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Site history

The basics of sharon-stone.eu:
when and why it started, what's to come, and etc.

In 2002, I decided I would open a Sharon Stone fansite as I couldn't find any good one on the web. I bought the domain sharonstone . net and never found time to make the site.

One day, I woke up and realized it was time to start working on it, went to the admin panel on my host site and *oh, surprise!* noticed that I didn't own the domain anymore: my host never reminded me to renew the name (as it did did in the past, and still does for my other sites), and it went back on-sale.

Yes, you guessed... as it always happens in such cases, the domain got sold almost immediately. I felt really angry about it and quite desperate because all .com, .org and .net domains were taken. That made me sick and I opened a pixel art site instead (I'm a quite open-minded girl, you know?).

In March 2006, with all the Basic Instinct 2 posters around, I couldn't resist and *wow!*, I bought the domain charity-instinct.com (the only name that popped into my lazy brain), took all the material gathered for years, began scanning pictures and working on the structure of the site. One week later, I saw .eu domains would be available on April 7th *me happily surprised*. I had then to go through two looooong weeks, waiting anxiously to see if I would be the lucky one to register sharon-stone.eu first. You cannot imagine how heavenly good I felt when I got the message the name was mine *mine, all mine!!! me happyyyyyy!!!*

After a few problems with my host and the long-awaited name, sharon-stone.eu was officially launched on July 2006.

The goal of sharon-stone.eu is to become the best and most-visited Sharon Stone fan site in the world *and in the whole universe*. I hope you enjoy your visit and will come back often to get Sharon's latest news and pictures. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have anything to add to the site or leave a message on the guest book to tell us how much you love us ;)




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