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October 2nd 2001 Sharon Stone in hospital after stroke scare

Sharon Stone is today recovering in hospital after being taken ill with bleeding on the brain. The 43-year-old Hollywood star had complained of severe head pains and was taken to hospital in San Francisco last night by her husband, Phil Bronstein. Doctors carried out an angiogram test and discovered an aneurysm - a life-threatening condition. Her condition was last night said to be "stable", but the actress has been told she will have to stay in hospital for a week.

"I spoke to her and she sounded great," Ms Stone's publicist Cindi Berger said, adding there were no problems or complications. A family friend said: "She is very lucky that it wasn't more serious. Nevertheless, she felt dreadfully ill at the time and Phil was distraught with fear for his wife. They are both very relieved.

June 11th 2001 Toe-to-toe with Mr. Komodo

A true story of man versus dragon
During a private tour of the Los Angeles Zoo last June, Phil Bronstein, executive editor of the San Francisco Chronicle and husband of actress Sharon Stone, was allowed to enter the cage of a 7-foot-long Komodo dragon from Indonesia.

Because the reptiles are fed white rats, zoo staff made Bronstein first remove his white tennis shoes. Didn't help. Bronstein got close enough to pet the lizard on the head when it bit into his left foot. He escaped by crawling through a small feeding door. Doctors later treated Bronstein for a crushed big toe and separated tendons. A proud Stone witnessed the attack, telling Newsweek, "In the 21st century a woman doesn't often see her knight fend off a real dragon."

May 21st 2001 John Glen's memoirs

Sharon Stone memorably rose to fame in 1992's Basic Instinct but veteran James Bond director John Glen has revealed that she nearly ended up as a 1980s Bond girl. Glen, who has just published his memoirs For My Eyes Only, tells me, "Sharon was the first woman to be auditioned for the lead female role in Licence To Kill. I was struck by the fact she was a smart woman and very attractive and thought we could use her.

But Cubby Broccoli, Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson [the producers] had different views. We auditioned 150 girls so the first ones were always at a disadvantage. Bond girls easily get typecast, so it was a lucky escape for her."

Given the murderous character she played in Basic Instinct, it was a lucky escape for Bond as well.


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