10 ways to impress a guy

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Impressing a guy is much more than looks or something you say. Where he wants more access to you and your life than anyone else, and is willing to give up the freedom of singledom to get it. Passion for your life and ambition for the future will never fail to impress the men you meet and date.

Ambition on top of passion is the icing on the cake. This is a no-brainer. Every man is impressed by an intelligent woman who can debate issues, find solutions in her life, and hold intelligent and thoughtful conversation. If you want to leave him awestruck, repeatedly and consistently outwit him. It is your ability to work your intelligence on your feet faster than he can to win fun little social debates.

Such an attitude communicates undeniable self-confidence. It demonstrates social skills and the ability to shine anywhere, anytime. Surprise situations, unexpected events? You handle it, leaving only smiles in your wake.

People naturally emanate to you everywhere you go. Your attention is valuable and not something reserved purely for him. A little bonus to this is that being friendly with everyone is, naturally, going to include attractive men. Your warmth to them which is just normal social etiquette serves as a subtle reminder to him of the catch you are. After all, nothing fires a man up like a little competition. Spontaneity demonstrates is the opposite. No need to worry about it now. No man wants a dull, boring relationship, so when a guy sees spontaneity in a girl, he associates her with excitement, rather than the boredom commonly linked to monogamy.

Spontaneity impresses men and makes you look like relationship material. He wants an equal. A strong, interdependent woman with whom he can forge a partnership and life.

When you offer to pay for yourself, it communicates you see yourself as his equal. He may still want to be chivalrous and pay… Which is fine. Can you post a selfie or even just a snapchat, where you look embarrassing?

It shows you have the confidence for him to see a goofy photo of you AND that you can have a laugh at yourself. Absolutely not. A quality woman calls him out on this. We, as humans, know all things worth having take work, and what lands in our laps too easily inevitably comes with a catch. Playing hard to get and being hard to get, however, are two very different things. Being hard to get is when your lifestyle, your passions, and your thought processes take healthy priority over and around men.

I remember one woman who advised me our date would be at a lighthouse. We literally had to climb up part of the lighthouse to get to the top, but then, got to spend the whole night on the lighthouse deck, looking out and having a drink. I was very impressed. Another girl suggested we explore an abandoned building together. It was a little scary, but oh so memorable and really great fun. The idea impressed me so much, it become a favorite date suggestion of my own. Both these women obviously put some thought in and impressed me in a big way.

By doing so, they really stood out. Men commit to women they respect. And if you want a guy or anyone else to respect you, you have to respect yourself.

Thus, she creates herself a reality of people in her life respect her. Self-Worth is your inner subconscious valuation of yourself. Being warm to all people, spontaneity, being able to laugh at yourself, having a life and ambition all come down to one or both of these traits. Self-worth is built by your eventual success in these endeavors and the knowledge that you can control your own reality.

These words are for us all. Beyond Worthyby Jacqueline Whitney. You may unsubscribe at any time. Your future partner will be looking for the same. Passion and Ambition Passion for your life and ambition for the future will never fail to impress the men you meet and date. Intelligence This is a no-brainer. Respect Yourself Men commit to women they respect. More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! You're in! See you Friday.

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10 ways to impress a guy

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