Allo allo post matrimonial depression

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Rene could be facing a fate worse than life with Edith.

Allo allo post matrimonial depression

The leader of the Communist Resistance recognises him as her childhood sweetheart and vows to marry him. Refreshingly un-PC comedy. Rene's friends rally round to try and save him from his impending marriage to the leader of the Communists.

Bawdy wartime sitcom. More laughs from the French cafe as Rene disguises himself as his father in order to escape the wrath of Denise Laroque. Another wartime comedy that ran for longer than the war itself! Rene shows some alarming physical symptoms as the pressures of his life take their toll. More of David Croft's wartime comedy in which no nation is spared ridicule. Unlikely Romeo Rene goes into action to photograph invasion plans. Is it le fin for Rene in the wartime sitcom? Monsieur Leclerc comes to the rescue when orders are given for Rene to be arrested and shot.

Saucy wartime sitcom. The Axis generals arrange to meet at the cafe dressed as onion sellers. Unfortunately, the British airmen have the same plan. No stone unturned in the quest to send up every nation in the EU. A medal, a suicide pill and a hide-out in the Vatican introduce an old habit to Rene. Classic war farce. Rene and Leclerc escape from the Resistance with the view to collect a ransom from General Von Klinkerhoffen. But they resort to robbing a bank. Dodgy accents abound in the wartime comedy.

Where to hide the million francs stolen from nasty Nazi Herr Flick? Down Rene's trousers of course. More un-PC laughs as Rene gets rid of the money and tries to dispose of the microfilm, only to be hampered by naughty Resistance girls. Alfonse's dicky ticker plays up when he's being interrogated by the Gestapo. Wartime sitcom about a beleagured cafe owner living in occupied France. Starring Gorden Kaye and Carmen Silvera. Good and bad news for Rene in a special Christmas edition. The British airmen have finally gone, but Rene's mistress, Yvette, is pregnant - but who might be the father?

The very first pilot episode of the comedy that ran for longer than World War II itself. Rene is lumbered with the task of looking after British airmen. Classic farce in the wartime cafe owned by the ultimate French lover. Rene and the Colonel decide to smuggle out the two British airmen disguised as Germans.

More saucy wartime farce from Rene's cafe. I say, chaps, Fairfax and Carstairs are captured by the Resistance. And carrier pigeons end up on the cafe's menu. Comical wartime antics with unlikely Casanova, Rene Artois. An explosive bottle of gin causes chaos in the cafe. The late Gordon Kaye stars. Wartime hi-jinks with a pan-European range of characters.

Rene is imprisoned by General von Klinkerhoffen, who orders General von Strohm to make him suffer. Saucy goings-on and culture clashes in the ever-popular wartime comedy. Following his supposed execution, Rene finds himself having to arrange his own funeral. Long-suffering Rene struggles with his wife, his many lovers, the Germans and a couple of Englishmen hiding in his wardrobe in the rip-roaring wartime sitcom. The wartime sitcom that's loved across Europe for its gloriously un-PC humour. The Germans throw a party and get the girls to dress up as Hitler Youth.

Classic wartime comedy with some saucy Brit humour and a dash of French farce. Edith takes advantage of Rene's pd demise to search for a new husband. The British airmen are back in Rene's cafe, having failed to escape. While Rene believes he is finally getting rid of the British airmen, another agent is dropped by parachute, disguised as a French policeman with a bad accent.

Terrible accents to the fore in the classic World War II sitcom. Rene and Captain Geering are ambushed by the Resistance, while Edith gets a proposal. I shall say this only once - another episode of the classic wartime sitcom. Monsieur Alfonse and Rene are set to duel over the hand of Edith. David Croft's wartime comedy gives the opportunity for hammy acting dressed in leather. Down in the dungeons of the chateau, Herr Flick awaits his victims. More French farce with a dash of British sauce.

Wonderfully politically incorrect wartime comedy with Gordon Kaye as Rene Artois. Gruber's dog has ended up with the sausage containing the painting. More liberties taken with the French, and anything involving a sausage is usually funny. A rescue plan is hatched for Maria and the Fallen Madonna. Nazi-occupied France is the setting for the saucy international sitcom. In order to get the airmen back to Blighty, Rene and co Allo allo post matrimonial depression themselves as roadworkers.

Another slice of Allo allo post matrimonial depression farce in the French cafe. Rene panics when it appears that his hiding place for the ample 'Fallen Madonna' may have been rumbled. Saucy laughs with amorous cafe owner Rene Artois. He finds himself knee-deep in a tunnel - all part of his quest to find uniforms for the British airmen. Wartime farce as Rene and co struggle to find a way out of the German POW camp, but their series of desperate escape plans is only partially successful.

Saucy Brit humour and a dash of French farce.

Allo allo post matrimonial depression

Wartime laughs and French farce from Rene's cafe, where the Resistance supply a new waitress. An Italian liaison officer arrives to work with the Colonel. Rene uses bizarre means to establish radio contact with England. Meanwhile, Herr Flick suspects the Colonel and the General of plotting an assassination attempt.

Vintage laughs much enjoyed by our European neighbours. Gruber has finished the paintings, but where can they be hidden? Of course!

Allo allo post matrimonial depression

In the sausages. More endearing comic tales from David Croft's farcical wartime sitcom. Colonel von Klinkerhoffen visits the local vineyards for a wine-tasting. The farcical wartime sitcom that's truly politically incorrect! Rene masquerades as the head of the Gestapo in an attempt to rescue Herr Flick. Laugh along with the farcical wartime sitcom.

Rene has to get into Gruber's bedroom in order to photograph plans for a German invasion of England. Classic British comedy with a dash of French farce. Edith must drop a smoke canister down the chimney in Gruber's bedroom. The right chimney, mind. Good moaning, I shall say zis only vonce Rene and Leclerc open up Gruber's safe. Wartime romp. Captain Bertorelli, pockets crammed with loot, is snitched on.

Michelle and Crabtree hatch another bonkers plot to ship the airmen to Blighty. LeClerc is arrested on suspicion of stealing the Gestapo's money and faces execution unless it's returned, but Edith's mother has cooked it in the oven. Saucy sitcom loaded with wartime romeos and naughty waitresses.

Where would you hide 1, kilos of stolen explosives?

Allo allo post matrimonial depression

In Christmas puddings, of course. Prime silliness. Not only does Rene nearly get blown up in his cellar by an exploding Christmas pudding, he also gets roped into yet another bonkers Resistance plan. Madcap wartime sitcom. Rene is on the night train to Geneva and, while he is seeking to avoid Edith, he bumps into Mimi, the Colonel and Gruber.

Allo allo post matrimonial depression

Farcical wartime sitcom with even more farcical names. Von Klinkerhoffen orders Rene to hand over the paintings, before he tries to elope to Switzerland with Yvette. Mercifully politically incorrect comedy. All is chaos as Rene attempts to hide the stolen gold. Meanwhile the Resistance plan to steal the Enigma Encoder.

Allo allo post matrimonial depression

New, Classic wartime absurdity. Rene hides the Enigma machine, two British airmen, the Fallen Madonna, gold bars and the Cracked Vase painting all in one cafe. Laughs at the expense of the French, Germans, English and anyone else. Rene decides it's time he quit his dangerous lifestyle - along with the four gold bars. More abuse of the French language. Rene is shocked when Edith accepts Alfonse's proposal.

Will he lose the cafe and the gold bars he lifted? Saucy wartime farce.

Allo allo post matrimonial depression

A powerful transmitter has been erected beneath the tomb of Rene's twin brother. Rene tries to send a message to London. Despairing Rene Artois is caught up in more wartime escapades. The bawdy wartime farce. When the British airmen are arrested paddling a tin bath down the estuary, Rene and co have to rescue them from the chateau - in coffins.

Allo allo post matrimonial depression

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