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September 18th 2003 Sharon comes in from cold with a chiller

Sharon Stone announced her return from the wilderness at the Cold Creek Manor premiere, a new film by British director Mike Figgis in wich she plays as a housewife-in-peril. Cold Creek Manor sees Stone star opposite Dennis Quaid, 49. They play a married couple who discover that the dilapidated suburban house they have moved into has some dark secrets.
As the thriller premiered last night in Los Angeles, Stone, in a low-cut black dress, was back in her element on the red carpet in front of a crowd of photographers.

"I thought it would be a good way to get back to work," she said after the premiere. "I've always wanted to work with Mike Figgis. We've known each other for a long time and I think he makes such intriguing movies. "I think things are kind of back in the swing again and maybe I just needed to get away for a while to get some perspective," Stone said. "I look at everything in a very different way now. I don't have wants and desires the way I did before; I have more of a sense of gratitude."

Tuesday September 16th 2003 Sharon Stone befriends snakes

On the set of her new movie Cold Creek Manor - Sharon had to bond with a bunch of snakes. She had a huge fear of the slithery creatures before making the film, but decided that if she had to work with them, she'd have to befriend them.

She says, "I had to do some inner work with the snake thing, because at first I was like, 'Oh, the snakes!' Then I thought, 'Okay, I'm a Buddhist. I could be a snake next time. Maybe I wanna settle down.' So I made peace with that.

"I apologised to a couple of the snakes for acting up so much, tried to talk to them, tried to touch them, tried to get at one with them. I'm not kidding, I really did! I had to spend all day in bed with a boa constrictor."

Wednesday September 10th 2003 Sharon Stone: take severe headaches very seriously

Sharon Stone is marking the second anniversary of her life-threatening brain haemorrhage by urging others to race to the hospital whenever they have a really bad headache.

The actress wasted time in getting to the experts when she started stuttering and suffered hearing loss in September 2001. If it hadn't been for husband Phil Bronstein returning from a trip, checking her blood pressure and racing her off to hospital three days after her first brain attack, she's convinced she'd be dead.

She explains, "The pain was so severe and overwhelming and it knocked me over. I was stuttering and having numbness in my foot and I was having difficulty hearing right. Three days later Phil came back, checked my blood pressure, which was off the chart, and put me in the car and took me to the hospital. I fell unconscious in the car.

Now Stone urges everyone to take severe headaches very seriously, and get them checked: "If you get one of those headaches that's really bigger and much worse than usual, please go directly to the hospital. These things are very important."

July 17th 2003 3 episodes of 'Practice' to include Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone will appear on three episodes of the ABC legal drama "The Practice" this fall. Series creator David E. Kelley wouldn't discuss the character the 45-year-old actress will play. "That will be a part of our plot development that we'll want to keep for a surprise for the audience," Kelley told the Television Critics Association. But Kelley said there's a possibility she'll stick around for more. Read more...

July 3rd 2003 Sharon Stone is living apart from editor husband

Sharon Stone has split from her husband after five years of marriage.

The Basic Instinct star is said to have decided to separate from newspaper editor Phil Bronstein after finishing filming A Different Loyalty in London, in which she plays the wife of British traitor Kim Philby.

A spokesman for the 44-year old actress refused to comment on the split, but confirmed the couple are living apart. There had been rumours for several weeks that the marriage was in difficulties. Stone is living in the couple's Los Angeles house while Bronstein, editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, has moved into a home they own in that city. The couple were married on St Valentine's Day in 1998.

Monday March 31st 2003 Sharon Stone fights back against her stroke

Sharon Stone gets serious about the stroke that almost killed her in a new TV awareness campaign, directed by actor pal James Woods. Woods makes his directing debut for the American Stroke Association's public service announcements and drafted in pals like Stone and Michael Clarke-Duncan to appear.

The powerful ads, which feature celebrities acting like the personification of strokes, were made all the more remarkable for Woods when Stone, who herself has suffered a stroke agreed to donate her time. She sits there and says "There's something you should know about me. I'm cold, I'm calculated, I get what I want, and if you don't pay attention to me I might really kill you. I am a stroke.

"You look at a powerful, beautiful, talented woman like Sharon Stone and a lot of people don't realise she has actually had a stroke. She was incredibly brave to come and help out. She looks sensational and she's so professional. She's in great shape now."


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