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This contains references to diamonds or engagement rings from different companies. Sometimes I do receive a commission when you click on links and buy the products. Specifically, I shall be focusing on the cut itself, technical specifications, and of course, value for money.

If you would like more information on Whiteflash and the services they offer, take a look at my full Whiteflash review. Whiteflash is an online jewelry and diamond retailer, with a particular focus on Super Ideal Cut diamonds and deer engagement rings.

Whiteflash pride themselves on valuing diamond education for the buyers; as a result, their Educational s are as clear as they are informative. Whiteflash want you to understand what you are looking for so you can appreciate the exceptional quality of their stones. Using the AGS to certify their stones, and in-house GIA trained specialiststhey carry one of the largest in-stock inventories of any online diamond retailer. Graded on a scale ofa zero on an AGS certificate is the highest possible rating.

A triple zero refers to perfect in all three cut grade including light performance, polish and symmetry.

Following this, the stone must meet the scrupulous criteria for a true Hearts and Arrows diamond, through image A cut above reviews and visual inspections. Essentially, it is a total focus on the finish of the diamond. It is a bold claim; it is, however, strongly supported by the vast selection of imaging technologies offered by Whiteflash, which demonstrate the details and intricacies of the stone in question. But the real question would be, are they helpful? Like all things with Whiteflash, I believe it is the clarity of facts that make their high-tech offerings so impressive.

The exact information for each diamond is readily available to the buyer. It is not hidden behind marketing gimmicks; rather it is illuminated in detailed reports. So, cutting through the jargon, my answer would be yes. The first of these is a basic diamond image. A very magnified, high-res and an unedited photograph of the diamond.

This will first indicate if the diamond is eye clean, and will also present the Hearts and Arrows patterning if you know what you are looking for. Light return will appear as red, light leakage will be shown as a greyish color. The black is the obscuration of light. Think of this as an indicator of light return and sparkle. A poorly cut diamond will display lots of light leakage which diminishes the brilliance of a stone.

ASET imaging is a more detailed vision on light return. It is a visual manifestation of the AGS cut grading system, demonstrating light intensity and leakage, as well as the contrasts necessary for creating the desirable scintillation. Optical symmetry, with eight arrows appearing when viewed through the table, and eight hearts when viewed through the pavilion.

When looking at the ACA collection, you can see some of the most defined and balanced examples of Hearts and Arrows images around. This allows the viewer to observe how well the stone interacts with the light and potentially identify any flaws or inclusions. Rather than round brilliants, it offers princess cut diamonds that boast peak light performance and unparalleled fire.

AGS are the leading voice in determining the best specifications for this cut, as GIA reports do not offer the same detailed information to a buyer. The further specifications for a Princess cut stone are just A cut above reviews stringent as those of a round brilliant; ASET and IdealScope images are carefully analyzed to identify the diamonds light handling properties to ensure the ultimate brilliance.

As with all of their information, it is meticulous and exhaustive. Often, a cutter will opt to maximum yield when cutting a princess. This means the overall focus on cut and light performance within princess cut diamonds has historically been much lower than that of a round brilliant.

It tackles a surprising gap in the market for princess cut diamonds that can match the stringent specifications of their round brilliant counterpart. Whiteflash have challenged this, with high performing Princess cut diamonds. Although they are held to different specifications than a round brilliant, the demand for excellence remains just as high. If you are looking for a diamond that does it all, then you will find the Collection Series very handy; they are diamonds that are the top of all that is held dear in the diamond world.

Does it make a difference? In my opinion, the simple answer is YES. A better color and clarity will always result in a more appealing looking diamond. As is the case with all diamond retailers, you will pay more for stones that fall into the top brackets of these specifications.

While not identical, I would be happy to recommend any of these three stones based on their symmetry and light performance. They are simply a very small percentage of exceptionally cut diamonds that display the necessary attributes to be considered world class.

In fact, they are some of the best. You can see the quality for yourself. You might have to cut through the technical jargon and educate yourself in the art of translating diamond imaging, but Whiteflash give you the tools to do just that. After spending months looking at diamonds from Hearts on Fire for the perfect engagement ring, I decided to do my due diligence and research diamonds and jewelers. I also discovered Whiteflash and their A Cut Above diamonds. All the tools I needed to review and analyze the diamonds were provided on their website.

Their knowledgeable staff were very helpful in answering additional questions I had.

The reviews and recommendations from unaffiliated diamond experts along with the commendations Whiteflash has received gave me confidence in doing business with them. This was my first experience in making such a large purchase online, but I felt better about this transaction then I ever have dealing with my local jeweler. The purchase went great and I will use them again for future purchases — Joe T. Image Courtesy of Whiteflash. Exceptional quality, great value for money and beautiful diamonds. What really sets Whiteflash apart is their confidence in their product.

By offering all the necessary documentation, you are empowered as a buyer to make choices based on specific qualities, as opposed to flashy marketing tactics. Richard Jenkins, The Diamond Guru.

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A cut above reviews

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