj, it impressed me!

When I met the Taj after 15 years later, it short of made me sad. The colour of Taj is not the same; there were public writing on its priceless marvels. There were a bit of repairing going on here and there, basically they are replacing old historic building materials with newly modern materials with the help of local cheap labor. If you are an Indian and reading this, please step up!

There are some myths surrounding the construction of this legend. One of the interesting myth is about selecting the architect of Taj. They were invited to throw priceless jewels in the river. They were dazzled by the priceless jewels and hesitated to waste those in the river.

Only one emptied his whole boat which was full of jewels in the river. He was the main architect assuming he will build the best without worrying about the price. Taj Mahal is an inspiration, it kept the world fascinated. Its considered one of the Jewel of Muslim Art. Ustad Ahmad Lahauri is generally considered to be the principal deer of the Taj Mahal. The water buffalo or domestic Asian water buffalo Bubalus bubalis is a large bovid originating in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and China. Today, it is also found in Europe, Australia, and some American countries.

The wild water buffalo Bubalus arnee native to Southeast Asia is considered a different species, but most likely represents the ancestor of the domestic water buffalo. Two extant types of water buffalo are recognized based on morphological and behavioural criteria — the river buffalo of South Asia and further west to the Balkans, Egypt, and Italy, and the swamp buffalo, found from Assam in the west through Southeast Asia to the Yangtze valley of China in the east. The origins of the domestic water buffalo types are debated, although of a phylogenetic study indicate that the swamp type may have originated in China and was domesticated about 4, years ago, while the river type may have originated from Bangladeshi sexy girls picture and was domesticated about 5, years ago.

The seal of a scribe employed by an Akkadian king shows the sacrifice of water buffalo. At least million domestic water buffalo exist, and more human beings depend on them than on any other domestic animal. They are especially suitable for tilling rice fields, and their milk is richer in fat and protein than that of dairy cattle. The large feral population of northern Australia became established in the late 19th century, and smaller feral herds are in New Guinea, Tunisia, and northeastern Argentina.

The skin of river buffalo is black, but some specimens may have dark, slate-coloured skin. Swamp buffalo have a grey skin at birth, but become slate blue later. Albinoids are present in some populations. River buffalo have comparatively longer faces, smaller girths, and bigger limbs than swamp buffalo.

Their dorsal ridges extend further back and taper off more gradually. Their horns grow downward and backward, then curve upward in a spiral.

Bangladeshi sexy girls picture

Swamp buffalo are heavy-bodied and stockily built; the body is short and the belly large. The forehead is flat, the eyes prominent, the face short, and the muzzle wide. The neck is comparatively long, and the withers and croup are prominent. A dorsal ridge extends backward and ends abruptly just before the end of the chest. Their horns grow outward, and curve in a semicircle, but always remain more or less on the plane of the forehead. The tail is short, reaching only to the hocks.

Height at withers is — cm for males, and — cm for females. They range in weight from — kg, but weights of over 1, kg have also been observed. Tedong bonga is a black pied buffalo featuring a unique black and white colouration that is favoured by the Bangladeshi sexy girls picture of Sulawesi. The swamp buffalo has 48 chromosomes; the river buffalo has 50 chromosomes. The two types do not readily interbreed, but fertile offspring can occur.

Buffalo-cattle hybrids have not been observed to occur, and the embryos of such hybrids do not reach maturity in laboratory experiments. The rumen of the water buffalo has important differences from that of other ruminants. It contains a larger population of bacteria, particularly the cellulolytic bacteria, lower protozoa, and higher fungi zoospores.

Bangladeshi sexy girls picture

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