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December 15th 2004 Sharon Stone sues surgeon 'who said he gave her facelift'

Actress Sharon Stone claims a Beverly Hills doctor slandered and libeled her by allegedly telling magazines that he performed cosmetic surgery on her famous face. The lawsuit cites articles in Us Weekly and In Touch magazines that raise the question of whether Stone had a face-lift and suggest it was done by plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria.
The "Basic Instinct" star maintains that such allegations damaged her reputation and hurt her ability to find work. She seeks unspecified damages in the lawsuit, filed Monday in Superior Court. Arturi Barens, a lawyer for Calabria, called the lawsuit "not well thought out," and said, "Dr. Calabria has never told anyone that he has (performed) surgery on Sharon Stone."

Stone alleges it was Calabria or his associates who contacted the magazines and that such statements tended to expose her "to shame and ridicule."

September 14th 2004 Brief role in The Practice earns Stone her first Emmy

SHARON STONE has made a television comeback, picking up her first ever Emmy for a guest appearance in US drama The Practice:
Los Angeles, CA - Sharon Stone and William Shatner were among the winners at the creative arts Emmy Awards, which preceded Sunday's main ceremony.
The creative arts awards, held Sunday night, recognized technical and other achievements for the 2003-04 season.

Both Stone and Shatner were honored for guest appearances in ABC's "The Practice." Shatner is reprising his character, attorney Denny Crane, in "Boston Legal," a reworked version of the drama debuting next month.
For guest actor and actress in a comedy series, the winners were Laura Linney for NBC's "Frasier" and John Turturro for USA's "Monk."

Monday July 26th 2004 Sharon Stone loves metrosexuals

Movie star Saron Stone loves metrosexual men because they're so confident when they ask her out. The Basic Instinct star accepts she's intimidating to most men, but she thinks modern guys actually appreciate the fact she's a tough date.

She says, "They're really confident. I have to hand it to them. In the old days, when we were young and dating, they'd shuffle around and look at the floor.

"I used to say, 'For God's sake, just ask me out. I gotta go.'"

But Stone likes to be asked out because she doesn't trust herself to pick metrosexual men from gay men. She says, "It's a little tough for me because I sort of like effeminate men. I like men who are not so brutish. I like guys that are kind of gentle: 'Let's go painting, let's read poetry...'
"I think I'm metrosexual... but I think between the sheets I'm really all girl."

Monday July 26th 2004 David Morrissey is to star in Basic Instinct 2

British actor David Morrissey is to star opposite Sharon Stone in the sequel to Basic Instinct. The 40-year-old is the surprise choice for leading man in the Hollywood blockbuster. Morrissey is best known for gritty political dramas The Deal, in which he played Chancellor Gordon Brown, State Of Play and the recent TV series Blackpool.
Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction comes 13 years after the original, and its making has been held up for years by legal wrangles. "We want to answer all those unanswered questions from the first one," Stone said recently. "The producers are putting the film together. It's a terrific script." The 46-year-old reprises her role as icepick-wielding bisexual killer Catherine Tramell.

The film moves the action from San Francisco to London where Tramell again finds herself in trouble with the law. Morrissey plays Dr Andrew Glass, a criminal psychiatrist who is appointed by Scotland Yard to evaluate her and soon falls under her spell. Filming begins in the UK in March, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Thursday July 15th 2004 Looking for an old-fashioned man

Hollywood actress SHARON STONE is on the lookout for an old-fashioned man who is willing to pay for everything on dates.
The BASIC INSTINCT beauty, who recently divorced her third husband PHIL BRONSTEIN, is currently dating and is keeping her eye open for the perfect gentleman. She says, "I like guys that are kind and funny and I like old-fashioned guys with good manners. I like that they stand up when you come in, they open the door. I like when they pay!"
Stone also admits a man's vehicle is very important. She adds, "I am that shallow. But it doesn't have to be, like, the fancy car. I could go out with a guy because he had an EL CAMINO. When I was young, my dad wouldn't let me go out with guys who had vans."
But Stone admits her men must have one or two imperfections. She explains, "I like 'em when they're bad at the right times! I'm not into the big muscle thing too much. "The older you get the better it gets."

Friday May 28th 2004 Brain medicine keeps Sharon trim

Sharon Stone has discovered a big plus to her 2001 brain aneurysm: she never gains weight.
She almost died when she suffered the aneurysm a week after the 9/11 terror attacks and claims the trauma cost her weight she has never been able to gain back. Now, the medicine she takes daily to avoid another major brain attack, helps her stay thin, even though she eats more than ever.

She says, "I take some stuff, some medicine, that I got after the brain thing that makes me thin. "When I was sick I lost a lot of my body mass and I never gained it back. In like 11 days I lost something like 18 per cent of my body mass and you just shift. I went in there my regular size - I was between an eight and a 10, and when I'd go on the movies... I'd be a six. When I went into hospital, I was like an eight-10, and, when I walked out of the hospital, I was a four. Now I'm like a six."

May 21st 2004 Sharon Stone turned rock singer at a Cannes charity benefit.

In a red satin evening gown, she sang backing vocals alongside Liza Minnelli during Sheryl Crow's rendition of her hit All I Wanna Do (Is Have Some Fun).

She had accepted a dare to raise $100,000 for Aids research.

Aside from speaking about the issue of Aids, she joked about her infamous scene in Basic Instinct. Turning to a kilt-wearing Rod Stewart - who was at the party with his girlfriend Penny Lancaster - Stone said: "I asked Rod what he had under his kilt and he showed me his underpants. Of course, everyone knows I don't wear underpants."
Stone's performance was cheered on by celebrities including Eva Herzigova, Kevin Kline, Serena Williams, Quentin Tarantino, Kathleen Turner and Jerry Hall.

Minnelli won an ovation singing Cabaret for a further $100,000.

April 14th 2004 Stone to be Honored at the 2004 AAFA American Image Awards

Kenneth Cole, Vice Chairman of the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), and Sharon Stone, Chairman of amfARs Campaign for AIDS Research, will both be honored in New York City on May 3, 2004, by the American Apparel & Footwear Association. Kenneth Cole will receive the prestigious Man of the Year Award and Sharon Stone will accept the Spirit of a Woman Award for her tireless efforts in raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and funds for AIDS research.


Apr 8th 2004 Scorsese, Jennings and Stone on Tribeca panel

Martin Scorsese, Sharon Stone and Peter Jennings are among the panelists scheduled for the Tribeca Film Festival May 1-9.

Scorsese, who helped found the festival with Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal of Tribeca Films, will talk about the use of music in his movies, from the concert film "The Last Waltz" to his historical epic "Gangs of New York."

Stone, known for racy roles in films including "Basic Instinct," will discuss the evolution of sex in the cinema with John Cameron Mitchell, director, co-writer and star of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch."


Sunday February 01st 2004 Sharon Stone feels truly blessed

Sharon Stone believes she has been "blessed" following her brain haemorrhage two years ago (in 2002).

Now 45, she has gained a new perspective on life as a result of her near-death experience. Glamourous Stone says, "I asked the doctor if I was going to die and he didn't answer.
"I started praying for my son and then it happened... I don't know how long I was in that experience. It's not exactly like seeing a light as much as a feeling of being drawn to it. I came back from the abyss and I survived."

The experience has given the Basic Instinct actress a different outlook on life.

She explains, "I feel truly, truly blessed. Nothing in life will ever be as important as my son ROAN but since that haemorrhage, life has slipped totally into perspective."


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