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Contributions? Suggestions? Comments? Questions?
Drop us a line and we'll do our best to anwser very soon.

Before contacting us, please consider the following:

1. I am not Sharon Stone and I do not know her personnally.
2. We're trying to answer all emails we receive, but remember we're only humans and this is s a fan-operated site who also have a social life.
3. Please give us a little time to answer.
4. Write "Sharon Stone" in the subject line, otherwise I might delete it thinking it's a spam.


All emails should be sent to:

And if you just want to write nice comments about the site (that's always welcome), you can use the guestbook.


If you want to contribute, here is what we need (high quality, please):

Pictures: photoshoots, event pictures, magazine scans... (any nice picture not taken by paparazzis)

Captures and stills of anything related to Sharon: her movies, TV appearances (Talk Shows, interviews...)

Transcribed articles / interviews / reviews of Sharon and/or her movies

Any news (recent or old) we could have missed

Fanarts (wallpapers, MSN icons, avatars, bookmarks...)

Anything else that could be of interest...




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